Hair Thinning at the Crown of Head | Why Do I Have Hair Loss?

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Rochelle says that I give great hairstyling ideas but she needs help with her thinning crown even though she has gained 2 ½ inches of growth recently

Hair Tip #1 Thinning Crowns Indicate Poor Health

If the crown of your hair is thinning, this is an extreme side effect to indicate a decline in health, especially at a young age! If premature thinning runs in your family you can predict how and when you could be affected by this but if there is no explanation to your thinning, you must see a doctor immediately to assist you in getting back healthy.

Hair Tip #2 Do You Wear Tight Installs

Tight installs and heavy extensions ACTUALLY ENCOURAGE THINNING! It is so important to make sure that your style feels comfortably install and also that your extensions or weaves aren’t heavy which causes strain on your neck and tension on your scalp. The quality of your extensions have a lot to do with how well a style holds up while the application of your weaves and extensions influence the health of your hair and scalp as well as length retention. If thinning is caused because of your install, try using Jamaican Black Castor Oil to recover your hair back to health. For application, lubricate the pads of your fingers tips and message the affected area to repair your hair and stimulate blood flow and hair growth. Perform this application daily until you are satisfied with your results.

Jamaican Black Castor Oil

Hair Tip #3 Does Areata Alopecia Run In Your Family

Areata Alopecia can run in the family so if you have a family member that has suffered from this form of hair loss, its suggested to seek the professional help from a dermatologist or trichologist to make sure if you are experiencing this issue or if there are other factors that is causing hair loss and thinning.

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8 thoughts on “Hair Thinning at the Crown of Head | Why Do I Have Hair Loss?”

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  2. Carlette Gray

    You're so phenomenal you should be at 1million by now..its sad that we dont support one another more…but anyway keep up the great work💪💪💪🙌

  3. SOS thin crown, I made a Shea butter olive oil butter as a moisturizer, is this a good or bad idea.. I noticed less shedding but im still worried any way and would value any additional advice on making butters to combat my thinning crown. Its growing longer but its still thin in that area and ive been wearing braids for five months straight and changing them once a month.

  4. hi Breanna my names jametra  .I have very dry damaged hair and it wont grow anymore on top of  my edges are bald in some areas but mostly just real thin from bad weaves in inproper taking out .I use multiple product to regrow my hair with no 31 can u suggest some products or vitamins .ill be honest I don't use same products on regular or take care my hair as I should but I want to start my journey to healthy hair and possibly regrowth of my edges.can u help me?

  5. Yes I have the same problem I'm 100% natural now, but I think my problem can from when I used perms 4 years ago. Is there anything that could help?

  6. Hi! I would like to know what are the best products to use if your older and have a thinning crown or balding?

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