Brand new hair loss cure in 2018 and when it will reach the market and the shelves of our pharmacies? It should come in form of a shampoo. So fat it was tested on 40 different hair grafts provided by 40 random hair transplant patients. How fast can you expect new hair growth? Watch this video, like, comment and subscribe!

▶️Cyclosporine A

▶️What are Wnt pathways?

Moreover, while CsA has major potential side effects, the same is not true for WAY-316606. CsA is an immunosupresant, WAY-316606 is a non-immunosppressive, chemically unrelated agent.

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20 thoughts on “BRAND NEW HAIR LOSS CURE in 2019”

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  2. Travis alexander

    I feel like if we got a cure, most guys making an effort to better their lives because of hair loss would just end it right there on the spot, going back to making shitty life choices. Hair loss really does suck ass, but for guys like me, it's basically the catalyst to me living a better life, and as pathetic as it may or may not sound, it's the undeniable truth.

  3. Blocking pathways, blocking DHT etc basically means they’ve got you by the balls because you have to keep buying the stuff else your beautiful new hair will fall out. Yet another product that only yields barely noticeable results and keeps you dipping into your bank account.
    The bald buggers need cloned hair – something that actually works and is a one shot fix.

  4. Gonna need a new follicle some how only way to cure baldness. They are currently working on a way to clone follicles though but I'm guessing it won't be cheap probably more expensive than a hair transplant

  5. This is the worst hair product that can be approved. Its used for organ transplants and is extremely tside effecs from causing cancer tumour and causing damage to organs and immune systems etc….

  6. Thanks Matt.
    Hey did/do you, like me, experience tingling sensations in your hair when experiencing fleeting emotions like stress or fear thoughts?
    Isn't it interesting that our hair loss is right above our mind machines and it is said that or mind mines our bodies for it's energy?
    I have learned how to write out and quiet my obsessive thinking adult mind machine and feel more youthful now and it seems my hair loss has stabilized.
    Check out how to write if you are interested http://WWW.DESTENI.ORG
    Take care

  7. SmithsCrhronicles

    i am getting that same result from onion juice. and i am completely bold, i am documenting the entire trial and if successfull i will post videos and pictures. There is new growth on my previously fully bold head and i am eating a lot of lightly roasted pumpkin seeds. some essential minerals and vitamins in there, spirulina powder, fish oil, iron and so forth. i just cant exercise due to a spinal injury sadly

  8. This is very expensive drug otherwise i was going to use in my splif/ cigerate Shuuuuffffffffffff
    Could be much better result.

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