Final UPDATE 6-month iRestore Laser Hair Growth System Review, Ep. 6 (Week 22/Day 165)

5th and Last Update: Dec 19, 2016. By the end of my 6 month Laser Hair Growth trial with the iRestore Laser Hair Restoration Helmet, my hair has improved!

This is the final update I’ll be doing in this series. It’s been 6 months since I started using the laser therapy helmet (with a couple weeks off around month 4) The results of the trial are that my hair texture is definitely improved and the difference can both be felt and seen. The small hairs growing in where my hair was thinning most appear to be healthy and thick at the root. My hair in general feels denser, stronger, and more resilient, unlike before when the hair shafts were thin and brittle.

I can now run my hands or a comb through my hair without fear of breaking or pulling them out by the root. I’ve noticed less shedding on my clothes and bathroom floor versus prior to and just after starting the treatment. Even with my hair cut short, you can’t see my scalp through my hair if I style it up, use a bit of product, or it blows in the wind. At certain angles and in strong light, it might not look as good, but those are fewer and far between now. While I’m disappointed that I didn’t see a ton of improvement at my recession lines, the hair that I have seems to be improving in quality, and I haven’t noticed any significant hair loss or thinning in the last few months. I am using the shampoo, leave in treatment, and oral supp in addition to the helmet and I think as a system it has made a difference.

I’m happy with the results and my improved sense of confidence and I’m glad that I started addressing the issue now before it got any worse than it did. I believe that while the treatment is helping me arrest or slow the progression of my hair loss, it remains to be seen if there will be any significant or noticeable regrowth over the long term. For now, I’ll continue to use the product regularly and may even do an update after another 6 months has passed. But of course, if you subscribe to my channel you’ll see me in other videos on a regular basis and can judge for yourself if my hair is improving or getting worse over time.

Thanks to everyone who has been supportive and asked questions. I hope I’ve helped you with your research and wish you well on your own journeys with your hair.
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20 thoughts on “Final UPDATE 6-month iRestore Laser Hair Growth System Review, Ep. 6 (Week 22/Day 165)”

  1. Do you need to take the DHT blocker pills with this? Can you just do the laser hair treatment on its own? And can this effect the brain? Your results did look rather impressive!

  2. I've also been using it for 6months and I did see some improvement and see my hair growing back on the back of my head. Even my wife noticed the hair growing back. I do also feel that my hair texture is much smoother and I don't see any hair when passing my hand in my hair. I'll continue a few more months to see if my balding spot will get better.

  3. Did you wet your hair before using the cap I've got long hair worried that it's not reaching the scalp?

    When did you first see results?

    Thanks for the inspiring straight to the point videos

  4. Joseph Titcomb

    Did you experience any side effects from the DHT blocker? I'm concerned about any sexual side effects while taking it along with the laser system? Cute haircut by the way;)

  5. I have found this hair guide “mawa shocking plan” (Google it) perfect for me. I want to achieve that shiny, strong and healthy hair that`s why I have tried distinct solutions to restore my hair, but none have worked. On the other hand, I obtained good results from mawa shocking plan, and I can also propose it to you..

  6. nice to see some positive about this laser treatment. i got one but it is the iGrow one. Is it the same as yours ? And how long do you use this at a time and a week? my hair been falling for a year now and i want to start using this. Please help

  7. Bro, first of all good to see positive review for this equipment. In one of your previous videos, you mentioned that initially you will loose weak hair. What exactly do you mean by this ? how long do you lose hair before growing it back ? I do not have a crazy hair loss, but i can see my hair line receding slowly and gradually. I do not want to loose any extra hair. Please reply.

  8. Thanks, one other question, do the pads in the helmet prevent certain sections of your head from being exposed to the lasers and therefore not growth like the other sections on your head?  Thanks!

  9. Did you experience any discomfort from it being too hot or skin irritation or rash from using this helmet?  Thanks!

  10. michael Michael

    Hey Phil. Thanks for the reviews on iRestore. Gosh you are good at this! I see your own review show on TV in your near future! LOL. I have been wondering if this product is right for me and thanks to your detailed review it has brought great clarity as to whether or not this product is right for me. I would be curious to see your review in another 3 months. In addition to your hair updates it will be nice to see your cute face. You are a cutie pie for sure :)Are you single?! Hey…it doesn't hurt to ask right?! LOL Wishing you & your hair a great day 🙂 Cheers… Michael/Chicago

  11. Hi what about if I only bought the package shampoo , hair growth formula and hair growth serum?how long that will take me to see the result

  12. Ready4Whatever

    I enjoy your irestore reviews a lot , can you do a review once a month on this device thanks. I just recently bought the igrow I wonder if it works just good as the irestore. What made you decide on the irestore as opposed to the laser cap and Igrow?

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