Various Tips & Tricks Models & Actors use for Receding Hairline!

Modern and fashionable hairstyle for city guys along with several ways to make receding hairline look better for special occasions!
1) Hair Styles
2) Make Up tricks
3) Hats
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  1. Hlw bro i am going to use thicker oil from before three month but my hair day by day more hairfallso this is vry painful my self one think i am taking boitine tablet with than ofter my hair so more hair fall i m unhappy plz tell me what shuld be do for my hair

  2. man…!!! just let it go how it is… you're gonna be bald due to your over thought on hairstyle and baldness….

  3. I have the hair and the style of the face like you ,,.. how can I stop the fall of my hair , I mean the hairline ?

  4. sir from where I can buy a derma roller ? which size of nidel I prefer for hair line ? plz answer

  5. my hair got so thin inside ..ths scalf looking tell me some tricks…i didnt got ur all told things here

  6. id kill for that hair,,, cut it shorter and mess it up a bit. you will look younger and hipper. go natural color also

  7. could you please tell a multivitamin that would help to grow hair faster??

  8. Bonus tip: Only part hair at the high point on the arch of your eyebrow. Avoids the whole Comb-over/Trump look.

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