Common Hair Loss Issues, Treatments, and Solutions with Dr OZ

Dr. Oz brings together a dynamic group of hair experts to investigate hair loss issues and potential solutions. Guest Janet opens up about the emotional impact of her hair loss, and Nikki Walton, aka ‘Curly Nikki,’ offers a tip for drying your hair.

Everybody how do you apply heat to your hair and you do it more than three times a week yes or no? Nikki why does that matter? So applying heat to your hair even more than once a week will cause damage to the hair follicles and to your hair blow-drying your hair you’re doing it on wet hair and when your hair is wet it is at its most fragile. So I always recommend instead of jumping out of the shower and going in and you know what with that blow dryer and that brush and all that manipulation. Instead tie a t-shirt around your hair let it soak up that excess moisture and then at about 80% dry star blow drying it’ll save you time. I know you taught me years ago that your wet hair is like a silk blouse that sensitive and they can stretch and sometimes not go back. Do you use relaxers or chemical straighteners in your hair yes or no?

Nikki how do these products affect air growth right so chemical relaxers actually straighten the hair by breaking the bonds of the hair which destroys the integrity of the hair over time stripping the outer layer and causing the ends to be susceptible to breakage and splits it’s not a good look not a good look.

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