3 Hair Loss Solutions

There are numerous hair loss solutions on the market today. Some are bogus solutions that do nothing but destroy what hair you have left. However, there are some hair loss remedies that are beneficial and do provide results. But you need to really study each one to determine which one is best for you.

Here are some solutions for correcting hair loss problems.

Cover Up Products: There are cover up products that do not restore hair, but masks the hair you have lost, either through adding fibers to your hair that will make the hair look fuller, or by use of coloring. This coloring method actually shades your hair and scalp together, making it appear that you have more hair.

Several products of this category that people use with satisfactory results are Fullmore and Toppik, which add fibers to your hair and are removed by shampooing. Couvre uses the shading method to blend your hair and scalp together. These products are good to use while you re-grow your hair through other means.

Surgical Procedures: Also known as hair transplants. If you elect this method you really need to do your homework. Check the doctor who is doing the procedure to determine his level of experience and his/her qualifications. Many patients and even the physicians performing the procedure, are not as knowledgeable about hair transplants as they should be.

You also need to be careful of the procedure you elect to have. Some will leave you worst off than before the procedure. Check with other people who have had that same procedure performed and look at the results and ask questions.

One hair transplant method that has met with above average results is follicular transplantation. Essentially it is the transplanting of smaller hair follicles than the traditional larger plugs.

Herbal Supplements: Herbal supplements are used to grow hair naturally, by attacking the primary cause of hair loss in men, DHT (dihydrotestosterone). The way DHT causes hair loss in men is that the hormone will attach itself to the hair follicle. This will choke off necessary nutrients needed by the hair strand and the follicle. Lack of nutrients will cause the hair strand to fall out and the follicle to shrink and eventually die.

Looking at these three methods a combination of using cover up products and herbal supplements appears to be the easy way, cheapest and more natural way to re-grow your hair.

Jimmy Chase started losing his hair when he turned 50. He has done lots of studies on loss of hair, in both men and women, to determine what works and what doesn’t. He has successfully stopped his hair loss and has even re-grown some of his hair. He wants to help other people learn what he has learned, on stopping hair loss and re-growing hair.

Visit his web site No Longer Balding to learn the way he was able to conquer his hair loss.

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Hair Loss Solutions


Both men and women can suffer from balding as they age. For individuals that suffer from Hair Loss, it is a worry and it can strip the individual of their self-confidence, and stress only adds to the problem. For years there have been hair loss treatments available; however, most of these treatments have not had any real success. Today, even permanent baldness can be treated with procedures such as hair transplant technology. But, is this actually a solution with the dangerous risks and high costs of the surgical procedure that are involved? No, it is not, and solutions must be found.
Hair Loss Treatments and Hair Loss Cure

Surgery is dangerous and there is pain and recovery involved, and what the individual needs to find is a hair loss professional that will take the time to evaluate the extensity of the Hair Loss and the possible causes for hair loss. Most often, the individual is suffering from stress and inappropriate hair products. When individuals begin to suffer from a receding hairline, the stress is impacted and the problem becomes greater.

Hair care products also play an important role and the not all products are suited for every type of hair. Therefore, it is essential that the individual chose hair care products that are appropriate for their hair. It is essential that individuals choose products that are right for their hair, and to stick to them.
Individuals that have a greater need to help them in the fight against baldness or thinning hair can also engage in specific treatments, such as, homeopathic medication, a visit to a hair loss treatment clinic, or a specialized hair lotion

It is a humiliating time when individuals, men or women, find themselves suffering from thinning hair, receding hairlines, or baldness, and a time that one must find a solution, so that their personal and business lives are not affected. Wigs, toupees and hair extensions are chosen by many. But, for men, this solution is often humiliating in itself, as the “mop” as it is often referred to, is often quite noticeable, and a “joke” point for many around him, and the humiliation increases.
There are hair replacement systems that are not wigs or toupees, and that appear natural, with a hairline that looks as though the hair is actually growing form the scalp itself. For both men and women, a natural feeling, natural looking hair replacement system provides them the confidence that they need in their personal and business life.

The best time to seek a hair loss professional is when the thinning first begins. Your hair loss professional should be reputable and a history of effective hair loss solutions that are tried and true. Your hair loss professional may be someone that is with you for a number of years, as permanent baldness may possibly be the outcome. However, hair loss replacement systems are the solution to disguise the hair loss problem, and a solution that does not involve the risk of surgery or thousand s of dollars.

Farrel Hair Loss expert with clients all over the world ranging from school teachers to celebrities.

The Truth About Female Hair Loss


Before we get started it is important to point out that determining the cause or causes of female hair loss is the most important factor in finding the answers needed to reverse the condition.

The average female scalp is covered with 100,000 hairs each of which emerges from a tiny sac like pouch called a follicle. Each day a silent battle is occurring between hair loss and hair replacement. Your scalp naturally sheds approximately 100 hairs a day most of which are replaced but if any one of a number of factor interrupts the replacement cycle, or if shedding accelerates to a point where the replacement cycle can’t keep up, then hair loss occurs. It’s just that simple.

The question is whether your hair thinning or balding is immune system driven, self induced, genetically induced, hormone driven or a combination of the three. Let’s look at a 7 possible causes and see whether any of them could apply to you.

*Alopecia areata: This condition affects about 2 percent of the population and is a non-hormone related immune disorder affecting primarily the scalp. It is characterized by circular bald patches. Early recognition and treatment (cortisone shots) is important to avoid permanent hair loss.

*Health conditions and concerns: The number of health condition that can cause or contribute to female balding and thinning is lengthy. Examples would be diabetes, diseases producing high fever, underactive pituitary gland, underactive thyroid, anemia and lupus.

*Heredity: Yes your genetic makeup can influence or cause hair loss and comes from both sides of the family. This factor is particularly important in reference to androgenetic alopecia.

*Stress: Most women have a great deal of stress in their lives dealing with children, husbands, and careers but stress that causes hair to fall out is extreme and normally hangs around longer than normal. Both physical and psychological stress can trigger hair thinning. Examples would include death, divorce, pregnancies, or a major life event.

*Menopause: Menopause induced balding can be permanent or temporary. If you feel this is at the root cause of your female hair loss you should talk with your doctor about possible solutions.

*Over beautification: Every woman wants to look her best and this often includes bleaching, hot curling irons, hot rollers, and hair styles that require the hair to pulled tight. All of these factors can contribute to thinning and balding and should be reduced or eliminated depending on your circumstances.

*Nutritional imbalances: Dieting often comes with its benefits but also can contribute to temporary hair loss. So if you decide to diet make sure you get enough protein and B vitamins.

What Next? Don’t let female hair loss spiral out of control! Once the condition has been recognized, either contact your doctor or do an internet search to find a hair regrowth product that is designed to block harmful hormones such as DHT, stimulate the scalp, and bring those tired scalp follicles back to life.

R.D. Hawkins is an enthusiastic advocate of alternative natural health products and supplements with over 10 years experience. To learn more about natural remedies for better health visit Purchase Remedies.com.

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