Home Remedies For Thinning Hair

The problem of thinning hair may grow with the age of an individual. Common causes of thinning hair may include hormonal imbalance, protein deficiency and so on. An individual should increase the intake of protein rich items in order to obtain strong and healthy hair.
Home Remedies For Thinning Hair
The problem of thinning hair should be treated in time to avoid the problem of baldness. Different and simple home remedies can be used to treat the problem of thinning hair.
Home Remedies For Thinning Hair
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Home Remedies For Thinning Hair

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Hair Loss, Balding, Losing and Thinning Hair | What's Normal & What's Not (PART 2 of 2)

Learn what’s normal and what’s not normal if you’re experiencing hair loss, hair fall, or thinning hair. You will also learn about the normal growth and life cycle of hair and what may indicate you have more than a temporary problem and should see your doctor or dermatologist. Hair loss and thinning hair can be temporary symptoms caused by changes in our lives and hormones, or it can be due to hereditary and genetic factors such as pattern baldness. This video will help you learn the difference and how you can make corrections in your lifestyle to have beautiful healthy hair. This is a comprehensive two-part video, so please be sure to watch both parts. Please remember to subscribe because I have so much more to come; something helpful and of interest to everyone. Also, please give my video a thumbs up if you found it helpful. That really helps me a lot 😊Thanks so much for viewing!❤️

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22 thoughts on “Home Remedies For Thinning Hair”

  1. Thank you so, so much. My father had the thinnest hair while not bald that I've ever touched in my life. I should have known when I was younger that would be my fate, ha. My brother's hair line started to recede when he was about 12 years old and he was so embarrassed. He's still quite ashamed of it even though he's 27 now and very good looking. I was a competitive cheerleader and gymnast for years til about 9th grade and I noticed so much that my hair looked so pathetic compared to other girls my age (now I know how horrible of an idea it was to have my hair in tight buns and ponytails almost all day each day when I was training) . I was diagnosed with panic disorder and treatment-resistant major depression/body dysmorphia when I was about 14 after my father died, and my hair only got thinner from there. I'm 25 now and completely embarrassed every day, ha, but I try to live with it. Thank you so much for all of your tips and advice. You are a gorgeous lady and I'm so happy I found your channel. Take care <3

  2. Hi mam, I am of 20 years and my hair is very dry and fizzy, i used to 'seren mild' shampoo only to wash my hair every other day, its very hard to set my hair , and also i noticed that when i wash my hair or give the oil massage to hair or combing the hair certain amount of hair says 8 to 9 hairs are come out every time is this normal? Please answer my question….

  3. Hi, I am 51 and my hair is literally half of what it used to be!! I had surgery a few years ago to remove my uterine lining and it stopped my menses so I don't know if I am in the menopause or not but the thinning hair is devastating. Would rogain help me? or would something else help? It's very bad for my self esteem.

  4. Okay, so every time I wash my hair I always end up losing almost a golf ball size of hair. That's not including how much I lose brushing my hair. It scares me. I also have some product build up in my hair that I've been trying to get rid of but can't seem to get rid of. Could the product buildup be a problem of my hair loss?

  5. Hi. Can you help me? My hair used to be thick, it's still thick but my hair falls out more than usual. I put my hair in a ponytail everytime I go to sleep and when I brush it with my fingers or my comb in the morning, a lot of hair falls out. And throughout the day, whenever I brush my fingers through it, 3 or more hair fall out. Oh, and I dyed my hair last month. Is this bad?

  6. I'm a guy 19 years old with long hair, every time i pull my hair, i see like 2 to 3 hairs in my hand and sometimes more, so i know is this normal or what?

  7. hi. i noticed my hair thinning at 19years around the same time i started the depo shot and also dyed hair dark then a week later bleached hair. im 29 now and the thinning has gradually increased. mainly the top front. i initially noticed hair fall but not so much for the last few years its more so maybe baby hairs i notice can fall out. the longest ive been off the depo is a year and then a pregnancy and i didnt notice much change. no one in my family thats female has thin hair. any ideas?

  8. and can sometimes look fuller than others. I have experienced that throughout the years as well. Be sure you continue a healthy diet as heavy calorie restriction is one of the most common reasons hair begins to thin a bit. Also, be aware of pulling on your hair from ponytails, braids, and hair extensions and do these things occasionally rather than all the time to help protect your hair.

  9. Hi, it is possible that with continuous braiding on your fringe that you could cause some thinning, especially if you pull it tightly. The good news is that if you stop whatever is stressing your hair follicles, you will return to normal growth. We are all more sensitive to the way we look and often see very subtle things that others don't see. I am sure your situation is very subtle as your friends are telling you that you look the same. Hair does go through stages….cont'd

  10. hello, please help me im reallly confused as to why this is happening :
    my hair isn't falling out excessively.. its just on the top of my head and on my hair line that i see short hairs that never grow and its very irritating when its touches my face and i have really long hair.. its just these on top and on my hair line. i hope u get what im talkig about here. and im not fat . but im worried that i might have hypothyroid . can you atleast guess what is it ? :S and im 20 yr old

  11. about two years ago I bleached my hair and a month later hennaed it. I had really thick long hair, very very healthy. Since then though my hair has slowly started to thin, I have thyriod issues and manage stress horribly, I know those two things are causing hair loss but don't know really want to do about them. I have been keeping a really good diet, quit eating things that made me sick, eating fruits and veggies. Yet my hair is still thinning, any advice about the thyriod issue?

  12. Please answer(please please!) I am a teenage boy (17) years of age I am experiencing a receding hairline and bald patches on the down or temple region . I have started balding about 5-6 months ago. Well the history of my balding is as follows. I started keeping my hair long when I was 16 and a half years old and used to part it from left to right. The line of separation ( where you part the hair to with sides) started decreasing and balding occurred at that spot only. With time my hairline rec

  13. Hi! Thanks!I've been on birth control for 3 years now and I'm experiencing hair loss in the last year. Sometimes it seems that the situation improves. I have a lot of cistis on the scalp, could that be related to the problem of hair loss? Now the situation isn't so bad, but I don't have so much hair I had before expecially on the highest part of my head. I'm waiting a little bit more to see if the situation improves, if not I'll see a specialist. What do you think?

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