Acupuncture for Hair regrowth in hereditary baldness

Acupuncture for Hair regrowth in hereditary baldness

My Guru Prof dr sir anton Jayasuriya was the greatest Acupuncture expert in the world. He was also most qualified Allopathy Doctor in Sri Lanka. He mercifully blessed me and taught me the methods of doing research.
Hereditary is an adjective that means occurring among people descended from a common ancestor. Things that are hereditary are inherited — passed down through the DNA of your biological parents.
The hereditary Male Pattern Baldness is easy to reverse, as we know the cause. Acupuncture points are stimulated by any Means Will give results. Thus points can be treated with pressure (Acupresssure), with needles (Acupuncture), with laser (Laserpuncture), With Moxa (Moxibustion), with water injections (Aquapuncture), with Gems, with Rudraksh, with thorns, with fish bones, with stones, minerals, crystals, irritating Chemicals, lights, vibrations, cold, liquid gases and many more. Local applications of chilly, chandan, saffron, sandle wood , etc also gives different effects.
Sap of this particular plant will stimulate the classical acupuncture points as well as special points according to my Guru’s teaching and definitely regrow hair on bald head.
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