Chest Hair Transplant

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More and more people are becoming aware of their appearance these days. Women have always cared a lot about their looks. But these days, men no longer have to be ashamed of being so called ‘metrosexuals’. We do everything in our power to stave off the natural aging process’ effects on our looks.

We try to stay slim, we try to keep our teeth white and we try to hang on to our hair. For hair loss, there are many products available on the market today that will help in preventing further hair loss. Some topicals and drugs even have the ability to reverse the effects of thinning hair.

The only method that gives you permanent results is the hair transplant. Normally, a strip excision is done from the back of your head because this is where the donor hair comes from. Today, more and more hair transplant surgeons are excavating the donor hairs individually. This is less invasive than a strip hair transplant.

Chest Hair Transplant

When harvesting hair follicles individually, you don’t necessarily need to get them from the back of your head anymore. You might as well use body hair as donor hair. Let’s say you have a very hairy chest or back, then it is possible to have a hair transplant surgeon harvest donor hairs from your body and implant them back on top of your head.

You may wonder if body hair will look a little silly on the top of your head. This is actually no problem. Because the body hairs that are implanted there, will take on the properties of the rest of your scalp hair. It’s going to grow just as long as your normal head hair.

The tiny wounds that will be left after harvesting your body hairs will leave only very tiny scars. You will likely not notice them at all. This is much less invasive than a traditional strip transplant. Because the strip wound will leave a strip scar that’s known to stretch and get itchy after a few months.

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Will a Male Pattern Hair Loss Treatment Prevent Balding?


Finding a Male pattern hair loss treatment is an issue for millions of men.  They want to know if there is anything they can do to prevent from going bald, what’s safe, and what works.  There are endless “treatment” options, but they needed to be examined for what they are.  Surgical procedures are expensive and have a tendency to leave the scalp deformed.  Prescription drugs and other medication can do more harm than good.  So what is the best way to promote healthy hair growth?

First of all, it’s important to establish exactly what male pattern hair loss is, and what’s normal.

Normal hair loss is established as losing up to 100 strands of hair per day.  Having the ability to run fingers, or a comb, through the hair and having a small amount of strands come out.

Excessive hair loss is when someone lacks that ability to run their fingers or a brush through their hair, they end up with lots of hair possibly even clumps.  The hair doesn’t grow back in a normal pattern, either it doesn’t grow back at all, or it grows back sparsely in some areas and not at all in others.

Male pattern hair loss is something that’s usually determined through genetics.  It has to do with the way hormones affect the hair follicles on the scalp.  The “pattern” applies to the process in which the hair slowly deteriorates in condition.  It starts out as slightly thinning, slows down production, hair doesn’t reach the lengths it used to, and eventually new hair production stops all together.

The proper male pattern hair loss treatment consists of something that works from the inside out.  It’s also important to start treatment before hair production has stopped all together.  The quicker it’s treated the faster and healthier the hair will grow back.

Surgery and prescription drugs are a common male pattern hair loss treatment, but can be dangerous treatments.  The keyword with hair transplant is “transplant”, by moving one cluster of hair (or small groups of hair) form one area to another you’re just redistribution the hair loss.  The surgeries are also known to create scalp deformations as the skin is stretched and sewn into new parts of the head.

Prescription hair loss treatments have been linked to psychological damage, and hormone imbalances.  The pills usually only slow down the process, they can’t actually make the hair regrow.

At this point you’re probably wondering what is the best way to get hair to grow back, and obviously it has to be something safe that’s proven to work.

The best way to get your hair to grow back in is by using a male pattern hair loss treatment that consists of a two-part system.  It’s vital that it works from the inside out (capsules), but also stimulates the scalp and follicles from the outside.  The capsules contain the proper balance of vitamins and nutrients that the follicles need to start producing hair again.  The cream will nourish the scalp and follicles.  The best way to re grow your hair is to stimulate it naturally.  Your hair grew before without help, so why would you need prescription drugs now?  All your lacking is the right tools, getting your hair to grow back in doesn’t have to be painful.

The good news is that there is an effective male pattern hair loss treatment available to you right now! I have more information available for you at this site

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Finding Solutions For Female Hair Loss


Millions of people around the world are suffering from hair loss problem especially women’s who have complication in their hairs. Many women in United States of America are suffering from hair loss and hair thinning as well. Both of these problems are equally distributed among the women’s. There are numerous factors which result in premature hair loss.

Hair fall occurs in different cycles at different intervals and mostly during the winter season this problems is on high rise. There are number of treatments available to overcome the problem of hair loss. Some treatments are technology based like hair transplant while the natural processes are easy and affordable. The hair growth rate is same in all individuals whether male or female, the hair grows about one and half inches every month. In many people there the hair growth rate is quite higher than normal people. The hair grows in four different phases in its cycle which includes growth of hair, transition of hair, and return hair growth among the four phases. As soon as the hair fully develops its four cycles it breaks and hair follicles develops a new hair and starts a fresh cycle.

During the hair development process there are certain disturbances and interruptions in the hair growth cycle. The main obstacles which hinder the hair growth are loss of hair in between the cycles and thinning of the hair. These interruptions can occur in any one of the four hair growth phases resulting in hair loss. There some situations when hairs continuously fall from its follicle and there is no solution for stopping them. There may be times when hair fall is natural but in some special cases it is due to some kind of deficiency. In some people there is a gradual hair falling starts while follows a regular hair falling which cannot be ignored. In some people there is a continuous hair fall which seems uncontrollable and very embarrassing.

Hair loss in women is different in females than in males as women loose their hairs in various patterns. Multiple treatments are available for this hair loss problem and are very much effective in their action.

Hair fall in women follows a specific pattern, generally hair loss problems which occur in females is due to insufficient supply of hormones and enzymes which results in hair loss. The hormones get disturbed by improper and uneven diet which causes this problem. Good food habits and healthy living is an important factor which can prohibit hair fall.

It is better to look after your hair before they are permanently moved away and leave a bald on the scalp. Hair loss treatments and other causes help in regeneration of hairs within quick period of times. In women hair loss is generally related to diet or any kind of surgery happened in the past. Researchers are still on their way to find the best medicine which can prevent hair loss. New innovations in trichology have given wonderful and alternative medications to overcome the problem of hair loss.

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Are Lace Wigs a Hair Replacement Option

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There are many hair replacement options to choose from in order to conceal the appearance of hair loss. When choosing one, always ensure your safety and comfort and its personal impact on you and your overall esteem. Hair replacement systems like wigs are just one of the widely known alternatives due to its affordability and wide array of choices.

Lace wigs are just one of the kinds of hairpieces that are most favored as a hair replacement option. It is made of mesh lace that creates a realistic looking hairline. The texture perfectly resembles a real smooth shiny hair. Its flawless hairline makes it difficult to detect and appears as though it is the wearer’s own hair. In addition, it will provide you with confidence and ease.

Some individuals have considered hair transplant as an option, which can be an uncomfortable procedure. This is a surgical procedure that may have side-effects and after effects ranging from swelling, minor pains, bruising and lifestyle adjustments.

Hair transplant surgery can be quite costly, but if you’re seeking a more affordable option that is as undetectable, then look no further than in the family tree of wigs. The new innovative wigs are probably the best option available to date. Other alternatives are may be too expensive and some treatments may contain harmful chemicals that result in negative side effects. When these chemicals are absorbed in the scalp and skin it can alter your biological system and result in further health conditions.

Aside from being a safe and less expensive hair replacement idea, lace wigs are customizable. There are pre-ordered wigs that are especially designed for your own fit. You can choose your own hairstyle, color and design that is appropriate to your personality and lifestyle. Generally, the kind of wig to choose is the one that closely resembles a natural appearance to avoid curiosity from others. This is if you wanted to retain the original aura you have. However, if you like to alter your hairstyle frequently, then it would be preferable to obtain an in stock, readymade unit that is generally more affordable and easily accessible.

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Can You Cure Hair Loss Without Drugs?


Hair loss is a common problem which affects millions of people worldwide. For centuries, people have been looking for the most effective cure for baldness; there are hundreds of remedies for preventing and reversing hair loss, from traditional herbal preparations to pharmaceutical treatments to hair replacement surgery.

There are many options for treating hair loss with prescription or over the counter medications. While these treatments are often effective, many people prefer a more natural solution that does not contain harsh chemicals that can cause skin irritation. Unless you have an advanced case of hair loss, natural remedies can be a healthy alternative to prevent hair loss and stimulate the growth of new hair.

How to Grow New Hair

The first thing that you should take into account is that hair grows faster if you are healthy. Thus, good nutrition is an important element in your hair treatment regimen. Plan healthy meals and include foods that are rich in vitamins, proteins and other important nutrients in your diet. Exercise regularly, maintain a healthy body weight, and find a relaxation technique that can help you to cope with daily stress.

Proper hair care is also important for stimulating hair growth. Wash your hair with mild shampoos and conditioners that contain natural ingredients.

Trimming your hair once in every month is important for encouraging the growth of healthy new hair. Periodic hair treatments such as hot oil messages can stimulate the follicles and encourage hair growth.

Even common household items can be beneficial for encouraging follicle activity. Onions are rich in sulphur, which has been shown to promote hair growth. Cut an onion open and rub the pulp into your scalp before shampooing to stimulate the follicles to enter their growth phase.

Aromatherapy essential oils can be extremely beneficial in stimulating new hair growth. An experienced aromatherapy practitioner can help you to select the botanical oils and teach you how to combine them properly to cleanse the scalp and promote faster hair growth.

In severe cases of hair loss, you may need to seek the advice of a medical professional in order to determine the most effective way to restore your hair.

For reviews on products that may slow or reverse your hair loss, visit provillus reviews

Hair Replacement


Hair Replacement treatment through a leading London clinic

A new and rather revolutionary treatment is being used by a leading London hair clinic and it’s helping to restore the confidence and self-esteem of countless patients that are experiencing thinning or total loss of the hair. The procedure involves Non Surgical Hair Replacement and the results of the treatment are truly amazing to behold. As part of the Hair Replacement treatment, a thin transparent membrane is attached the patient’s scalp and this membrane is made from a bespoke mould. This provides a skin-tight attachment; additional human hair is bonded to the existing hair and this is styled afterwards. Once fitted and styled the Hair Replacement looks totally natural as the before and after results clearly indicate.

My hair is only thinning on top. Can I have the Hair Replacement treatment?

Yes you can. If you are looking for a discreet and highly effectively way to conceal your thinning hair the Hair Replacement treatment could be just what you need. It targets the area where hair loss has occurred and your existing hair is worked into the style. Visit the London hair clinic for Hair Replacement treatment and you’ll leave with a trendy new hairstyle. Lacking in confidence at the moment? It’s quite common to feel self-conscious when you experience hair loss and the Non Surgical Hair Replacement could help to restore you inner confidence. Don’t let a lack of hair hold you back. Speak to the hair loss experts about the Hair Replacement treatment and get your life back on track.

Thinning hair effecting how you perform at work? Let Hair Replacement restore your self-belief

Is your hair loss causing problems at work? You wouldn’t be the first person to experience this problem. You no longer have to let your lack of hair effect your job prospects. Consider Hair Replacement; you’ll look years younger and it’ll give your confidence a fabulous boost. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a full head of hair again, that could be styled just how you like. After the Hair Treatment you can wax or gel your hair, blow it or straighten it however you want. Ring the London hair clinic and ask for more details about Non Surgical Hair Replacement. Better still, book an appointment at the clinic and they can show you just how great the Hair Replacement treatment is. is the UKs leading expert in hair loss and hair therapy; visit our site today for more information on Hair Replacement and Non Surgical Hair Replacement


Baldness in women: the root of the problem – and solution


Baldness in women: the root of the problem – and solution
Baldness in men is most often from a genetic predisposition that doctors refer to as male pattern baldness. Yet women are not immune from genetic hair loss. They also suffer pattern hair loss that can begin as early as puberty, though in most cases it …
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New Treatment for Millions of People Suffering From Hair Loss
New Treatment for Millions of People Suffering From Hair Loss. More. PRP, platelet-rich plasma, promises to regrow hair without the use of surgery or drugs, though it’s not approved by the FDA. 4:31 | 10/08/15 …
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COLUMN: It’s not just Flint where children are in peril
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Female Hair Loss – The Causes and Solutions

Natural hair care remedies: Fight hair loss

As we all know, female hair loss is an issue, and thankfully one that has become a lot more acceptable. Sure, when we think of baldness, we automatically assume that it is a male issue, but we are moving forward in accepting it as a condition in women.

Woman all over the world are suffering from hair loss, so if you are affected by the condition you are certainly not alone. If you have the knowledge of the correct natural and effective ingredients you need to use, you can help restore your thinning locks, and throw that toupee in the bin.
This article will give you the reasons behind your hair loss, and the treatments available for you to use.

The Causes

There are many causes for the condition in women, from genetic and hormonal issues, to lifestyle issues, for example, stress, illness and the dreaded menopause. If you find yourself suffering from the condition after pregnancy, you needn’t worry, it is a perfectly normal occurrence, and your locks should return in a few months.

Diet can also be something to examine, because a lack of the correct vitamins, minerals and herb extracts play an important role in the loss of hair in females. Our food today has a fraction of the nutritional value is had fifty years ago, so even if you make an effort to eat more healthily, you will still lack in the important nutrients that you need to function properly.

The Solutions

An important thing that will be useful to you is making sure your consume enough of the vitamin group B. This is because B6 and Biotin are imperative for maintaining healthy, lustrous hair and encouraging re-growth. They also boost your circulation, an added bonus.

If you combine your increased consumption of the important vitamin group B, with magnesium and zinc, you have got yourself a winning recipe for a successful battle against female hair loss. Not bad, for a few extra supplements in your diet.

The best thing about this particular cocktail of all natural nutrients, is that it not only gives you a proven way to keep, and re-grow your luscious locks, but it also contributes and improves your overall health. It provides essential assistance for you immune system, your skin, and your nails. Add minoxidil, and you’re all set.

Each of the causes and solutions described in this article, are true, and have been proven to help combat female hair loss. There are natural ways to fight the condition if you know what ingredients should be present in your product to do so. If you ensure that each of these are in your product, you can’t go wrong. Happy hair-styling!

In searching for more information on the causes of sudden hair loss I found a great website called I found this invaluable in finding a solution to my problem and if you or someone close to you suffers from this then you should check it out now.

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Will Hair Implants Grow?


I get asked all the time if hair implants will grow. That depends on what type of implantation technique is utilized. There are two broad categories that this type of hair loss restoration procedure falls under, either artificial implants or natural hair implants.

The artificial ones will not grow because they are made of an inorganic man-made material. They are basically long strings of hair like material which are inserted into the scalp in the bald or thinning hair area. This procedure is accomplished by the surgeon tying a knot on the end of the artificial hair and then using a small medical tool to make a hole or incision in the scalp and next insert the hair into that hole. The knot acts as an anchor which keeps the artificial hair shaft from being pulled back out of the skin. After a few days the skin on the scalp recovers and grows around the hair shaft helping to secure it.

Since these hairs are not natural they do not grow. This is one of the many down falls of this procedure. Once your hair is styled you are stuck with it. If you gut the hairs short then they will stay like that forever. The only way to get longer hair is to have new implants inserted.

Natural hair implants, on the other hand, do grow after they have been transplanted . When the surgeon removes the hair units from the scalp or other area of the body he or she removes the shaft, follicle, and sheath. This is then inserted into a small incision in the bald area of the scalp. This material will then be used as a source for all the structures needed to produce normal hair. As time goes by the vascular system of the scalp will connect with the follicle and begin to exchange nutrients, wastes, and gases. At this point the hair unit can begin to actually manufacture the hair shaft material and the hair begins to grow.

The first few months show very light hair growth but as time goes on the hair shafts grow to a state that matches the existing natural hair around the bald spot. At this point it becomes very difficult to tell the difference from a transplanted hair shaft and one that has always grown naturally at that site.

Unlike the artificial graft or implant which is very limited in styling options, a natural hair implant can be styled in whatever method the patient prefers. If he or she doesn’t like it they can wait a few weeks and it will grow out again.

If you are suffering the affects of male pattern baldness or female pattern baldness you owe it to yourself to look at hair implants. You can find out all the information you need at the Hair Implant Blog.

The Fight Against Female Hair Loss

Natural hair care remedies: Fight hair loss

Female hair loss can be an extremely distressing complaint. Though technically no more embarrassing or serious than male balding, theres such a weight of ideals of femininity and female beauty tied up with hair that most women find the prospect of hair loss incredibly upsetting. Historically, there has been very little that can be done to address the complaint, barring old style hair transplant operations that were both painful and only successful to a limited degree; or the wearing of wigs, which generally need to be very expensive before they look like real hair.

Modern understanding of female hair loss, though, is proving to be a great boon in the battle against it. There are great swathes of female balding complaints that are now known to be caused by reversible bodily processes excessive hormone production; the re-routing of vital energy for essential body maintenance in times of extreme stress; and the loss of vital nutrients that can be a side effect of some diets.

In all of the above cases, it is of course important to have the cause of the female hair loss incident properly diagnosed. Its only after proper diagnosis that effective treatment can be prescribed and, of course, without a good diagnosis a woman is laid open to the risks of booking and paying for surgery that turns out to be unnecessary. The majority of female balding complaints are treatable with a simple combination of diet, rest and time so to have one incorrectly diagnosed and go for an operation would be to embark on an expensive, uncomfortable and ultimately pointless side track.

Diet related female hair loss, which is most often associated with an adherence to some kind of fad or franchise diet that has not been prescribed by a doctor, is caused by the loss of essential vitamins and minerals as a result of restricted food intake. This kind of hair loss is treated very simply by reinstating the foods that have been denied. That said, feminine hair loss that presents as a result of dieting can be indicative of more serious damage done to the body by the diet (it is, essentially, a sign of malnutrition, which of course eventually can be fatal) this may slow down the re-growth of hair.

Female hair loss caused as a result of hormonal changes can be treated in a number of ways, depending on the cause of the hormone surge. Some natural hormonal changes, for example, simply have to be ridden out once they settle down, the hair will grow back. This can take up to six months which seems like a long time but really isnt.

Hair loss caused by physical stress is also usually reversible through natural causes though again patients may find that it takes their bodies six months to stabilise and start promoting new growth. Physical stress requires that the body divert its energy towards repairing and maintaining vital structures (like organs) so the body just stops growing hair until it is satisfied that its vital processes will be stable.

In all instances, then, it is vitally important that sufferers from female hair loss get an accurate diagnosis of the cause of their problem. Different causes are treated or observed in different ways and for women, this could mean simply waiting to get better.

Harley Street Hair Clinic is experts in Hair Loss Treatment and Hair Replacement Surgery. Female hair loss is less common than its male equivalent: women have androgens as well as men, but obviously men, being male, have more.