My hair regrowth experiment (funny video)

Hair regrowth experiment. In this video you can see how desperately I wanted my hair back. I don’t know whether it works or not but I even tried this. Take this video as a funny video don’t take it seriously. Thanks. Do subscribe for more interesting videos.
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I thought I would give Jen a little riddle…


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  1. Guys it's a funny video don't take it seriously. It's nothing to do with hair growth but I am just sharing it to tell u all that how far I went to get my hairs back.. Hehe..

  2. waise….saliva has anti-bacterial properties…to kya pata …sahi me kaam kar jaye! >:__D

  3. M waiting for ur Video please Sor help me In thus time i hv good Volume of hair bu its falling since 1 year please
    and m confuse please telk me balayam is done by rubbing tip to root or root to root

  4. bhai.. ek diet plan ki video banao.. hair fall ho rha hai toh diet kya kya le…..

  5. Tannu Dada Head Shave krne se new hair jo aynge wo pahle se thick aynhe or hair fall b bund ho jayga or jb tk nay hair aynge tbtk mere balayam ka Asar b ho jay shayad

  6. Tannu Dada I have Seened every video of you and m doing Balayam Since 2 months but totally confused and ye btaye k hm Takla kara le mere baal bhut jada hi gir re h I can't explain u how much

  7. Sir please Can u tell me that right procedure of Balayam Process matlb Root se Tip ladaynge ya Root se Root

  8. The problem here is clearly that he is pronouncing the last sentence as a questions. If he would continue with the same pronunciation as before, it would be obvious

  9. Why can't you just tell her that what you are about to say has a period, not a question mark?

  10. this dude is fucking retarded he said cindy was the mom… jokes on you

  11. This pun is retarded and so is the guy because he lied, it wasn't a riddle. He confused her for nothing.

  12. 1:05 She's listening you're not asking the question right buddy, it's not Cindy has 5 kids, it's Cindy's mom has 5 kids…

    EDIT: I realized you are telling a completely different joke that is unfunny as fuck. xd

  13. Oooo, I would have never guessed that " What" is the name of the kid if I didn't look at the comments and saw the end😂😂😂. I dead ass wouldn't know if someone asked me this.😂😂😂 Plus I think he said the riddle wrong.

  14. lool it took me a while to get it too but then I realised what the other interpretation of the sentence could be

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