10 Tips I Used To Grow My Natural Hair | Shoulder Length In 2 Years

I just got these twist in waiting for my hair to dry lol

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  1. really spoke to me when you said "Yo hair is growing, you just aint got no patience."

  2. Coconut oil only works in small dosages for me. Too much of it makes your hair brittle.

  3. Just going to leave, depressed, because my hair will not grow like this if I got God to massage my scalp every night lmao

  4. i thought i was crazyyyy ! i don’t think coconut oil likes my hair either and i think it could bc of my low porosity but still . it’s important to know that what works for other people doesn’t work for everyone ! so thank you bc this just reinforced the thought that maybe my hair doesn’t like the “basics”

  5. Can you do a video on how you prep your hair for braids, wigs or any protective styles from start (wash) to finish?! I just need so much help b4 I shave my head again! My hair is super dry no matter what I do

  6. You looks so beautiful and flawless I thought you already had on makeup before you even started😍

  7. “You ain’t got no damn patience” 😂😂😂 You kept it too 100 in this video 🙌🏽

  8. I think Jaelah u r the most beautiful person with or without hair. Ur 2 and 4 months of big chop is awesome.

  9. You sooo beautiful! Just discover your channel and i love your personality. Your hair looks healthy too

  10. To sum this video up… Its Just straight FACTS🎯🎯🎯🎯 Common sense & self explanatory 🤪Love it

  11. This is really dope Jaelah. If you guys don't mind, I made a video on my channel showing my 2 years journey. It will be great if you guys can check it out and support a small Youtuber 🙂

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