How to Regrow Hair in Thinning Areas

Worried about your thinning hair? There is something that you can do to improve your situation. Watch the tutorial and learn how.

Hair loss can be a cause of anxiety for anyone. Though hair loss may be more common in men, many women also experience it, especially in the later adult years or even earlier. Thinning hair may have a variety of causes, such as stress or underlying conditions like thyroid problems or scalp infections. Whatever the cause, this video can help you learn how to regrow hair in thinning areas.

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Home Remedies For Hair Loss – Safe Natural Treatment

Home Remedies For Hair Loss

Hair loss is a distressing problem which many men and women face these days. When the normal hair fall and re-growth cycle is hampered due to some reason, the loss of hair becomes evident. It is normal to lose up to 100 strands of hair each day. A new hair growing from the same follicle replaces the lost hair. When this does not happen, one can feel and see the loss of hair. The signs of hair loss are generalized thinning of hair, receding hair line and widened part in the centre of scalp, bald patches or total baldness.

Generally the women do not lose as much as hairs as men do. Male alopecia is usually genetically inherited. A derivative of the male hormone testosterone is formed at the hair roots. This derivative is called dihydro testosterone and it is primarily responsible for male pattern baldness. Women usually experience thinning of hair post delivery and post menopause. The major factors contributing to hair loss in both men and women may be listed as follows:

1. Severe stress or shock
2. Hormonal imbalance
3. Toxicity
4. Heredity
5. Surgery
6. Infection
7. High fever
8. Crash dieting
9. Diet lacking in protein
10. Diet lacking in Vitamin A, B6, B12, C, folic acid, biotin.
11. Diet lacking in minerals like copper, iron, zinc
12. Exposure to radiation and chemotherapeutic drugs
13. Intake of birth control pills
14. Traumatic injury
15. Immune disorder like alopecia areata.
16. Bacterial, fungal or herpes infection of scalp.
17. Poor blood circulation in scalp
18. Over-brushing or combing
19. Tight hair styles
20. Excessive use of styling chemicals
21. Excessive use of heat styling tools
22. Ailments like syphilis, thyroid disease, connective tissue disease, typhoid, chronic cold, influenza, anemia, tumors, nervous disorders etc.

Home Remedies For Hair Loss

1. Boil 4 tablespoons of henna or mehendi in 1 cup mustard oil for about 10-12 minutes. Strain and store. Use this oil for massaging on bald patches daily. This is an effective home remedy for hair loss.

2. Apply freshly extracted juice of the leaf of amaranth on scalp and hair. You will see new hair replacing the lost hair quickly.

3. Rub cut onion on the bald patches till it reddens. This should be followed by the application of honey. This compensates hair loss by inducing hair growth

4. Grind fenugreek seeds with water to make a paste. Apply the paste on scalp and keep for 40 minutes. Then rinse off. This treats baldness effectively.

5. Make a hair pack by mixing 5 tablespoon curd, 2 tablespoon raw gram powder and 1 tablespoon lemon juice. Apply this pack on hair and keep for an hour. Then wash off thoroughly. This combats baldness problem.

6. Mix honey and egg yolk and apply the mixture on scalp and hair. Wash after 30 minutes. This gives relief from hair loss problem.

7. Massage scalp with coconut milk and rinse with warm water after 30 minutes. This is a good curative measure for hair loss.

8. Application of Aloe Vera gel on scalp followed by warm water rinsing also fetches rewarding results.

9. Massage the freshly extracted juice of coriander leaves on scalp. This is a useful hair loss remedy.

10. Hot coconut oil or olive oil massage can be quite helpful.

11. Combine neem oil and coconut oil and massage on scalp. This prevents hair loss.

12. Wash hair with cold water and then vigorously massage scalp with finger tips. This improves blood circulation, strengthens hair follicles and triggers hair growth to replace the loss.

13. Consume a nutritious diet consisting of green leafy vegetables and proteins like egg, soy etc.

14. Take mineral supplements and multi-vitamin supplements.

15. Meditate and practice yogic exercises to remain stress free.

Non Surgical Hair Transplant – Hair Weaving | Hair Fall Treatment | Kolkata | India

Non Surgical Hair Transplant – Hair Weaving | Hair Fall Treatment | Kolkata | India

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An Overview on Hair Replacement Systems

Hair Replacement Systems


It is quite natural for human beings willing to appear beautiful. They look for different beauty aspects and maintain the appearance. Hair styles can amplify the beauty of a person and extreme hair loss is really a worrying thing. If extreme hair loss remains untreated it may lead to baldness which is very common in men. Baldness is a terrifying condition and it embarrasses the person to a great extent. A lot of men loss their courage and hesitate to make public presence due to their baldness. A lot of medications are available for hair loss, but if the baldness arises, most of this medicine stops working on it. So hair replacement systems remain as the only option to baldness. In the earlier days wigs, toupees or hairpieces were generally used by men to cover their baldness. But it shows the artificial appearance of hair.

In the present days with the vast development of technology, the quality of hair replacement has reached higher standards and modern hair replacement systems are in use. Surgical hair replacement includes hair transplantation, tissue expansion, balloon inflation, scalp reduction and several others. However there are factors to consider with surgical hair transplantation procedure and these factors determine if an individual can take up the surgery. Age is the major factor with hair transplantation, medical history of the person and several other features also decide if they are susceptible for surgical hair replacement method. Non-surgical hair replacement methods are available to individuals that are at risk to surgical methods. There are lots of clinics and hair replacement specialists that assure to provide natural and non surgical hair replacement methods.


Superior quality of materials is used in hair replacement and human hair is chiefly used in these systems to get the natural hair feel. A majority of people around the world both men and women prefer to choose hair replacement system and get remedy from the extreme hair loss. The hair replacement systems if maintained in a good condition can provide natural look and there are several places to get the best systems. Many professional shops have developed to provide hair system and with the use of technology it is probable for individuals to consult with them through internet, learn about their features through their website and make email communications. With the availability of hair replacement online, they are reachable by many users and it also provides several other benefits to users.

Nowadays there is heavy competition in the online market and it is beneficial for people as they get the chance to secure hair replacement system at an affordable cost. If users have basic knowledge on the materials used in hair system they can identify the legitimate system and make use of them. Different modes are used to attach hair replacement system and it includes hair pieces adhere to scalp, hair or on bath. Based on the physical activity of people, they can choose the appropriate hair replacement method. Conditioning and regular maintenance of hair replacement is highly essential to retain the look of the hair.

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