Non-Surgical Treatment Better than Hair Transplant for Rapid Hair Loss in 20s

A 24-year-old gentleman has hair loss and wants to get his hair back to normal. He wants to know if he is a candidate for hair transplantation.

Dr. Amiya Prasad is a board certified cosmetic surgeon and specializes in hair restoration over the last 20 years. At 24-years-old, he explains that this gentleman is at the minority of men who are losing hair. In hair loss, there is a Rule of Decades: In someone’s 20s, only 20% of their contemporaries have any kind of hair loss while more than 80% have a lot of hair, in the 30s, 30% of men have hair loss. This gentleman’s family history is probably the cause. There are 11 chromosomal locations including the X chromosome where hair loss genes are passed down in families.

With the photo he submitted, Dr. Prasad would classify this as severe hair loss. With this much hair loss, there is no hair transplant that would replace the volume of hair that he has lost. The permanent zone of hair that is used for transplantation is a very narrow band with limited number of hairs at the back of the scalp. Hair transplantation has become such an industry that it has become more about the sale of transplant surgeries than it is about finding solutions for patients. The International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery in the United States has actually compiled data from its members and found that 65% of patients desired more density after they had hair transplant surgery.

If he was in his 40s, a hair transplant done in a more limited way would probably be more acceptable because at this age, more than 40-50% of men in this age group have hair loss, so having more hair in the center would be a more acceptable result. Patients who had transplants in their 20s didn’t understand that hair loss was going to continue, and by their 40s all they have left are grafts.

Dr. Prasad says that there are two drugs that are used in the United States that are indicated for hair loss: finasteride and minoxidil. Finasteride is an oral drug by prescription and minoxidil is a topical drug available over the counter. Finasteride may or may not be helpful for him, and many young men are concerned with the drug’s potential for long-term sexual side effects. Minoxidil won’t stop the progression of hair loss nor will it provide enough volume to create the appearance of no hair loss.

In Dr. Prasad’s practice, he developed a treatment called Hair Regeneration. This is the application of a material called extracellular matrix (ECM) that was originally used for treatment of wound healing in facial and body cosmetic surgery, and also for the hair grafts in the donor area in hair transplant surgery. It was discovered that the hairs that were thinning actually became thicker. For hair loss, he combines a material from the patient’s own blood called platelet-rich plasma (PRP) with extracellular matrix and injects it to the scalp. The results of this treatment actually far exceed the results for hair transplantation. During hair transplantation, existing thinning hairs become traumatized from the placement of incisions in to the scalp to place the grafts which cause collateral hair loss. Through this injection, it is stopping the progression of hair thinning and making hair thicker, thereby creating more volume.

Hair thinning is a progression where thick hairs become thinner with every subsequent growth cycle. With thinning hairs more numerous than hair transplants becoming thicker, the coverage is very dramatic. Dr. Prasad explains that he can save the dying but he can’t bring back the dead. The hairs that are thinning and those that are dormant will respond and grow, but hair that is completely gone can’t be brought back.

However, Dr. Prasad adds that it doesn’t mean hair transplant is out of the questionThe limits are based on the numbers of hairs that are at the back of the scalp. There are many doctors who promote various types of devices, but none of these change the physiologic limitations of the donor area. A lot of people are knowingly taking hair grafts outside of the donor area in follicular unit extraction transplants above and even below that area to create volume hoping probably that maybe there will be some type of way to prevent those hairs from falling out in the future. In Dr. Prasad’s practice, he encourages people who have had FUEs or FUTs done elsewhere to come in and have the injection because he found that he can help the healing process of the grafts. He can also help the healing process of the donor area and the thickening of the existing thinning hair so that the overall result looks better.

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Determining Which Types of Hair Loss Treatments Are For You

With the wide array of hair loss treatments available to individuals these days, one may wonder just which treatment is right for them. Some are short-term in nature whereas others are more permanent. There are a few ways to determine which types of lost hair treatments are right for you and which ones are best left to others who may be battling hair loss.

One consideration to keep in mind is whether you want a quick fix or a long-term solution. Some items such as hairpieces and hair creams will provide a quick fix however they may not work as well for the long term. On the other hand, certain lost hair treatments such as hair transplant surgeries and oral medications may prevent the loss of hair or cover up a bald area on your head for the long haul. When considering the different options, it is best to determine whether you want it to last a lifetime or be a temporary solution to the hair loss problem.

Another factor to consider in order to determine which type of treatment is best for you is in the case of what you want the treatment to accomplish. Certain treatments for loss of hair will only prevent future loss of hair whereas others will aid in re-growing the hair that was initially lost. By determining what outcome you are searching for you will better be able to select the best type of hair treatment product or surgical intervention.

There may also be certain risks involved with treatments for loss of hair all depending on what type of treatment you obtain. For example, treatments such as oral medications and hair transplant surgeries always have the possibility of side effects occurring. Although the chance of side effects will vary depending on the individual and treatment sought, the risk is always there. However, for other types of treatments such as hairpieces or cover up creams, the risks may be much less. It is important to review all of the possible risks to determine if this is the right treatment to pursue.

Lastly, cost is an additional factor to keep in mind when perusing the available treatments for loss of hair. You may find that obtaining a hair transplant procedure is well out of your financial means but acquiring a hairpiece may be possible. In addition, consider whether the treatment products will need to be purchased a few times or on a frequent basis as this too may add up in price. Since many of us live on a budget these days, it is important to inquire about the cost of the various various treatment methods. This is simply another factor which must be addressed when reviewing your various hair loss treatment options and trying to choose one which will work best for you.

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Now that’s a Quiff! Sam with his Non-Surgical Hair Replacement System for Men

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Final UPDATE 6-month iRestore Laser Hair Growth System Review, Ep. 6 (Week 22/Day 165)

5th and Last Update: Dec 19, 2016. By the end of my 6 month Laser Hair Growth trial with the iRestore Laser Hair Restoration Helmet, my hair has improved!

This is the final update I’ll be doing in this series. It’s been 6 months since I started using the laser therapy helmet (with a couple weeks off around month 4) The results of the trial are that my hair texture is definitely improved and the difference can both be felt and seen. The small hairs growing in where my hair was thinning most appear to be healthy and thick at the root. My hair in general feels denser, stronger, and more resilient, unlike before when the hair shafts were thin and brittle.

I can now run my hands or a comb through my hair without fear of breaking or pulling them out by the root. I’ve noticed less shedding on my clothes and bathroom floor versus prior to and just after starting the treatment. Even with my hair cut short, you can’t see my scalp through my hair if I style it up, use a bit of product, or it blows in the wind. At certain angles and in strong light, it might not look as good, but those are fewer and far between now. While I’m disappointed that I didn’t see a ton of improvement at my recession lines, the hair that I have seems to be improving in quality, and I haven’t noticed any significant hair loss or thinning in the last few months. I am using the shampoo, leave in treatment, and oral supp in addition to the helmet and I think as a system it has made a difference.

I’m happy with the results and my improved sense of confidence and I’m glad that I started addressing the issue now before it got any worse than it did. I believe that while the treatment is helping me arrest or slow the progression of my hair loss, it remains to be seen if there will be any significant or noticeable regrowth over the long term. For now, I’ll continue to use the product regularly and may even do an update after another 6 months has passed. But of course, if you subscribe to my channel you’ll see me in other videos on a regular basis and can judge for yourself if my hair is improving or getting worse over time.

Thanks to everyone who has been supportive and asked questions. I hope I’ve helped you with your research and wish you well on your own journeys with your hair.
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Juan Carlos’s incredible transformation! He is part of our hair replacement program, using a custom-fitted hair system made specifically for him.

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A custom fitted system is color matched to precisely match your hair color and texture. It is adhered via a liquid adhesive that will hold for roughly 2-5 weeks based on skin type and sweat. This does not mean that it will “come off” though. It will not move in the wind or water, and in fact, you will shower in it and shampoo it as you would your normal hair!

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