How to Apply (Attach) a Non-Surgical Hair Replacement System for Men with our Client Reece

How to Apply (Attach) a Non-Surgical Hair Replacement System for Men with our Client Reece

Hair System Details: Medium Density plus 20% hair4all system; Without doubt it is heavy but Reece loves it and wanted hair.

At hair4all we specialise in delivering the highest quality, non-surgical hair replacement systems at affordable prices in the UK and around the world

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In this video, I am hoping to warn hair system wearers from popping into their local barbers for a quick trim and then discovering that their hair doesn’t blend anymore…take precautions people!! for more info visit…
and add me on Skype for your free initial consultation chat michaelgford

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  1. hello hair4all team,
    is this service available in melbourne as well?
    plz let me know

  2. All the stylist on these videos cut the sides so short it accentuates the rug look its copleatly Counterproductive.

  3. guys, where in europe it's possible make courses for this hair system? Thx

  4. wow i wouldn't wear that….. the hairline looks too thick it shows that he's wearing a wig

  5. And then everyone in the barber shop including the barber thinks wtf is this goof doing

  6. You are so wonder fulI had a perfectly beautiful hairpiece ruined by a Barber on Broadway in UWS of Manhattan in NYC shortly after getting it,… will never make the mistake again,… thanks for posting

  7. hello, michael ford. i understand you're so busy lately and that. my partner tried to ring you so many time, she unable to recieved the call from you it's go straight to the voice mail. i'm increasing frustration with the phone call, you wasn't response for a week.
    some men said to my partner that she have to ring back between 3-4pm and you wasn't picked up either. are you sure this number is correct?

  8. Exactly what happened to my system, really bummed me out. Unfortunately I haven't found where to order a new one so I'm still wearing it.

  9. Why do some professionals recommend thin skin hair system (VR) vs. lace and vice versa. What is your recommendation for a seamless, all natural look?

  10. but how and where exactly should i let the hair system be cut in? in a professional salon? what should I be explaining to them? because the system has to be cut as well once you get it and when you want to change the style for example

  11. What are the options for someone that just has window's peek? I can only style forward.. How much of my hair would inhale to shave off?

  12. Hi thanks for the vid, this happened to my hair system, any way to fix it cutting it or something? thanks

  13. Other comment I had was: I think all your problems would easy if you just go to a female hairdresser, women are a lot more attentive and something so obvious as to clip the system edge ends up would be a no brainner. Men barbers, not stylists are more used to doing just that while female clients are more demanding specially when it comes to hair and nails. At least that's what makes sense to me.

  14. What you mean is layering. I do not know about hair systems but I'm assuming since it's hair it can be cut back. Look up for videos on: hair ends / tips layer cutting, hair razor layering, scissors layering, machine layering and you'll have an idea. I as a hairdresser and stylist and lots of my clients had wigs for cancer or bad hair day purpose and every now and than they'd ask me to cut or style it for them. I would do that using a mannequin head with fixed base or when they needed it to be cut in a  specific style they had chosen from a magazine, image or such, I'd use a hair band or elastic and pin clips to firmly attach the wig to their head and cut/style. Sometimes I would also dye the wig to change the color (100% human hair wigs or systems can be dyed or bleached using regular hair products. But the hair has to be virgin or lightly processed. That is because the products and methods used by some overseas companies upon high worldwide human hair demand uses low quality industrial use chemicals to do so and sometimes hair is even supplied from picked combs, brushes and salon hair waste. When this method of cheaper low grade hair is acquired they use heavy chemicals to strip the hair of it's natural fibers making it look  dull and shed easily). When this type of hairs are processed they strip the hair so the hair can be used in any direction wen making wigs (from root or tip). If you take one strand of your real hair and slide your finger through it downwards it will feel smooth and slick if you do this opposite direction you will feel the micro Keratine scales that constitutes a single hair strand…… God, how this comment turned out so long. Sorry!

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