Funny Daily Vines Compilation Bad Hair Day #1

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Anti Aging – Few Funny Hair Loss Myths Busted

People worry about their looks and everyone wants to have younger looking skin with good hair as well. Most of the people lose their hair in the early age and they get worried about it. There are several treatments available in the marketplace for hair loss. You can get a healthy hair by following strict diet regime.

There are various hair loss myths where most of the people are obsessed with such thoughts. Here, this article reader will come to know the most famous and funny hair loss myths.

Heavy Exposure to Sun Leads to Hair Loss

Here, most of the people cover their hair when they are about to go out. People believe that sun is the enemy for hair loss. If you are under sun for a short time, it will not cause any damage to your tresses. A very long period of exposure may sometime affect your hair by sun’s Ultra Violet rays. Your tresses become dry and brittle. Hence, you can cover it by a scarf or cap.

Men are More Likely to Hair Balding

It is a very big myth. There is no such rule that only men are more likely to hair loss. Even women are more prone to hair loss. This is not related to gender. In fact, women lose their tresses due the drastic changes in their hormone levels. Stress is also the other reasons which lead to hair loss in men and women. Good diet with stress free life can help avoid this issue.

Hair balding due to Caps and hats

It is very funny. Putting cap or hat on your head will never lead to lose of your tresses. But, the logic is, cap, hat or scarf on your head will lead to sweat which leads to damage of hair follicles, but not a cap or hat. Letting your hair breath with enough oxygen will not lead to any damage. Hence, stop believing this thing start making people awake by telling this truth.

Stress causes hair balding

As we all know that stress is the most dangerous thing which leads to many health diseases. Generally, we lose about 100 strands of hair and when you are in stress, your hair lose increases and lead to hair balding. Even a sudden increase or decrease in your body weight can also effect on your hair.

Cold water aids hair balding

Most of the people believe this myth. Cold water shower will just increase the circulation of blood supply, but will not aid in hair growth. Cold water shower may help to de-stress and will be very good and enjoyable in hot summers.

Thus, stop believing these humorous myths and maintain good diet regime for a healthy growth of tresses.

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