My hair loss journey continues

A little about my hair loss journey.

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  1. amen to so many thoughtful and kind comments that express what so many of us are feeling– you are amazing! Favorite line: "I don't like to wear anything out of the box, I have to make it my own." And your gracious acknowledgment for the way over the top suggestions from thousands of women, was more than magnanimous. I love how you choose to accept their intent. I just say you Rock!

  2. my hair looks very similar to yours. Thank you for being so real! I've felt so alone with my hair loss. I've dealt with it now for almost 20 years.

  3. Amen! There is no cause, no "cure," and most importantly, no FAULT. It's not stress, or every mammal on the planet would be bald. It's an autoimmune skin disease. So we use hairpieces, scarves, makeup, or nothing. Because what we really use is courage, humor, and remembering (Tho it's hard at times) that we are not our hair.

  4. You seem so sad in this video. God bless you and know that all us hair challenged viewers love you!

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  6. "your hair isn't what makes you YOU" I love it! I'm your fan since I believe I am in the same journey…still not going to the wigs stage but maybe in the future. Thanks for sharing all these with us!

  7. You're a beautiful person! And you're absolutely right, your hair doesn't make you, you!!

  8. I feel like you're telling my story. I started to wear wigs about a year ago now and the support that I've found on you tube as made the world of difference. I love all your different looks, they're all amazing! Thank you for sharing your story and making such a profound difference for so many of us!

  9. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for your encouraging videos and your positive attitude really helps! You are amazing and beautiful!

  10. I suffer with extreme thinning hair too and they can't tell me why either. It's so horrible, I'm so embarrassed and self conscious and it gives me anxiety. I watched your video on the grey root spray and that has helped me mask the thinning. Thank you for all your videos, you are so beautiful ♡♡

  11. Hey girl. Check out dr morse. He has 1000s of videos here on youutube. xxx

  12. thank you for sharing your story. I have multiple sclerosis and have been wearing wigs for about 15 years now. my real hair is about 7" on my back and I'm always covering it up but after watching this video I think I'm going to cut it too. . love watching your videos thank you and God Bless

  13. thank you so very much for this channel. I am going through hair loss right now and your channel is helping me disguise right now. my question is wearing wigs, will I get warm? I get terribly warm, cannot even wear hats. Thanks again for all your help

  14. i had to shaved all my hair off. i was so depressed but i found a good salon abs they customized my wig.

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