Diet plan for hair growth!! 100% natural way to regrow hair and stop hair fall

The hair regrowth diet plan full description video which tells you secret diet for healthy shiny long hair the link is below

There are several reasons for hairfall
You can check it on below link

Internal remedy is necessary to cure hair fall you are what you eat when hair dont get proper nourishment internally they fall out you need antioxidants protein omega 3 biotin zinc selenium vitamin A vitamin C for shiny and healthy hair

In todays world we rely on junk food which can not provide all the above nutrients to the hair

If you are suffering from severe hairfall there is need to change the diet which suitable for your hair

I have mentioned all the foods which gives us exact nutrients for hair growth breakfast plan lunch plan snacks plan dinner plan overall diet for hair

This diet will not only gives you good hair but flawless skin also and cure thyroid and pcos problems in women

It is applicalble to men and women both

In morning on empty stomach
Warm water and lemon

Breakdast protein and antioxidant rich

Lunch carbs and essential fats
Aamla which contains most vitamin c is extremely necessary for hair

Fruit intake is also vital
Include orange berries grapes papaya all vitamin a and c rich foods

This nutients plays key role for maintaining hair health

This is best hair regrowth diet which gives you shiny healthy and longer hair

This diet plan consist of the food which plays an important roll to regrow your fallen hair as well as to stop hair fall very effectively. Follow this diet and you will see a significant growth of your hair and improved health.

Happy hair πŸ˜ƒ

Take care
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Hey Glammy’s! I want to thank you all for the outpouring of love and support after posting my first hair loss video. Ive gotten a multitude of messages that has filled my heart as well as stories from others that are struggling as well. It’s been overwhelming to see how many people suffer with hair loss whether it be from pcos of another issue. I want you all to know that my thoughts and prayers are with you as you keep fighting the good fight! I wanted to give you all an update on whats been happening with my situation over the last 3 months and where I’m at with it right now. Please leave me any questions or comments below as I’ll be responding to all of them. Love you all so so so much!!!! xoxoxo

first hair loss video:

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40 thoughts on “Diet plan for hair growth!! 100% natural way to regrow hair and stop hair fall”

  1. This video is amazing! It helps me recall of the time when my cousin used Fenoboci Diet Plan to get rid of 17 pounds and enjoy being healthy again! Many people want to lose fat, but we also need to stay healthy, which is what exactly Fenoboci Diet Plan given.

  2. Assalam o alaikum yar apne jo breakfst se pehle lemon in warm water lene ka btaya hai uska koi alternative ho skta hai bcoz muje aksar khansi aur nazla rehta hai to me lemon nai le skti.waiting for ur reply thanku😊

  3. Anybody tested out the Rozefatrun Method (do a search on google)? We've noticed several awesome things about this hair loss home remedy.

  4. I am experiencing the same thing, PCOS hair loss πŸ˜₯ I use a topical DHT blocker, iron & omega 3 supplements, not taking anything for PCOS itself, I also need to exercise more consistently

  5. McKenzi Stephenson

    I'm overweight and have PCOS. I cry almost every single day when I do my hair and notice that I have a bald spot forming. Please help!!! 😭😭😭

  6. What is Rozefatrun Method and how does it work? I hear most people cures their hair loss and regrow it naturally with this hair loss home remedy.

  7. I see many people keep on speaking about Rozefatrun Method. But I'm uncertain if it's good. Have you ever tried this hair loss home remedy?

  8. Michelle Zimmerman

    Thanks for sharing your story! Are you still using the Shea Moisture Jamacian Black Castor oil products? I just started using those and I am curious if you feel they are helping? Thank you πŸ™‚

  9. even I'm having pcod hair loss….I'm 19 …I'm having severe hair fall…I'm too scared ….can u advice me some food that I can include in my diet …and those food which I should strictly not eat…please help

  10. I've been losing my hair for years after struggling with an eating disorder at age 15. I miss my thick curls but I'm doing the best I can. Something that really helps for me is massaging my scalp with tea tree and peppermint oil πŸ™‚

  11. I am also diagnosed with PCOS. and Hair loss and regrowth is my concern too..I just wanna say that I have been taking Cinnamon and licorice root powder to bring down my extra male hormones. I also have Saw palmetto capsules to reduce testosterone levels . Spearmint tea also helps in bringing down these hormones. These hormones are the basic culprit. So You can try these tips. My Doctor has also told me that my Vitamin B12 levels are a little low. She has presecribed supplements. Iron is something that I must also check too. Thank You for that one! In the end, God is Good. Even if he allows hair loss, He wants us to not give up but put our trust in him.Then and only then I have experienced peace. I hope this message helps. God is Great!

  12. I am really struggling with PCOS. I have all the symptoms you described. It is hard because so many people just did not believe me. My hair is curly & it was so thick. I am also trying to find a new hair routine. One thing that helped with the limpness in between washes is spraying my roots & ends with a leave in (Infusium 23 works for me). I also mixed the castor oil with warm water & put it in a spray bottle so I could get it on my scalp easier. Good luck to you!

  13. I am just depressed with all the symptoms coming out at the same time! I have acne like ive never had before and the hairloss is so so depressing. This took away a big chunk of my self esteem. In short, i just feel really ugly. There are days when i just dont wanna get up anymore because u wont like what u see in the mirror. Please tell me how you guys deal with pcos so positively.

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