How to use Onion Juice to Stop Hair Loss and Promote Hair Regrowth – Grow beautiful hair

How to use Onion Juice to Stop Hair Loss and Promote Hair Regrowth - Grow beautiful hair

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How to use Onion Juice to Stop Hair Loss and Promote Hair Regrowth – Grow beautiful hair

In this video you will learn the top 3 best ways to use onion juice to stop hair loss and make your hair regrow super fast.

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Onion is rich in sulfer, a mineral which promotes hair growth, and helps the micro blood circulation.

Get a fast, quick and thick hair regrowth with onion juice the way we recommend in this video.

Onion is rich in different minerals and vitamins, like vitamins E, C and B.

Onion is a super food and can help you fight baldness when applied to the scalp and fight off hair fall.

Onion juice can be successfully mixed with coconut oil, amla oil, jojoba oil and all the other oils mentioned in the video.

Use lemon juice and essencial oils to get rid of the smell, along with rinsing your hair with apple cider vinegar organic.

Use the onion juice on your hair for one hour, massage it gently on your scalp and then rinse with a good organic shampoo.

You can apply onion juice to fight hair thinning, if your hair is oily, but don’t apply it directly on oily scalp.

Onions are packed with 2 really amazing ingredients – Sulphur and
Quercetin that can help your hair grow really fast.
Our hair is made up of a incredible protein called keratin – which contains sulphur.
The presence of this mineral gives hair its strength and power; while its lack may cause weak, brittle hair that breaks down. Sulphur also boosts blood flow, bringing food and nutrients to scalp – so hair can grow healthy, beautiful and strong.
Onion contains alos folic acid and is a great alternative hair to combat baldness and alopecia. It can even work on alopecia areata, as many dermatologists say.

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  1. Can we mix all these type of juice and store it in a buttle then apply every day

  2. my father is bold. it means being bold is in our would this treatment work for me.iam 22 year old and now my hairs are getting weak & looks not health also hair loss is an issue.what do u say?

  3. hey endhairloss will it treat seborrhiec dermatitis and regrow my hair i started loosing hair only cause of seborrhiec dermatitis

  4. Hi…i mix up many ingredients to make remedy…is that ok or even wrong…pls answer

  5. Hello I used onion mask but I don't feel any irritation …. it's normal or something wrong? Please answer

  6. I have been through it.. I too have suffered a lot after smoothening.. All u have to do is buy loreal anti fall resist and d conditioner.. And put a mixture of egg patanjali aloe vera gel twice a week and also dnt skip coconut oil.. Always put oil at least once a week.. I guarantee you it will stop your hair fall.

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