cure baldness alopecia with natural methods by Baba Ramdev Yoga

natural methods to cure baldness alopecia With Baba Ramdev Yoga

Baba Ramdev Yoga videos in Hindi will provide information on how to cure baldness alopecia with natural methods..

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cure baldness alopecia with Baba Ramdev Natural Methods
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How to treat Baldness or Regrow Hair on Bald Spot – Home Remedy| treatment for alopecia
This is a easy home remedy to get your hair back and reduce hair fall. This video is about how to treat bald patches , reduce hair fall and hair thinning.

Home Remedies for Baldness or ALOPECIA
Onion Juice and Aloe Vera are the best home remedies for baldness and reduce hair loss. This home remedies easily available at home so don’t worry friends apply these home treatment.

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40 thoughts on “cure baldness alopecia with natural methods by Baba Ramdev Yoga”

  1. mere bete ke sir per se baal jadh gaye hai. desi treatment bhi karaye per us jagah per se jo thode baal the o bhi jadh gaye. mere bete ki age 4 years hai. kya kodi or nibu ras wale treatment se phir se baal a sakte hai. baba ji hamari help kijiye. ham bahut pareshan hai ilaj kar- kar ke .

  2. For alopesia if the tataiya ka chatta is not available then can I apply kaudi ka ras and lemon juice regularly. on eyebrows also?..

  3. there is noo use .. just waste of time i tried this for more then 1 years i didn't get any result from it..!! use less

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  6. I use Argan oil hair treatment product from Argan Rain it is the best argan brand. It does help hair growth as well. By the way, it stops my hair loss problem.

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  9. PrettyChanchalTV

    दोस्तों ३ मिनट में पीले दांत साफ़ करने का अचूक उपाय देखिये वो भी हिंदी में और चैनल को सब्सक्राइब करिये बहुत सारी हेल्थ टिप्स के लिए

  10. Argan Life is a product worth the small amount of money you pay for it. I purchased 3 containers and had my friends to also order. Like anything else you have to use it regularly, not once or twice a month and expect to see an improvement. Practice makes perfect. Get in the habit of using it regularly, sit back and watch your hair grow and become healthy.

  11. My forehead is just really big, and I get made fun of for it, imma try this. Hopefully it will work like I want it too.

  12. I will say this, once I master how to apply this product this will be a go to of mine wow it looks natural and great for concealing the thin areas and hair lines. Takes some time to apply and you will for sure need a comb and some skill to keep the fibers out of unwanted areas and into the treated areas. Overall ARGAN Rain is a great product and I will be ordering more.

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