Thinning hair : Tips on how to prevent thinning hair & hair loss

If all else fails, please see a dermatologist as this may be an underlying issue. Expand this for more info on thinning hair:,,20727114_5,00.html
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  1. Great Video….. Been watching you for a while (New Suby) your advice is on point. You mention "LongHairAaron" Yesssss Sir.. He was the 1st YT ber I 1st subbed to and followed for a long time. He's so inspiration, product knowledgable and so R U !! You Rock!!

  2. I agree, but you genetically have great hair 😀 have you ever tried rhassoul?

  3. I had to fast forward your video because all what you said one way or another were from magazines or tv, nothing new. This one was waste of my time listening.

  4. Do you supplement the Collagen?
    what food actually has collagen or stimulates collagen production?

  5. I would Thank you for the great videos, i want to ask you about Himalaya products (Himalaya shampoo) what do you think about it? i have long hair

  6. i totally agree with looking up product names! i love to 'diy' my products. I believe certain tools prevent severe breakage. I have a wide tooth wooden comb and it seems like detangling is even easier. I need to show my ends more love!

  7. I just cut off 2 ft of my hair for the charity wigs for kids. Thanks for the great tips. If you keep your hair and head cold and wet all night your hair will grow faster to because your hair is trying to keep your head warm. My hair grew over a foot in 1 year just by doing this every night. I keep a fan on my wet hair all night. Hope this tip helps someone!☺️

  8. How long did it take your scalp to transition when you switched from mainstream products to natural ones?
    You wouldn't happen to know of any youtubers who have similar natural hair care tips for very fine hair that tends to be oily, do you? From experimenting with oils in the past I really don't think what you do with your hair would work for mine : it'd just look like someone combed vaseline thru it

  9. Thank you for reminding me that stress plays a big role in overall health! I definitely need to relax. Your bun is awesome btw (:

  10. Raheel my man, another great vid. "Anything you can't pronounce" lol,  SUPER good advice not only for hair products but for food as well. I've tried all the oils you mentioned except for argan and jojoba oil. I've heard so many great things about them but just haven't taken the time to make the purchase. You gotta catch those Zss for sure, it's so underated yet so essential!  I've noticed my hair thinning more and more, but I know it's just coming with age/genetics. I just do my best to get my sleep, nutrition and exercise in hope for the best =)

  11. everytime i see your videos i always feel more enlightened.  ive had some hair loss before once i freaked out but it was because we do have a shedding cycle i dont remember if its every 7 or  9 years.  i thought i was going bald i did research and calmed down.  when i was getting patchyness on the sides 2 years ago i decided to go to the dermatoligist since i knew this wasnt natural.  come to find out i was diagnosed with discoid lupus.  got it under control so the patchyness comes and goes but not as bad.  when i decided to grow my hair out everytime i shampooed i would see how much hair i  would shed i think everyone sheds hair everyday but when your hair is longer it is more noticable than when you have short hair.  so like you said it can be so many different things.  i like what you said combing and brushing your hair is like exercising it would have never thought about it like that.  keep up the good work cant wait for your next vids coming up

  12. Yes, stress is definitely a major contributor. According to some Youtube natural hair vloggers, Jamaican Black Castor Oil can help. There are some who have even gone on a Jamaican Black Castor Oil challenge. I also like eating onions and garlic, and once every few months I make an onion and garlic tonic for my hair (it is a stimulant), followed by a thorough rinse out.

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