How to grow long, thick, and healthy hair FAST!

How to grow long, thick, and healthy hair FAST!

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Finally, its here! The much requested, highly anticipated, HAIR VIDEO! So basically I have super long, thick, shiny, healthy hair which I LOVE! My hair is my baby! I wanted to be able to share with you all how I got my hair to this state so you can all do the same! I hope you all like it! Good luck on all your hair journeys!


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Tinashe – Boss – Ryan Hemsworth Remix

Eljay – Love Again

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  1. I have a pixie cut and this hair is my goalssssssss,, going to try this soon.14, never had thick, long hair. So wish me luck!

  2. thanks so much my hair has never long

  3. well damn, my hair is thick, dry, and puffy bc of washing it everyday. jesus

  4. I clip my hair every 4 months I think?? I try to do it when my snakes need it.

  5. if i exercise everyday and get all sweaty i should wash it every day tho right???

  6. right when i watched this video and i heard the background music, the first thing i thought was nazanin kavari

  7. Actually, the reason why washing your hair everyday isn't good for our hair ia because it gets dry because we are removing our essential oils and when hair is dry we get split ends and we have to cut it. So hair keeps growing either you wash it or not but you're right. We shouldn't wash it everyday, it's not healthy(:

  8. Mix canola oil and extra virgin olive oil together an apply on all parts of hair and soak the ends in it. Let it soak in over night in a shower cap. And do this 2 to 3 times a week. This is cheap but amaaazziinngg!! This made my hair so luscious after about 3 or 2 weeks of doing this! it's like a miracle oil!

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