Hair loss USA hair system bond testing

Hair loss USA hair system bond testing

In this video I travel to Sunny Florida to put my hair system through various water park and rollercoaster tests..At the end of the video I demonstrate live on camera how I clean my lace hairline after 2 weeks of hot sunny punishment. For more info check out
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  1. Best video on hair systems of all time too by the way. I would love to see more maintenance tutorial stuff from you. The few you have are genius, clear, precise and talent filled

  2. How much lace do you personally leave on the hairline? Are you an all the way to the hair cutter or a few mil?

  3. Can you fit one in, (in a Brummie accent) Birrrrrmmminngggghaaaaam

  4. I would like to see the Bottle of your adhesive up close… I have been using the Dark 30 second glue for years and want to use the clear

  5. hey I am from India can I get it if so could you please tell me the way bro

  6. Looks good and all, but whats wrong with a shaved head? Surely if a women is only attracted to you because of your hair she's not the right one.

  7. Would you recommend to get a custom one or go to a location first. Is it a lot more expensive to go and get it done please let me know

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