How to Reverse Women’s Hair Loss Naturally

Reverse Women’s Hair Loss Naturally

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7 thoughts on “How to Reverse Women’s Hair Loss Naturally”

  1. what hair supplements do you recommend that are the most natural and suitable for hair thickness and regrowth?

  2. Garima Chandra

    My nails and menstural cycle is good but hair fall is happening bad since one year. Also the have hypo thryroid. What should I do? Which particular doctor should I go to?

  3. How do I find a good naturopath? I am in MI and my doctor keeps dismissing me wanting to investigate my hair loss.

  4. Debbie Metherall

    Interesting, my family doctor says thinning hair is a normal part of hormonal changes as we age and nothing pathological is going on, and that it could be stress and or possible I'm in perimenopause. Not surprising, all my blood tests came back "normal" too. The only thyroid they will test is TSH. No other hormones. I'm glad I have a naturalpath and you to learn from, Jenn! I will definatley be looking more into it.

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