Going bald? Losing / thinning hair??

Going bald? Losing / thinning hair??

This video is about women losing our hair, hair thinning, female baldness. It’s scary! Our hair is so important! I’m going to be researching hair loss prevention, hair rejuvenation, laser hair treatment, lasers for thinning hair, Rogaine and other hair loss treatments for women (and maybe men, too)

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8 thoughts on “Going bald? Losing / thinning hair??”

  1. As specialist, I think Rozefatrun Method is good way to treat your balding hair and regrow it naturally. Why don't you give it a shot? maybe it is going to work for you too.

  2. What is the best way to eliminated my hair loss embarrassment for good with healthy approaches? I read plenty of superb reviews on the internet about how exactly Rozefatrun Method will help you cure your hair loss and regrow it naturally. Has anyone tried using this hair loss home treatment?

  3. Yes, this is exactly my fear. my hair started to get thinner and be lost like 3 monthes ago. i'm going to ask doctor for help. this video gave me peace of mind. Thank you! xx

  4. Christal McCormack

    I'm 24 and hair is sooo much thinner than it used to be. Maybe half the density it once was. So devastating. My only shred of hope right now is that it isn't androgenetic alopecia, and that it may be due to low ferritin (stored iron), and the fact that I was anemic for several years without knowing it. I've done a lot of research on this topic, and the overall conclusion seems to be that ferritin levels should be at a level of at least 70 for several months for hair to regrow. I am so hoping this is the case. Thank you for this video!

  5. I think you should just go Sinéad O'Connor style………….j/k………hahaha…mine is thinning in some spots, and I've shaved it a few times….it's a different look. I went to one of those hair clubs, to see what they would do, they said to use a concoction of vodka, and alka seltzer, twice a day, and massage it into my scalp………..it was to unblock the hair follicles so the hair would grow back……didn't.

  6. Tha same thing here and all you could see was scalp, but last year I started using Dr. Donner's organic multipurpose soap. It comes in a huge bottle & the average price is about $20 depending where you get it. It's very concentrated & can be diluted. It can be used for a shampoo, shower gel. Face cleanser, etc… It comes in different kinds as well. Because of how concentrated it is, you may want it diluted. I got the peppermint because peppermint is good for the scalp. I was losing my hair in droves & when people looked at me, they looked at my head because all they could see was scalp. I started using the soap as shampoo every day. I left it in for a couple minutes after massaging it in really good. It feels nice and cool and tingly. Then rinsed. I'd use a conditioner but only on my hair & not my scalp. The hair started to finally fill in and my scalp is less visible. My hair dresser even said she noticed a difference. It takes a little while to see results but for me it worked. 🙂

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