Do it yourself hair transplant. Fix receding hairlines, thinning hair and cover up bald spots

Do it yourself hair transplant. Fix receding hairlines, thinning hair and cover up bald spots

I decided to do my own hair transplant. Worried about losing your hair? Stop worrying and learn how to look 5-10 years younger instantly! What I did was grow out my beard for about 2 months, then shaved it off and glued it to my bald spots to show you how I used to look. I hope you enjoy it.
Fix receding hairlines, thinning hair and cover up bald spots. Finally a Baldness Cure!
The video is available in high quality for TV use. Just email me for details.
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40 thoughts on “Do it yourself hair transplant. Fix receding hairlines, thinning hair and cover up bald spots”

  1. What are some ways to cure your balding hair and regrow it safely? I read many superb opinions on the net about how Rozefatrun Method can assist you cure your balding hair and regrow it naturally. Has any one tried using this hair loss home treatment?

  2. Has anyone used the Rozefatrun Method to treat your hair loss and regrow it naturally? Just do a google search. On there you'll discover an awesome suggestions about how exactly you can cures your hair loss and regrow it safely. Why don't you give it a shot? maybe it can work for you too.

  3. I see lots of people keep on talking about Rozefatrun Method. But Im uncertain if it's good. Have you ever tried using this hair loss home remedy?

  4. Meara Richmound

    Does Rozefatrun Method (do a google search) help me eliminated my balding hair embarrassment for good by using healthy approaches? I see a lot of people keep on speaking about this hair loss home remedy.

  5. Frankie Winters

    It actually looks pretty good! Lol I genuinely never would have even noticed you were receeding if you hadn't showed what you did

  6. life is short, and no one gets to win them all. It's okay to go bald. Worse things can happen. Marking says hair is everything. However, marketing is makes you spend money and is evil.

  7. Your such an inspiration I’m going bald….I’m scared…. but you give me hope…I’m seriously preparing to get a transplant because I’m upset with the way my hair looks and I don’t trust taking a whole bunch of medication…so yeah I loved this is a real guy speaking facts giving good advice I’m subscribing lol!

  8. Im 44, I noticed around age 20 my hair was thinning at the top. At age 23 I just accepted that I was going bald, so I started shaving my head with clippers. I wore out 3 or 4 pairs tho lol, then I started using shaving cream, hated the razor bumps. Around age 29-30. I started using magic shave depilitory. I spread it on my head wait 5 mins then wipe the hair off with a hot wet towel. Ive been using it ever since. I usually shave my head evry 4 or 5 days. I can tolerate the hair on my head after that. My issue is having an oily scalp. if i dont wash my scalp before shaving, some hair remains.
    As far as self esteem, I do feel better when I shave my head. I get alot of compliments and looks from people.

    I do wish that I can grow a full beard, but I have a narrow face, and oily skin, and itches when I grow facial hair.

    I've accepted being bald has something to do with genetics. My pops, 3 of my brothers, some of his brothers, and some of my mother's brothers were/are bald.
    Its a part of life, I just deal with it.

  9. Seriously, to all you guys who are losing your hair (especially black guys) yet have a pretty symmetrical head and look good with a shaven head…you should look into 'scalp micro pigmentation'. Simpler way of saying it is 'hair tattoo'. You have to go to a reputable practice with lots of before and after photos (not a normal tattooist!!!)…and it isn't cheap, but when it's done properly it looks fantastic forever! On black guys it especially good!

  10. Matthew Sherrin

    I'm 20 and my hair has been thinning since I was early 17, I hate it. It's not all my hair that's going, just the front part of my hair. Tried using different products but nothing seems to work. Just waiting for the day I have to accept it. Good inspiration going here mate, makes me feel better I know many others are also going through the same thing. Also I had to comment as there was 666 comments on this video and that can't be happening.

  11. Yea bald ain't for everyone. Hang on to whatever you got left. Keep the sides and back bald faded as low as possible. I don't think anything worls really wish it did. Jus try and find good natural greases/oils etc to help damaged hair. Even when I gotta go bald, it's hats until bedtime.

  12. Dominic Lawrence

    Niggas complaining about being bald and shit, I got the Kid Cudi head boi and damn let me tell you…that shit is lonnnnggggg, but fuck it! Rock that shit. Embrace it. Love it. Being bald is dope, but having that long ass head is NOT. Grow a fucking beard and you'll be okay y'all lol.

  13. DIET IS HUGE! Change your eating habits. It really regrows. BUT, people are too weak and lazy to try and eat healthy. Eat a plant based diet. Drink lots of water. Eat all types of berries. Better yet, make berry smoothies. Add topical silica on your scalp, also drink silica. Can also take silica supplements. Need to keep your body on a alkaline state. Meaning healing state. So no sugars, breads, pastas, potatoes, startches, grains, etc. Research what I'm saying. Also eat dark cacao chocolate up to 85%+. SWEAT in the sauna. Get a gym membership. Meditate, pray, etc. No fapping. No alcohol. No drugs. No cursing. All of these effect Everything you do in life

  14. Anybody know of any ALL NATURAL home remedies for patchy beard growth and receding hairline from the front and corners?? Please! Sicc Waves Are Useless Without Full Hair!!
    Need Feedbacc!!

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