Keratin Glue Hair Extensions by Euphora (Best Hair Salon in Queens NY)

Pre-bonded hair extensions are pieces of hair with a small amount of bonding glue that is preapplied to the tip of the hair. These are sometimes called preglued hair extensions or pre-tipped hair extensions. Most of our pre-bonded human hair extensions use a keratin glue which is designed for maximum holding power. For more information call in new york city 718-786-4558

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Kerastase-Loreal Professional.
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Skin Membrane Non Surgical Hair Transplant System - using Hair Bonding Technique

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20 thoughts on “Keratin Glue Hair Extensions by Euphora (Best Hair Salon in Queens NY)”

  1. how long does it last. my extensions are 100 dollars and im not gonna cyt them if that shit wont last

  2. Not only is the technique bad with the lack of hair being put in each strand but am I the only one who has noticed the horrendous colour match? ..

  3. The hair she is attaching to is far too little for the weight of the hair she is attaching!! Also they are far too close to the scalp. Applying extensions in this way will cause traction alopecia! The extensions should lay flat to the natural fall of the hair. I bet this girl had an awful nights sleep after πŸ˜”

  4. I love this I want this done for myself but I bet it is very expensive I wish I could do that by myself

  5. this is so painful to watch. the amount of hair she is using per bond is not even half of what is needed.. Think of it like this…grab 3-4 strands of hair and pull. not that hard to pull out, right. Now grab about 30-40 strands and pull…much harder. The amount she is grabbing is about 1/10 of what that extension is and applying it extremely close to the scalp…freaking horrible. Never ever trust someone with bad eyebrows to do your hair , give advice or anything in life lol… Her work is neat tho I will give her that.


    uhm Shes using too small hairs from the real hair it's going to make the hair come out its to heavy for the super small hairs Shes taking from the real hair.

  7. If this is the best that Queens has to offer then I feel sorry for anyone who lives there, looking to have their hair done in a salon.. Personally I would avoid :/

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