CBS “The Bald Cure?”

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Hair Loss Cure | Finally Found It!
It has helped me end my embarrassing struggle with hair loss, balding, thinning, and receding hair lines.

This was an incredible Hair Rejuvenation experience to me . No expensive transplants, no expensive prescriptions or over the counter hair treatments that never work. I have found this program the fastest, easiest, most affordable way to reverse my hair loss.
In this program, you’re going to learn all about balancing your nutrients and hormones so that stopping hair loss from happening is a natural result.
This program is ideal to Regrow Hair – it stops DHT from killing your follicles and does it using all natural nutrients from vitamins, supplements, minerals, and herbs. It makes more sense to naturally and permanently fix hair loss… in just a few short weeks using their guide.
Good luck!

0:10 Hair Rejuvenation
0:35 Hair Loss Cure
0:47 Regrow Hair
1:00 Alopecia Treatment

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33 thoughts on “CBS “The Bald Cure?””

  1. Fan Made Videos

    Baldness is a result of the hair follicles dying and this drug only works on hair follicles that are still alive, so basically this is NOT A CURE for baldness. If it does work on anyone it would be young men and women whose hair is visibly thinning out. They would be the best candidates.

  2. I think there are a cure for baldness. The hairloss industry is a billion dollar industry, and unfortunately America is greedy. Ya herd meh😝


    Those 2 reporters are sleeping together… and oo yea i got my hair back already

    U know america is not the only country in the world

  4. I`ve been working to get my hair thick ever since I could remember. I used to have my hair bleach blonde and add heat to it daily. I commenced to start getting hair loss. This hair guide, “mawa shocking plan” (Google it) is just amazing for me. My hair is beginning to get so much fuller as well as stronger. I also noticed that my hair is improving longer as the days go by!.

  5. I have been using OGX products of Argan Oil and Biotin/Collagen and my hair's around my receding hairline are growing back. I also have been eating good diet with protein and supplementing with a multivitamin and exercising. I use the biotin shampoo at night and the argan one in the morning. My hairs around my temples are growing back!

  6. Colin Etcheberry

    Progesterone is all this is. Propecia, avodart, finasteride….all synthetic versions of progesterone. Progeserone lowers DHT and estrogen while increasing testosterone

  7. I use the Donald Trump's hair growth remedy. Press thousands of dollars in cash around and on your head on a daily basis, and the aroma of cash will spur on hair follicle growth almost immediately. The only problem is that my upper lip turned into a snarly frowning looking pout. Looks kinda nasty.

  8. No No NO!! Drugs like Avodart and Propecia (dutasteride and finasteride) have incredibly dangerous side effects – not just physical and sexual, but mental health side effects too! The enzyme they block is needed to act on more than just testosterone. I took Propecia for 2 weeks and developed severe anxiety and depression, suicidal thoughts, racing thoughts, and brain fog. The worst of these symptoms didn't go away for more than 2 months after I stopped taking it. I lost my job and am now dependant on antidepressants and antipsychotics just to function like a normal human being. Hair is not worth the hell you might go through! DHT is needed by your body and your brain! The statistics that your dermatologist quotes for negative side effects is highly understated, and the side effects sometimes don't go away after you stop taking the drug. Sometimes it causes a complete crash of the endocrine system, screwing up the thyroid, adrenals, and more depending on how long you take it. The problem can take years to fix, and sometimes it's permanent. Google Post Finasteride Syndrome and do your research! I sure wish I had. These drugs are dangerous and should be taken off the market for hairloss treatment.

  9. my god i have hair but i dont get the big deal with going bald it is not a disease for gods sake just shave it off and live your life !

  10. Guys, this a bunch of horse shit and a great waist of your time and money. In most cases, when you start loosing hair, it takes years before you become completely bold. Most male hair loss is attributed to genetics. A certain group of hair follicules program to be sensitive to DHT, I have tried for 16 years to get it back. Don't buy into the BS like I used to, there is currently no cure for male pattern baldness. I have been shaving my hear for 5 years now, I get more women bold than I ever did with my full head of what was considered amazing hair.

  11. Xavier Roughley

    I can’t see anything to lose if I will try. In the end, it’s all about eating the right food, in the right proportions.

  12. I have a few spots with less hair, but I have them for years and years. Is it suitable this program? Thx!

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