How to Know If You’re Going Bald | Thinning Hair

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When people ask me how they can detect if they are balding or not, I assume that they’ve already looked at themselves in the mirror and theyve noticed that there’s less and less hair. I think what they’re really referring to is how much hair loss should they be concerned with. It is natural to shed hairs about a 100 and 150 a day. But what happens when people lose more hair, they notice it on their comb, they notice it in the drain after they take a shower and it starts to alarm them. Well, the answer is, again, if they lose more than 100, 150 hairs a day, they should be concerned and they should be evaluated by a hair loss expert to determine the cause. For people to notice that they have hair loss, they actually have to lose about 50 percent of the amount of hair in a given zone or a given area and that’s important to keep in mind because there is considerable loss that occures before people actually know they’ve had significant aesthetic or cosmetic hair loss. That also is helpful when we go to restore the hair because we know we’re not trying to get 100% coverage but we are looking to get as close as we can to the 50% mark.

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20 thoughts on “How to Know If You’re Going Bald | Thinning Hair”

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  6. I'm convinced im going bald. my crown has a noticeable bald spot. I told my mom to take me to a doctor or wherever they check hair and shes acts like I'm crazy even thought i have the same or worse seen on google images. sadly I'm only 17 and I cant deal with this myself so i hope i don't bald anymore within the next 10 months.

  7. havent moticed any hair shedding but my temples look a bit off… anyway, if i am going bald ill shave it all and start working out again so ill look like mr clean

  8. Help.. I don't see much hair on my pillow or my towel or my comb. But I think my hair is thinning like a small patch at my hairline. It's like a gap with less hair

  9. Im an idiot when i was young i ripped off half my fringe now with the half fringe i have left i spread it out equally to make a full fringe but its so annoying because yu can see through it and when its windy it messes up my hairstyle

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