The Journey To Waist Length | My Hair Story.

My Hair Story

The journey to waist length hair, where I went wrong and why I started again after 6 years of growth.

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|| W A T C H ||

Silk wrap heatless straightening method:

Trying the curly girl method:

My last hair care and styling routine:

Getting the brazillian Keratin Treatment:

I have decided to remove my journey to waist length series from Youtube due to the fact that the videos are so old and of very poor production value. So this video should sum up that series for you!
Time to make a new Hair Journey Series!

|| F O L L O W ||

I n s t a g r a m

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Hey guys! Do you want to know the secret how to grow your hair fast? Watch this video and see how you can! It is possible! Let’s get this to 100k thumbs up!








here’s an updated version DIY HOT OIL TREATMENT 2 INCHES IN 16 HOURS! Frequently asked questions:
How often should you wash your hair whilst doing the inversion method? If you use oil on your scalp, wash your hair 30 mins after doing the inversion method.
Does it work on guys hair? well guys have human hair too, so yes.



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40 thoughts on “The Journey To Waist Length | My Hair Story.”

  1. Can we just comment on how well u put this video together? I don’t even have long hair or your hair type yet I’m here watching your whole video.

  2. You're looking at pictures of instagram girls, who all have extensions… your hair can't just be extremely thick like a mane, unless you're blessed with amazing genetics, or like every other instagram "baddie" just buy it. lol

  3. I don’t know many people whose hair air dries perfectly. I put a leave-in conditioner in my hair with a heat protectant and blow dry it straight = nearly perfect hair. (I have silver hair, bleached to Hell and back. It frizzes if I let it air dry.) Very minimal damage compared to a hot tool, because hot air > hot plates. Professional blow dryers also dry hair from the inside out and emit negative ions which combat frizz instead of outside in which grocery store blow dryers do. The Paul Mitchell blow dryers all last forever and cost less than half than a Dyson blow dryer!

    I wish you could come to my salon so I could help you. ; _ ;

    Products for fine, frizzy hair:

    1. Nioxin shampoo 1 (or 3, if you color your hair)
    2. Nioxin conditioner (you can put it on your scalp too, it balances the pH of your scalp)
    3. Paul Mitchell Super skinny serum (1-2 pumps) OR Keratin Complex infusion (dime-size). Both are good for frizz. The first one is better for frizz, the 2nd one is more nutrient-rich, delivers protein and moisture to your hair. You can cocktail both, which is what I do. Many of my clients swear by this combination.

    Source: Graduated from Paul Mitchell the School (we learn about the chemistry and biology of hair, what hair products and treatments do for the hair, etc). Been working in a salon for 4 years and am obsessed with helping people have healthier hair. My hair instagram is claudekimhair if you need pics of my clients’ hair. Hope this helps!🌻🌻🌻

  4. My hair is thick, curly, and short. My hair is about to my shoulders (if curly) and I would like it to be much longer. It is also this terrible blond/red/brown color. I'm only 12, so I honestly can't do much. The most I do is straighten my hair everyday, which really doesn't help. My hair is dry and oily. I also would never want to cut my hair short either. Short curly hair wouldn't work on me, even if I did constantly straighten it. Every time I get my hair cut, it's about an inch. As a girl in middle school, I just want to be like the other girls with their pretty, long, blond hair. Ever since about 4th grade I got made fun of for appearance. Hair was a big part of it. My hair is about down to my chest if I straighten it. I've been trying to take better care of my hair. So far, it's working pretty well. When I get older I'm probably just going to ruin it by bleaching it though.

  5. In my opinion to maintain my healthy hair I just make sure not to do the damaging things but I don’t do any extra treatments. Because I feel like it “confuses” my hair. Same with skincare. There’s been times where I tried a like 10 step routine and my skin remained blemished or got worse. Now I use Biore charcoal acne wash only and moisturize with St. Ives mist. Never been better.

  6. Your hair that u said was a “failure” is literally me now….

    Everyday at school they ask me if I brush it….YES I DO…
    But my hair still look bad
    🤷🏻‍♀️ at this point idk what to do

  7. I don't get it. I think your natural hair is better than the super sleekness of the models… I always thought it looked flat and too shiny, like a plastic doll head. I wish my hair was wavy. I cut it all off (to buzzcut) points in my life because of this.

    I think it's prettier because it looks so human. Even if you don't love your hair, I do, and I hope you do whatever makes you happy.

  8. Potato Top hat

    Does this work and if so does it continue working, I’m gonna try it but if anyone knows that would be helpful, remind me to update if you care

  9. Sandra Preze {fanpage}

    I am half Indian because my dad's mom is Indian so I have Indian hair so like will this work on my hair?

  10. I've been using MSM powder and collagen pills and my hair and nails have been growing like weeds. The nails on my right have had always had trouble growing past a certain point and now they're longer than the nails on my left hand. That's a first lol.

  11. JareiYuana Adams

    Ok,the thing imma do is:massage my hair for 4mins with a little water,then I will put a bag on my head for an hour and that's it(btw new night routine and I oop and I oop sksksksk)
    September 7th:ok starts now°

  12. I’ve done this w olive oil & it actually works, but I left it for 2 hrs & then wash the hair ( I would do this very 3 days). Haven’t done it in a while because I got to lazy, but I will start doing it again! ((:

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