Male Pattern Baldness and Hair Loss Remedies and Solutions


These days, an increasing number of men are refusing to accept natural, male pattern baldness (or alopecia) and are opting for hair transplant surgery, medicines that can prevent and reverse male pattern baldness or herbal hair loss remedies, but why are so many men unable or unwilling to let nature take its course?
Until quite recently, the only options available to men who were losing their hair were to let it happen and accept their appearance, or to wear a toupee or other hairpiece in an attempt to disguise their balding pates. Naturally, despite the best efforts of wigmakers – many of whom use real hair to produce their pieces – most rugs can be spotted even by the untrained eye quite quickly, so it is usually the case that a man who wears a wig is only fooling himself.
Some men are affected by an acute paranoia or anxiety about their hair and the loss of it, to the extent that they become quite distressed and even depressed about their ‘problem’, and clearly for these men taking some kind of action about their hair-loss (even trying to disguise it with a wig or comb-over) is often easier and less stressful than attempting to come to terms with the fact that their biology has determined that they will lose their hair eventually.
Normal male pattern baldness is most frequently caused by one or both of two factors: an excess of the male hormone DHT; a scalp that is particularly susceptible to the effects of DHT. DHT has many important roles in the male body, but it does unfortunately have a tendency to bind to the hair follicles of the scalp. Over time, this weakens affected hair follicles by starving them of the oxygen and nutrients they need to support their hair fibers. This leads to a thinning and weakening of the affected hairs, and eventually the death of the affected follicles. Once a hair follicle has died it can only be replaced by surgery.
Hair transplant surgery is a painful and expensive form of cosmetic surgery that works by taking healthy follicles from one part of the body (often the neck) and transplanting them to the scalp. It has a high rate of success but does nothing to address the underlying problem that caused alopecia in the first place. The new follicles will still be susceptible (over time) to the effects of DHT.
Medicines to treat male pattern baldness work by either limiting the effects of DHT, reducing the amount that is produced, or both. There are many over-the-counter and several prescription-only products available, but they do often have significant side effects, notably headaches and nausea.
Many men these days are opting for herbal hair loss remedies. A typical hair loss remedy will contain a high-strength extract of Seronoa repens (aka Saw Palmetto), which has demonstrated strong DHT inhibiting properties. The advantages of choosing an herbal hair loss remedy over a hair loss medicine are that they tend to produce far fewer side effects and are often cheaper than medicines. The disadvantages tend to be that they have a slightly reduced chance of success and generally take several weeks longer to produce truly satisfying results.

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Options For Head Of Hair Replacement Methods


The various forms of locks replacement methods are a couple of probably the most well-known anti-aging options available in the market. Brand new enhancements within technology have made not only hair improvements appear a lot more natural, but also have opened up doorways to specialized treatments and surgeries to assist in hair regrowth.


Numerous hair repair systems nowadays consist of different varieties of options that work collectively to offer the quickest and a lot gratifying final results. Customization is also getting frequent exercise today, since everyone responds to various treatment options in a different way.

Customized Head of hair Improvements

Just about the most well-liked by locks substitute systems currently available tend to be head of hair enhancements. The reason why they are very popular happens because they provide an instant means to fix camouflaging hair loss. If you feel they’re individuals pieces in which fly off each and every time there is a strong gust associated with wind flow, think again. Newer designs as well as components are usually moving away from the particular unpleasant hairpieces from the 80’s. Nowadays there are parts that can be guaranteed through semi-permanent binding agents offering security as well as comfort. They permit the user in order to perform sports activities, frolic in the water as well as plunge easily.

Furthermore, hair enhancements now include modification for individual tastes. Methods help maintain the natural look of one’s toupee or even hair extension. You can customize the color of the hair add-on in order to precisely complement the particular natural color of hair. You can even select a texture which best fits the feel of your locks, whether it’s directly, wavy or even curly.

Mixed Hair loss Remedies

Whilst head of hair enhancements are perfect for acquiring “instant” coverage, several nonetheless want to grow back their own genuine locks. Topical cream, oral and also procedures are often utilized like a program for best outcomes. For example, minoxidil /(a topical ointment remedy) and/or supplement supplements can be used to activate hair growth, while any Dihydrotestosterone blocker (a hair loss medicine) enables you to stop hair loss coming from progressing.

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Hair replacement


Hair loss isn’t something that of us want to think about however for many of us it is a reality that it will happen. None of us want to think about getting old but unfortunately it isn’t something that any of us can avoid. The problem with things such as hair loss is that they can have a massive effect on the rest of our lives. For many of us we take pride in the way that we look and this is where we get our confidence from. When we start to lose our hair and notice that our hair is thinning this can have a massive dent in our self confidence. This means that you end up shying away from things and not going for things such as job promotions because you don’t have the self confidence to do so!

Rather than let this happen and let hair loss take over your life you need to look at solutions and ways that you can fix this. Although there isn’t any guaranteed ways to stop hair loss there are options when it comes to looking at hair replacement.

Hair replacement might sound like an extreme measure to many it is actually an easy way to get back a head of hair and gain back your self confidence. What you will find when you start to look at hair replacement methods is that there are different methods for you to try and ways that you can go about getting the hair that you once had.

You don’t have to put up with being unhappy with the way you look and feeling self conscious because you are showing signs of aging. There are ways that you can get help with the way that you look and improving the parts of your body that you are unhappy with and hair is no exception. If you feel like you want to do something about your hair loss then why not look at the options and solutions surrounding hair replacement and how it can help you get back the hair you once had.

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What Women Can Do About Hair Loss

Natural hair care remedies: Fight hair loss

What Women Can Do About Hair Loss
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Hair Loss Solutions


Both men and women can suffer from balding as they age. For individuals that suffer from Hair Loss, it is a worry and it can strip the individual of their self-confidence, and stress only adds to the problem. For years there have been hair loss treatments available; however, most of these treatments have not had any real success. Today, even permanent baldness can be treated with procedures such as hair transplant technology. But, is this actually a solution with the dangerous risks and high costs of the surgical procedure that are involved? No, it is not, and solutions must be found.
Hair Loss Treatments and Hair Loss Cure

Surgery is dangerous and there is pain and recovery involved, and what the individual needs to find is a hair loss professional that will take the time to evaluate the extensity of the Hair Loss and the possible causes for hair loss. Most often, the individual is suffering from stress and inappropriate hair products. When individuals begin to suffer from a receding hairline, the stress is impacted and the problem becomes greater.

Hair care products also play an important role and the not all products are suited for every type of hair. Therefore, it is essential that the individual chose hair care products that are appropriate for their hair. It is essential that individuals choose products that are right for their hair, and to stick to them.
Individuals that have a greater need to help them in the fight against baldness or thinning hair can also engage in specific treatments, such as, homeopathic medication, a visit to a hair loss treatment clinic, or a specialized hair lotion

It is a humiliating time when individuals, men or women, find themselves suffering from thinning hair, receding hairlines, or baldness, and a time that one must find a solution, so that their personal and business lives are not affected. Wigs, toupees and hair extensions are chosen by many. But, for men, this solution is often humiliating in itself, as the “mop” as it is often referred to, is often quite noticeable, and a “joke” point for many around him, and the humiliation increases.
There are hair replacement systems that are not wigs or toupees, and that appear natural, with a hairline that looks as though the hair is actually growing form the scalp itself. For both men and women, a natural feeling, natural looking hair replacement system provides them the confidence that they need in their personal and business life.

The best time to seek a hair loss professional is when the thinning first begins. Your hair loss professional should be reputable and a history of effective hair loss solutions that are tried and true. Your hair loss professional may be someone that is with you for a number of years, as permanent baldness may possibly be the outcome. However, hair loss replacement systems are the solution to disguise the hair loss problem, and a solution that does not involve the risk of surgery or thousand s of dollars.

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The Truth About Female Hair Loss


Before we get started it is important to point out that determining the cause or causes of female hair loss is the most important factor in finding the answers needed to reverse the condition.

The average female scalp is covered with 100,000 hairs each of which emerges from a tiny sac like pouch called a follicle. Each day a silent battle is occurring between hair loss and hair replacement. Your scalp naturally sheds approximately 100 hairs a day most of which are replaced but if any one of a number of factor interrupts the replacement cycle, or if shedding accelerates to a point where the replacement cycle can’t keep up, then hair loss occurs. It’s just that simple.

The question is whether your hair thinning or balding is immune system driven, self induced, genetically induced, hormone driven or a combination of the three. Let’s look at a 7 possible causes and see whether any of them could apply to you.

*Alopecia areata: This condition affects about 2 percent of the population and is a non-hormone related immune disorder affecting primarily the scalp. It is characterized by circular bald patches. Early recognition and treatment (cortisone shots) is important to avoid permanent hair loss.

*Health conditions and concerns: The number of health condition that can cause or contribute to female balding and thinning is lengthy. Examples would be diabetes, diseases producing high fever, underactive pituitary gland, underactive thyroid, anemia and lupus.

*Heredity: Yes your genetic makeup can influence or cause hair loss and comes from both sides of the family. This factor is particularly important in reference to androgenetic alopecia.

*Stress: Most women have a great deal of stress in their lives dealing with children, husbands, and careers but stress that causes hair to fall out is extreme and normally hangs around longer than normal. Both physical and psychological stress can trigger hair thinning. Examples would include death, divorce, pregnancies, or a major life event.

*Menopause: Menopause induced balding can be permanent or temporary. If you feel this is at the root cause of your female hair loss you should talk with your doctor about possible solutions.

*Over beautification: Every woman wants to look her best and this often includes bleaching, hot curling irons, hot rollers, and hair styles that require the hair to pulled tight. All of these factors can contribute to thinning and balding and should be reduced or eliminated depending on your circumstances.

*Nutritional imbalances: Dieting often comes with its benefits but also can contribute to temporary hair loss. So if you decide to diet make sure you get enough protein and B vitamins.

What Next? Don’t let female hair loss spiral out of control! Once the condition has been recognized, either contact your doctor or do an internet search to find a hair regrowth product that is designed to block harmful hormones such as DHT, stimulate the scalp, and bring those tired scalp follicles back to life.

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Hair Transplant Restoration


Hair loss is one of the most common yet least discussed conditions in the society today. Hair loss, or Alopecia in medical terms refers to a condition wherein the hair follicles in the scalp lose its function in producing hair. With the increased rate of falling hair plus decreased ability of the hair follicles to re-grow hair, the result is inevitably baldness. Several factors have been pointed out by scientists to be the cause of alopecia; the more prominent of them would be lifestyle and genetics. Nevertheless, the results could be disastrous not only to an individual’s self-esteem but also to his or her confidence and social relationship.

Luckily, there are a lot of ways to keep the signs of balding from showing up, such as wearing wigs and toupees. The only problem with wearing this stuff is the fact that it can also cause more humiliation than what you are trying to prevent. Imagine your wig falling off in the middle of a public speech. Also, wigs and toupees are merely cover-ups for the symptoms of being bald. Hence, you are not really doing anything to halt or prevent the process of alopecia. If you want a more effective way to keep those falling hairs at bay, you may want to consider hair transplant restoration treatment. This mode of treatment is now becoming more and more popular to individuals with hair loss. This treatment is basically done by a specialist physician, wherein he/she places an artificial hair strand to each of your dormant hair follicles in your scalp. The positive effects do not show up immediately, though. You need to wait for a few months to see your hair growing back to its natural volume. What happens is that each strand of artificial hair placed on your follicles mimics your natural hair and incites your hair follicles to re-grow hair. It usually takes a few months, but the rate of re-growing mainly differs from person to person. After 3 to 4 months, you will see how much hair you have re-grown in your scalp. There are already thousands of satisfied customers who have used this treatment. Not only will it bring back your self-confidence, but it will also make you look younger.

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The Best Hair Replacement Options


When you first noticed your hair loss, you were probably very distraught. And rightly so. For men, a full head of hair indicates virility and strength, and for women hair is especially important for making her look her best. But no matter if you’re a man or a woman, losing your hair sucks. Luckily there are a few hair replacement options that can help you get your hair, and your confidence back.


Rogainee is probably the most well known option for hair re-growth. But Rogaine doesn’t really re-grow your hair. In fact, there have been no proven studies that show that Rogaine does much of anything. Some people have reported that they have experienced hair re-growth, or at the very least that their hair loss stopped completely, but those claims have yet to be proven also. But there is a chance that you will be one of those it does work for, so it’s worth taking a shot.

Hair Replacement Surgery

This is a great option if you have the money for it. Understand that hair replacement options involving surgery aren’t going to be covered under your medical insurance policy. However, there are usually payment options available to you to make it easier for more people to afford this option. Just realize that hair implants typically cost $ 3 to $ 8 per strand of hair and the average person requires up to 3000 strands. That’s a lot of money. But it looks natural and will truly look as though you grew your hair back how it used to be.

Hair Pieces

Hair pieces, toupees or wigs may not replace your hair, but they can help you get your confidence back regardless. You will just have to get used to the fact that you’re wearing a hair piece in the first place. And don’t assume that all hair pieces are bad, either. Professionally designed hair pieces are very believable as long as you apply them correctly. In fact, hair pieces have been known to stay in place even in strong winds and underwater for a number of days. Also, this option is probably the cheapest one you’ll find.

These are just a few of the hair replacement options available to you. There are plenty more out there. The important thing to remember is that all hope isn’t lost. There is hope for your hair loss, you just have to find the right one for you. Even the best option for one person might not be the best option for another. So try out different hair replacement options and you’ll eventually find one that makes you feel like you again.

To obtain more cosmetic surgery advice, visit where you’ll find this and much more, including more advice on hair replacement options.

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Female Hair Loss Solutions – Hair Loss After Child Birth

Natural hair care remedies: Fight hair loss

Everyone is excited about the arrival of the new born and both of you are preparing for him or her. However you also noticed that after delivery, you started to notice that your hair is thinning and starting to fall off. If that is the case, you may be suffering from Telogen Effluvium.

What is Telogen Effluvium?

Telogen Effluvium refers to the increase loss of hair due to sudden change in life events e.g. severe stress or childbirth. It is usually temporary and will recover after that. However sometimes hair shedding continues until the root cause is fixed.

For a woman, it is common to experience lose some locks and curls approximately 3 months after childbirth. Why is this so? The oestrogens levels during pregnancy are higher than normal and hence you may find your locks and curls fuller ad healthier. After childbirth, the oestrogens level go back to the pre-pregnancy level and the excess shafts shed off by themselves. This is a normal process and you should not be too alarmed. Generally, this recovers after approximately 9 – 12 months after delivery. However if this still continues, there might be a real genuine problem of falling follicles.

This condition is something that can be treated. Certain doctors might prescribe some drugs such as Propecia. You may want to consult your doctor on possible side effects before taking the prescription. Other possible solutions include going to salons or doctors for transplants or to take on natural remedies.

Natural remedies usually include natural botanicals such as Nettle or Saw Palmetto which are good for curbing the condition and promoting growth. There are no general side effects since the remedies are using natural ingredients. However it is important to read the labels and ensure that the product suits your needs. A woman’s body constituent is different as from man and thus it is important to find one that is suited for woman.

Now that you know more about childbirth related hair loss. I would like to share with you one great hair loss treatment product that I chance upon which uses natural ingredients and yet is suitable for woman. To know more about this product, visit my blog at

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