Hair Transplant Scars


Are you going bald and are you considering to have a hair transplant done? Wait just a minute! Don’t rush into a hair transplant clinic thinking these people can fix you up so you’ll be walking out a few hours later. It’s not going to happen just like that. Getting a hair transplant is completely different from going to the barber shop for a hair cut. This is actual surgery we’re talking about. And actual surgery requires that you get actual incisions, which will require you to go through some actual healing time.

While every hair transplant clinic consultant wants you to believe that that you’re not going to have any trouble after the treatment, this is not how it happens in real reality. With many hair transplants today, a strip excision is performed on the back of your head. This is your donor hair and these hair follicles are going to be implanted back into your scalp again.

Hair Transplant Scars

The consultant will try to convince you that the scar you will have after getting this strip excision is going to remain pencil thin. In real life, it turns out these strip scars have a tendency to stretch and raise. This doesn’t happen until months after the surgery, when it’s too late to say anything about it to the people who performed your hair transplantation.

The scar in the back of your head is what people will complain about the most. But some people have also been so unfortunate as to get scarring on top of their heads. The recipient wounds that need to be made in order to make place for your donor hair, are normally very tiny.

Some bad hair transplantation clinics manage to make them too big, which leaves the door wide open for complications. Bigger wounds take a long time to heal and have a higher risk of infection. When these wounds start scarring, they’re going to have a detrimental effect on the hairs that are implanted in them.

Not only will your scalp remain itchy for life, your results will be unsatisfactory. So take the time to look up a good hair transplant clinic and avoid this type of scenarios.

To learn more about hair transplant scars and their implications, click the link.

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Hair Loss



Basics for hair loss


What you should know?


For all those who are looking for a hair loss treatment, I have covered some basic information which everybody should be familiar with. This article covers some basics subjects like:

How hair grows?

Why hair grows?

Why people lose their hair?

Treatment for hair loses.

I will also suggest some ways or best possible products which can help to stop hair loss and then how to let them growing again.


How & why hair grows?


Human’s hair growth is always unstable; it means while some hair grows that time some hairs remains in resting stage. Normally, for a person who is not losing his hairs, about 90% of the hairs on his head are in a 2-7 years growing phase.  The remaining 10% are in a phase of experiencing a 2-4 month resting phase.  As one hair sheds, a new one replaces it.  This is a process which repeats itself over and over again for many years in most of the people.


Problem of hair loss occurs when this continues process becomes skewed.  Instead of the increment in re-growth rate of hairs faster than the shed rate, it decreases, thus, in result to this shedding exceeds the rate of re-growth.


Why people lose their hair?


DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) is a kind of hormone. Presence of this hormone is directly linked with hair loss.DHT hormone is formed when testosterone and 5-alpha-reductase merge.  This excess of DHT leads to follicles that grow back shorter and thinner. After some time, this DHT imbalance leads to baldness.


Reason behind DHT imbalance is believed to be caused by genetics or an underlying medical condition.


Why people lose their hair?


In continuation to the above information, there are several other factors which can cause temporary hair loss.


Some of the reasons behind hair loss are:

Improper Nutrition supply in body

Different Medications

Hair damaging products

Heavy medical treatments

Scalp Disease or Infection


Most of these can be treatable with a variety of products that are available at various shops according to prescription.  It is advised to consult the doctor to help diagnose the problem.


Treatment for hair lose


There are some basic methods for the treatment of hair loss. Some of these treatments are helpful to stop hair loss while others are useful to re-grow hair.  These treatments include:

Ant androgens- It prevents DHT from combining or binding with androgen receptors.

Anti-Inflammatory- It is designed to prevent inflammation, redness, and itching that occurs on the scalp and make hair loss worse.

DHT Inhibitors- It is designed to restore a healthy balance of shedding and re-growth by limiting the production of DHT, which leads to hair loss in some if left unchecked

Growth Stimulants- This treatment is designed to stimulate the growth of new hair.

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Will a Male Pattern Hair Loss Treatment Prevent Balding?


Finding a Male pattern hair loss treatment is an issue for millions of men.  They want to know if there is anything they can do to prevent from going bald, what’s safe, and what works.  There are endless “treatment” options, but they needed to be examined for what they are.  Surgical procedures are expensive and have a tendency to leave the scalp deformed.  Prescription drugs and other medication can do more harm than good.  So what is the best way to promote healthy hair growth?

First of all, it’s important to establish exactly what male pattern hair loss is, and what’s normal.

Normal hair loss is established as losing up to 100 strands of hair per day.  Having the ability to run fingers, or a comb, through the hair and having a small amount of strands come out.

Excessive hair loss is when someone lacks that ability to run their fingers or a brush through their hair, they end up with lots of hair possibly even clumps.  The hair doesn’t grow back in a normal pattern, either it doesn’t grow back at all, or it grows back sparsely in some areas and not at all in others.

Male pattern hair loss is something that’s usually determined through genetics.  It has to do with the way hormones affect the hair follicles on the scalp.  The “pattern” applies to the process in which the hair slowly deteriorates in condition.  It starts out as slightly thinning, slows down production, hair doesn’t reach the lengths it used to, and eventually new hair production stops all together.

The proper male pattern hair loss treatment consists of something that works from the inside out.  It’s also important to start treatment before hair production has stopped all together.  The quicker it’s treated the faster and healthier the hair will grow back.

Surgery and prescription drugs are a common male pattern hair loss treatment, but can be dangerous treatments.  The keyword with hair transplant is “transplant”, by moving one cluster of hair (or small groups of hair) form one area to another you’re just redistribution the hair loss.  The surgeries are also known to create scalp deformations as the skin is stretched and sewn into new parts of the head.

Prescription hair loss treatments have been linked to psychological damage, and hormone imbalances.  The pills usually only slow down the process, they can’t actually make the hair regrow.

At this point you’re probably wondering what is the best way to get hair to grow back, and obviously it has to be something safe that’s proven to work.

The best way to get your hair to grow back in is by using a male pattern hair loss treatment that consists of a two-part system.  It’s vital that it works from the inside out (capsules), but also stimulates the scalp and follicles from the outside.  The capsules contain the proper balance of vitamins and nutrients that the follicles need to start producing hair again.  The cream will nourish the scalp and follicles.  The best way to re grow your hair is to stimulate it naturally.  Your hair grew before without help, so why would you need prescription drugs now?  All your lacking is the right tools, getting your hair to grow back in doesn’t have to be painful.

The good news is that there is an effective male pattern hair loss treatment available to you right now! I have more information available for you at this site

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Natural Hair Loss Solutions


Hair loss is something that is inevitable in a person’s life. It is quite normal to have hair falling when combing and shampooing your hair. This is mainly because 10% of the hair on your scalp usually lies dormant. It is this hair that eventually falls after two or three months to give room for new strands of hair.

They should be able to tell you and advice you on what type of hair shampoo, conditioner and oil that you should use. Avoid shampoos which have chemicals. These shampoos may do more harm than good to your hair. You can massage your head with almond oil once or twice a week. Massaging your head with oil will improve blood circulation and make your hair follicles stronger and your hair healthier.

For that very reason then, it understandable why the people faced with loss of hair problems nowadays are not only eager for a hair solution, but also the very best hair loss solution – hence the question as to what the best hair loss solution is.

There are two groups in hair loss solutions. One is the natural hair loss solution and other is hair loss remedies. There are many who are not aware of the natural hair loss solutions. After spending too much on ineffective hair loss solutions, they get frustrated with the hair loss.

One of the hair loss solutions that have shown merit involves a whole body lifestyle change to help mitigate the effects of hair loss. Hair loss can often be attributed to poor diet, a sedentary lifestyle, stress, and other environmental factors. To help limit the amount these factors contribute to hair loss, sufferers will often go to great lengths to change their diet and exercise programs.

The Herbal Hair Loss Solution is an e-book that aims to treat baldness using only natural and herbal ingredients. These ingredients in the Herbal Hair Solution e-book are described as a “secret formula” and are to be made simply at home and at a low price for the customer.

However, due to the umbrella effect of that establishment, they often turn their noises up at the mounting scientific evidence that natural remedies do as a matter of fact work. Some of the most powerful DHT inhibitors are found in your natural hair loss remedies.

And because these treatments costs more, many find hair loss solutions in other forms. Different hair loss solution varies with the satisfaction it gives to the customer. And keep in mind, that not all treatment will work on everyone. Make sure to find what is right for you, so you don’t have to spend much money on something you are not sure you will be satisfied with.

A natural way to stop hair loss is to start taking saw palmetto. You can get this herb at any health food center and you should take 1,500 mg per day. This should be split into three doses of 500 mg each. Take a dosage with each meal and you will be able to prevent hair loss.

Read about home remedies also read symptoms of ovarian cysts and morning sickness in pregnancy

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Female Hair Loss – The Causes and Solutions

Natural hair care remedies: Fight hair loss

As we all know, female hair loss is an issue, and thankfully one that has become a lot more acceptable. Sure, when we think of baldness, we automatically assume that it is a male issue, but we are moving forward in accepting it as a condition in women.

Woman all over the world are suffering from hair loss, so if you are affected by the condition you are certainly not alone. If you have the knowledge of the correct natural and effective ingredients you need to use, you can help restore your thinning locks, and throw that toupee in the bin.
This article will give you the reasons behind your hair loss, and the treatments available for you to use.

The Causes

There are many causes for the condition in women, from genetic and hormonal issues, to lifestyle issues, for example, stress, illness and the dreaded menopause. If you find yourself suffering from the condition after pregnancy, you needn’t worry, it is a perfectly normal occurrence, and your locks should return in a few months.

Diet can also be something to examine, because a lack of the correct vitamins, minerals and herb extracts play an important role in the loss of hair in females. Our food today has a fraction of the nutritional value is had fifty years ago, so even if you make an effort to eat more healthily, you will still lack in the important nutrients that you need to function properly.

The Solutions

An important thing that will be useful to you is making sure your consume enough of the vitamin group B. This is because B6 and Biotin are imperative for maintaining healthy, lustrous hair and encouraging re-growth. They also boost your circulation, an added bonus.

If you combine your increased consumption of the important vitamin group B, with magnesium and zinc, you have got yourself a winning recipe for a successful battle against female hair loss. Not bad, for a few extra supplements in your diet.

The best thing about this particular cocktail of all natural nutrients, is that it not only gives you a proven way to keep, and re-grow your luscious locks, but it also contributes and improves your overall health. It provides essential assistance for you immune system, your skin, and your nails. Add minoxidil, and you’re all set.

Each of the causes and solutions described in this article, are true, and have been proven to help combat female hair loss. There are natural ways to fight the condition if you know what ingredients should be present in your product to do so. If you ensure that each of these are in your product, you can’t go wrong. Happy hair-styling!

In searching for more information on the causes of sudden hair loss I found a great website called I found this invaluable in finding a solution to my problem and if you or someone close to you suffers from this then you should check it out now.

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Cost of Hair Replacement


The Reason Behind The Hair Loss

Before any hair replacement options are researched or considered, the primary piece of information that should be examined is why the hair was lost in the first place. It can be difficult to understand why or how hair loss has occurred without a full and proper medical diagnosis and whilst there is a ton of information on the internet, you should most certainly receive a definite answer from a medical professional you trust.

The Replacement Options That Are Available

Once you have the reasoning and medical diagnosis for your hair loss you’ll be able to explore the most appropriate options to look in to. As the cost of hair replacement can be expensive, it is important to receive as much help as possible at this stage to ensure no unnecessary cost is spent and all possible options are fully explored.

Replacement options vary considerably, from prescription shampoos right through to a full skin graft, in which hair is taken from an area on the head where hair is still growing and grafting it on a balding area. The most suitable option will be generally be recommended by a professional in the field.


For some, the cost of hair replacement is prohibitive – losing their hair is traumatic enough and now they must also incur a large fee to recapture their former look. And, not only do you incur a large up-front fee, but most options generally also have a maintenance fee that can go on for the rest of your life.

For the majority of people however, the type of system chosen can be determined simply how much it costs. Fortunately, the pricing does differ widely depending on the technique, ensuring that there is a suitable hair regrowth or solution for everyone who requires it.

For example, if hair is slowly being lost over time, then a thickening shampoo and a prescribed lotion to help stimulate new hair growth may suffice and will generally cost no more than $ 20 or $ 30 every couple of weeks – a very small price to pay in the genre of hair loss, growth and/or replacement. At the other end of the scale however, for a quality hair system to be designed, produced and maintained, it is likely to cost close to $ 2,000 each year.

Expectations And Outcomes

As there are so many options available for replacement and the the cost of hair solutions varies, it is important to understand that the outcomes from each of them are going to be somewhat different.

Online research, exploration, and discussions with professionals will help reveal all of the various options your have. It must be remembered that there is always an option to suit both your needs and your budget and an experienced professional will be able to provide the most sound advice.

For the best information on hair replacement systems costs check out Michael’s site!

Hair Loss



Susan woke up one fine day to find tufts of hair on her pillow. An extremely worried Susan stood in front of her mirror to examine the gravity of her hair loss. She called up Margaret, a friend and a doctor at the same time.
“Why me?” was Susan’s first question to Margaret. Her question echoes that of almost every person approaching the doctor for hair loss treatment. Margaret assured Susan that hair loss is a normal routine of the hair life cycle. Each hair passes through a particular cycle: it grows, rests, and then sheds. Ten percent of the scalp hair is in a resting phase at any one time. This phase lasts between two and three months. At the end of this stage, it goes through the shedding phase.
Shedding of 50-100 hairs a day is considered normal. They are normally replaced by new hair from the same follicles located just beneath the skin surface. So hair loss within this limited range is not a matter to worry about.
“There are number of hair loss treatments available today, but we need to evaluate the causes of hair loss before you go in for any hair loss solution,” cautions Margaret.
Although there are various reasons for hair loss, the most common is androgenetic alopecia or hereditary hair loss. It is commonly thought that there is little that can be done about hereditary hair loss but it’s just not true. Other causes include hormonal imbalance, stress, hair styling and inadequate intake of proteins and calcium. So teenagers beware! If you have eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia you have a good chance of your hair suffering as well.
In women, childbirth can result in temporary hair fall – this is called postpartum hair loss. Certain medications like those given for gout, arthritis, acne and cancer can result in hair thinning and shedding too.
For men, the Norwood scale is the most common way of evaluating the severity of hair loss while for women it is the Ludwig scale, which determines the severity of hair loss.
Currently, the two popular prescription medications for treating hair loss are Rogaine and Propecia. While Rogaine is a topical solution Propecia is taken orally. Propecia is not suitable for women as it can cause birth defects. Neither medication is ideal as both are only temporary and both offer side-effects.

Revivogen is a natural option that helps stops hair loss and promotes new growth. There are many natural options out there that can offer, in our opinion, better results than the prescription medications.
The final solution to consider is hair transplants, which has advanced over the years, though it is very expensive it is at least permanent, assuming that there are no complications such as scalp infection of course.
“So, it’s important to first rule out any medical reasons for your hair loss first. Once that’s done the next step it to evaluate the severity of your hair loss and we can then decide which hair loss products are best suited to you.” reiterates Margaret.


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Hair Loss Solutions


Both men and women can suffer from balding as they age. For individuals that suffer from Hair Loss, it is a worry and it can strip the individual of their self-confidence, and stress only adds to the problem. For years there have been hair loss treatments available; however, most of these treatments have not had any real success. Today, even permanent baldness can be treated with procedures such as hair transplant technology. But, is this actually a solution with the dangerous risks and high costs of the surgical procedure that are involved? No, it is not, and solutions must be found.
Hair Loss Treatments and Hair Loss Cure

Surgery is dangerous and there is pain and recovery involved, and what the individual needs to find is a hair loss professional that will take the time to evaluate the extensity of the Hair Loss and the possible causes for hair loss. Most often, the individual is suffering from stress and inappropriate hair products. When individuals begin to suffer from a receding hairline, the stress is impacted and the problem becomes greater.

Hair care products also play an important role and the not all products are suited for every type of hair. Therefore, it is essential that the individual chose hair care products that are appropriate for their hair. It is essential that individuals choose products that are right for their hair, and to stick to them.
Individuals that have a greater need to help them in the fight against baldness or thinning hair can also engage in specific treatments, such as, homeopathic medication, a visit to a hair loss treatment clinic, or a specialized hair lotion

It is a humiliating time when individuals, men or women, find themselves suffering from thinning hair, receding hairlines, or baldness, and a time that one must find a solution, so that their personal and business lives are not affected. Wigs, toupees and hair extensions are chosen by many. But, for men, this solution is often humiliating in itself, as the “mop” as it is often referred to, is often quite noticeable, and a “joke” point for many around him, and the humiliation increases.
There are hair replacement systems that are not wigs or toupees, and that appear natural, with a hairline that looks as though the hair is actually growing form the scalp itself. For both men and women, a natural feeling, natural looking hair replacement system provides them the confidence that they need in their personal and business life.

The best time to seek a hair loss professional is when the thinning first begins. Your hair loss professional should be reputable and a history of effective hair loss solutions that are tried and true. Your hair loss professional may be someone that is with you for a number of years, as permanent baldness may possibly be the outcome. However, hair loss replacement systems are the solution to disguise the hair loss problem, and a solution that does not involve the risk of surgery or thousand s of dollars.

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The Truth About Female Hair Loss


Before we get started it is important to point out that determining the cause or causes of female hair loss is the most important factor in finding the answers needed to reverse the condition.

The average female scalp is covered with 100,000 hairs each of which emerges from a tiny sac like pouch called a follicle. Each day a silent battle is occurring between hair loss and hair replacement. Your scalp naturally sheds approximately 100 hairs a day most of which are replaced but if any one of a number of factor interrupts the replacement cycle, or if shedding accelerates to a point where the replacement cycle can’t keep up, then hair loss occurs. It’s just that simple.

The question is whether your hair thinning or balding is immune system driven, self induced, genetically induced, hormone driven or a combination of the three. Let’s look at a 7 possible causes and see whether any of them could apply to you.

*Alopecia areata: This condition affects about 2 percent of the population and is a non-hormone related immune disorder affecting primarily the scalp. It is characterized by circular bald patches. Early recognition and treatment (cortisone shots) is important to avoid permanent hair loss.

*Health conditions and concerns: The number of health condition that can cause or contribute to female balding and thinning is lengthy. Examples would be diabetes, diseases producing high fever, underactive pituitary gland, underactive thyroid, anemia and lupus.

*Heredity: Yes your genetic makeup can influence or cause hair loss and comes from both sides of the family. This factor is particularly important in reference to androgenetic alopecia.

*Stress: Most women have a great deal of stress in their lives dealing with children, husbands, and careers but stress that causes hair to fall out is extreme and normally hangs around longer than normal. Both physical and psychological stress can trigger hair thinning. Examples would include death, divorce, pregnancies, or a major life event.

*Menopause: Menopause induced balding can be permanent or temporary. If you feel this is at the root cause of your female hair loss you should talk with your doctor about possible solutions.

*Over beautification: Every woman wants to look her best and this often includes bleaching, hot curling irons, hot rollers, and hair styles that require the hair to pulled tight. All of these factors can contribute to thinning and balding and should be reduced or eliminated depending on your circumstances.

*Nutritional imbalances: Dieting often comes with its benefits but also can contribute to temporary hair loss. So if you decide to diet make sure you get enough protein and B vitamins.

What Next? Don’t let female hair loss spiral out of control! Once the condition has been recognized, either contact your doctor or do an internet search to find a hair regrowth product that is designed to block harmful hormones such as DHT, stimulate the scalp, and bring those tired scalp follicles back to life.

R.D. Hawkins is an enthusiastic advocate of alternative natural health products and supplements with over 10 years experience. To learn more about natural remedies for better health visit Purchase

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