5 Rules For Buying Weave at the Hair Store

5 Rules For Buying Weave at the Hair Store

Confused on how to buy the best weave at the beauty supply store? WATCH 5 Easy Tips to Help You Shop! LIKE! SUBSCRIBE!

Location: Hair Town. Philadelphia PA





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20 thoughts on “5 Rules For Buying Weave at the Hair Store”

  1. Love you, just subscribed. I do the same thing. I ask for Beyonce Bounce in Carmen, laugh. That walk is so cute, we need you and don't worry about what nobody says, you are funny like Niecy Nash, cute like Sanatha, and you helping us. I went to have a style the girl cut off all my hair in the back, while a woman next to me was getting a sue in, I was so dumb. The man in the shop told the girl you jealous cut off all her hair. When she turned me around I was nothing but chin. Came home depressed laying in the bed, my man came home and didn't know who I was, what happened to your hair, never again will I cut my hair.

  2. Kandy Land Production

    did this hairstyles you were at have any magazines next time you go to a hairstyle can you look show a video on the magazines and look through them please

  3. TheWeaveWhisperer

    Notification Roll Call: Thanks so much for making this video 100k views strong!

    Who's on this thing?

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