5 Things You are doing Now that Cause Hair Loss \ خمسة أخطاء تؤدّي إلى تساقط الشعر

تعرّفي إلى الأسباب الخمس التي تؤدّي إلى تساقط شعرك وإضعاف بصيلات فروة الرأس لكي تتمكّني من تجنابها ومعالجة هذه المشكلة الجماليّة الشائعة
We share beauty secrets, tips and inspirations daily! \ لا تنسي زيارة هذه المواقع حيث أشاركك حيل وأسرار تجميليّة

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20 thoughts on “5 Things You are doing Now that Cause Hair Loss \ خمسة أخطاء تؤدّي إلى تساقط الشعر”

  1. argan life products totally works! I noticed the results after the first 2 months.My hair fall is stopped. If you are suffering from hair loss, you must try this product.

  2. I get all my clients to take the vitamin called Biotin 10,000 mcg daily and use a shampoo called Pura d'or(in the gold bottle only) and you don't need their conditioner, just the shampoo in gold bottle in that brand. You WILL see results in 2 weeks and full results in 3 months if you take the vitamin everyday and shampoo every other day. I've been a licensed stylist for 16 years by the way specializing in thin and thinning hair.

  3. You shouldn't apologize for the bathrobe at all gurl, man it matches your make up and hair style just saying hey im hot at shit but damn it ill be warm and comfy you are slaying it i wish i looked half as good as you are rocking this when i'm in my bathrobe or my pjs but instead i look like a mamaw in a mumu dress with curlers in my hair face slaped on with what ever mask i'm trying this week all over my face lmao, chica momacita your totally rockin the robe no need for the apology!!!! Dont ever apologize for rockin out the comfy look it is a hard one to pull off and gguuurrrllll you def. do!!!!!! P..S. just started watching your videos with in the first 10 seconds of the previous video i hit the sub button and then checked out home page and am going to sub to each of your channels. I am so addicted to benge watching all your posted youtube videos. :-)

  4. Margaret Daniels

    Love your tutorials! I would like to know how to tint/dye eyebrows as it costs a small fortune having them done at a beautician. Thank you!

  5. I am 47 years old and I am suffering from hair loss and receding hairline for 10 years . Shampoos containing chemical was not good cure for my problem, until now. I saw the Argan rain hair care product’s customer review on Youtube and I ordered it 3 months ago.My hair is noticeably healthier and thicker thanks to Argan rain professional hair care product.

  6. Jacob Augustine

    Hello people!! Maxelder a r gan shampoo and oil (w.. ..nyarganoil.. c ) helps a lot with my hair loss
    …. No fly aways and v ery good,do not dry my hair at all. .. Love it!

  7. Hiii anybody! I have t h i n short damaged hair but after using dermo b i o t in shampoo for a couple of days i could already see a difference! Now at 2wks , my hair is full and voluminous. ….It makes my hair soft and feels so nice. Finally a shampoo that does everything and doesnt make my scalp feel oily / greasy

  8. I have a ghd straigner is amazing i stoped comletely blowdry my hair two coz is damage my hair mor than the flat straigner😍😘😘😘

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