Bad Hair Transplants


Are you losing your hair and are you upset about it? You are not alone. Some people, in the past, have made a rushed decision and they went in for a hair transplant as soon as they found out they were balding. That’s the dumbest thing you can do, because you might be setting yourself up for a nightmare you never thought possibly.

Bad Hair Transplants

Bad hair transplants are a balding person’s worst nightmare. They exist. It used to happen a lot more often in the past, but it still happens from time to time. In the past, hair transplant clinics were using old fashioned technology and the people performing the surgery weren’t as experienced as they are now.

The result of this was that people who went in for the surgery, expecting excellent results and a beautiful head of hair, got wounded and scarred. The donor strips that were excised from their heads were stapled shut instead of sewn shut with fine thread. This obsolete method of closing wounds led to excess scarring, giving these people lots of numbness and itching in the back of their heads for life.

The recipient wounds on top of the scalp were also very coarse. They were made with a scalpel instead of with a laser. Today’s laser hair transplants are much more precise at making these recipient sites. But back then the wounds were big, they often got infected and again led to excessive scarring.

The strip of donor hair that was used back in those days was dissected into groups of hairs called grafts. Back then, the grafts were much too large and they produced a bulky and tufted look once they were transplanted to the top of the head. Often, hair transplant patients would shave their heads because they weren’t satisfied with the results.

Thanks to improved technology and awareness among hair transplant surgeons, this doesn’t happen very often anymore. But bad hair transplant clinics are still out there. So beware!

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New Hair Restoration

Hair loss is a growing problem especially among ageing men but this problem also affects women. Hair loss problems usually come with age but this can also be triggered by stress, unhealthy lifestyle, hormonal changes, and environmental factors. In this condition, some parts of their head become bald and this is not very pleasing to look at. To solve this problem, some employ a variety of techniques such as wearing wigs, caps, or scarves. Some resort to treatments that include the application of hair growth products and hair restoration surgery. However, since there are a lot of hair growth products and techniques, some may be fake and ineffective so the person has to be careful in choosing an effective hair growth product. So to ensure the quality of the product, it always best to buy those that are recommended by hair loss experts.

New hair restoration takes a lot of time, effort, and patience but the results can be very satisfactory. Hair restoration procedures can vary from person to person and the type of treatments may depend on the age, health condition, and on the amount of money they are willing to spend to treat their baldness. The results of hair restorations are not the same for everyone. The age of the person, the effectiveness of the technique, and his health condition may affect the results of his treatment. It is therefore important to choose an expert and experienced surgeon to conduct the surgery.

Any surgeon can successfully perform hair transplant and make new hair grow but the best surgeons are those who can make the surgical scars unnoticed and not appalling. Anyone who had a basic training can legally perform hair transplant but only those who are professional and who have advanced training can guarantee excellent results. The person should ask hair loss experts for the qualifications of the best hair restoration surgeons. This will ensure that he can get the results that he wants. Aside from this, he should also inquire about the time it will take before the transplanted hair grows and looks natural. Some new hair restoration procedures take a few months before the new hair grows.

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