Curly Hair Tutorial (Funny)

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Natural hair haircut. How to style hair. Funny Official Video of styling my Hair. Tips and tricks

How to style your hair is very important.
This is how i start my day.
You use some natural products to extend the great work that your barber did.
You are continuing his work. His masterpiece.
What i like the best are natural hair haircuts. No add-on, no frills.
This video is going to show How I am styling my hair every morning.
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21 thoughts on “Curly Hair Tutorial (Funny)”

  1. ShOcKnAwEsOmE27

    Have you ever tried Aaron Marion's (Alpha M) Pete and Pedro putty? I started using it last week for the first time and it's actually extremely good. Highly recommend. Also, I'm glad I stumbled upon your channel because you have great, informative content! Keep up the great work!

  2. I usually quite like your videos Michael. They tend to be well researched and grounded in solid principles. In this video, it seems like you're winging it, using opportunistic advice and hoping for the best.

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