Just 1 Wash & Your Hair Will Never Stop Growing – Grandma’s Secret To Grow Hair Like Crazy

Natural Hair Growth Recipe

Do you want to grow hair faster, do you want to grow long hair? thicker hair, learn how to double your hair growth and grow super long and thicken hair, also learn how to stop hair fall and hair loss, your hair will grow like crazy after using this and they will never stop growing, that’s my grandma’s secret to grow extremely long hair naturally. This remedy works because i love to test hair remedies and hair care tips so this remedy gave excellent results, and i thought to share this with my lovely subscribers.

Castor Oil
Aloe vera Gel (Fresh or Market One)
Vitamin E Capsules

Homemade hair growth oil:

How to Grow Hair Fast:

How To Lose Weight Fast:

How To Remove Hair Naturally

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Neem Hair Growth Oil:

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20 thoughts on “Just 1 Wash & Your Hair Will Never Stop Growing – Grandma’s Secret To Grow Hair Like Crazy”

  1. — z e r e n i t y y • w r i t e s

    Where can you find all of the ingredients? Like where is the most common place to find every ingredients

  2. Annabell O’Shea

    Eventually everyone’s just gonna stop the video instantly and check the comments to see if it actually works and everyone’s just gonna be here commenting to exactly what I just said. 😂

  3. Nearly RetroAllOver

    Who's reading the comments to see who's saying "Who's reading the comments to see if it works."

  4. Michelle Wickard

    So I am going to be trying this. Full disclosure my hair does grow fast to begin with, like I went to having hair 1 1/2in long to 22in in roughly two and a half years with 3 different 2-3in trims in that time frame.

    I have organic cold-pressed Castor oil, 99.75% aloe vera gel, and vitamin E oil. I will try to update this comment regularly but I do have a hectic and busy life. Other things that may influence this experiment are my wooden bristle brush, boar hair brush, and silk night hair cap. As those either help distribut the scalps oils (brushes) or reducing friction while sleeping (silk cap).

    I am not doing this for money or anything nefarious. I am doing this to try and see if it works for my mom, who even 8 years out from chemo still has weak, thin, breaking, damaged hair. If it does then great we have finally found a solution and I will then be able to donate the hair grown, if not then back to searching. Wish me luck.

  5. deborah schale

    You are the only one that I am subscribed to to grow healthy hair. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful gift!
    Bless you & the horse you rode in on!

  6. Ok so guys I bought all the stuff to make this and I mixed it up and I put it in my hair to see if this works I'll keep you all updated after a week passes

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