Repaired hair system fitted, hair replacement system fitting

In this video I am fitting a repaired system for a client incorporating a new lace front and original hair integrated throughout. When fitted, repairs are as good as a whole brand new system. For more info please visit…
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  1. seems very nice,i wish can have it too. but im from foreign country

  2. Hi Great Video…Im using Skin base which holds good for 3 weeks, However my biggest issue is in front. It shows the base color like white, i have a dark brown Indian skin. and the white base is clearly visible which is not looking good. I am thinking of going either lace front or full lace. the video shows nearly invisible front which is what i want. Any suggestions. Also you mentioned you are from UK which part of UK are you from. Thanks.

  3. where can we get that? how much is it? can it be done at local hair shops?

  4. Nice job!

    How long does the hair system last? and how much it will cost?

  5. Do you have to remove the system in a daily basis? Also can you take a shower without problems? And lastly, is it really worth?

  6. Excellent work – wish you are living and working near me! Too far away from Germany for weekly/monthly service……

  7. Awesome job, I had a bad experience with my first hair system. Stylist used tape and liquid bond and after just 2 weeks of going to the gym playing basketball and living in hot and humid Houston, Texas I had to call it quits and go back to shaved head  🙁  The constant itchiness throughout the day and not able to enjoy showering my head/scalp everyday was more like torturing myself. I definitely liked the look of it but couldn't deal with the disadvantages.  My question is, I bought a $200 hairpiece mono lace with thin ply perimeter.  How much is the system in this video, looks very natural and doesn't look rough and rugged like mine felt.  My hair Stylist dint wash it before putting in on the first time I believe that is also why it itched like crazy the whole day and could feel it on me throughout the day.

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