In this vid I talk ALLLLL about weaves of every kind. All the weaves I’ve had and the ones I love the most. I also show you how to apply a weave and how to style it! It’s my fave video yet!! Please check it out guys and give it a thumbs up please and thanks so much for watching!!

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Weaving On Natural Hair.

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22 thoughts on “ALL ABOUT WEAVES”

  1. love love your personality… just had my husband watch this video with me and we both couldn't stop laughing… plus we have the same kind of "real" hair and told him this is a must from Santa this year! lol – love love all your videos, thanks for all the detailed info ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Looks great. We can produce this kind flip-in extensions. If you are interested in ours. Please contact me. My WhatsApp is +86-15844090854

  3. Haha dead at this video! I wore halo for about 2 years and loved it! Have you ever tried hidden crown I currently wear that now because it's half the price and the ends are tapered which I love and I get the "daydream" kind which is thinner like my natural hair! My hair is exactly like yours naturally so I can totally relate

  4. so you are able to style those ie: straighten/ curl? btw you just got a new subbie! I already love you. your personality is so awesome and your just contagious in General! love youโคโคโค

  5. Question: Do you have any experience with the hidden crown extensions? I am trying to decide between halo couture and the hidden crown halo extensions. I'm told the hidden crown last 3 to 4 months and that the halo couture last nine months.

  6. I'm South Sudanese/Kenyan and when I get tired of my 4b textured natural hair, a wig is a run to also a sew in or braids. I like your weaves. They look nice and make you look like a shasnack! Go on, get comfortable cause you look awesome!

  7. Thought an extension is an addition to the natural hair that grows out of your scalp, unlike black women who wear these horrible things that come from Asia etc and are nothing like their natural state???…don't get it!!

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