Laser Hair Regrowth Can Stimulate Your Dead Hair

You probably don’t need medical science to point out to you that hair loss among men is a natural part of life. That doesn’t mean they are all happy about it. The actual scientific name for male pattern baldness is Androgenetic Alopecia and it occurs to millions of men in the United States. There is not one specific reason that determines when or how much hair loss you will experience. 

Some say it’s genetics, and other factor in stress and diet. Is there anything that can be done about it? You could use a hair restoration treatment known as Laser Hair Regrowth which stimulates the hair follicles and tissue to encourage hair regrowth.

Laser hair regrowth does not involve any surgery. There are clinics which provide this treatment that works in conjunction with a detox plan and specialized shampoos and conditioners. Laser hair regrowth treatments can employ different methods. Photo-biostimulation for instance exposes the energy from a laser onto the patients head. This aims to channel nutrients into the damaged hair follicles which hopefully will promote hair regrowth.

What do the leading scientists think about all this? The treatment has it’s supporters and detractors. Some expert scientists have rejected laser hair regrowth treatments altogether while others have claimed it has benefits for both men and women with hair loss. Dr. Charles a member of The Coalition of Independent Hair Restoration Physicians says it is useful for increasing the overall quality of the hair still left instead of actually been able to prevent complete hair loss. It may therefore let you hold onto your existing hair for longer instead of actually stopping hair loss.

In short laser hair regrowth programmes stimulate the damaged hair follicles which have been associated with Androgenetic Alopecia. This will involve multiple sessions at a hair restoration clinic for each course of treatment. You may be advised to used a low powered laser comb at home until the next session.

The general opinion is that laser hair regrowth treatments may stave off complete baldness for a limited time only. Many people have said it works, but it’s still in the early development stages. Don’t put your complete faith in it, as hair restoration is still in the early stages, but give it the go if you’ve got the money.

There have been lots of success stories in medical journals about using laser hair regrowth to combat hair loss. Laser hair regrowth treatments are a new area and you can read up more on it on my website.

0:01 – Intro
0:41 – What are the major causes of Hair Loss?
1:33 – Minoxidil
2:27 – The Effluvium
3:55 – The best approach to baldness
5:09 – The Diet – no sugar no gluten
6:43 – The Saw Palmetto
8:00 – Other Recommended Supplements
9:36 – Hair Loss Shampoo
10:44 – No Fap
12:12 – The hair loss Free Treatment

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Are you a women suffering from hair loss or female pattern baldness or unhealthy scalp, then forget about all the worries regarding your hair. In this video we will show you the reasons of hair loss and the cure of hair loss or female pattern baldness or unhealthy scalp.
A progressive, diffuse, systematic loss of scalp hair pronounced in Female called Female Pattern Baldness or Medically Androgenic or Androgenetic Alopecia.
There are several reasons which causes Female Pattern Hair Loss:
1. Anemia or Iron Deficiency: Women who don’t eat iron rich foods or sometimes have heavy periods will encounter this disease, in which the blood doesn’t have enough red blood cells.
2. Hereditary Hair Loss: It is a genetic hair loss medically known as Androgenetic Alopecia. It is happen when parents or any of parents side had hair loss.
3. Telogen Effluvium: It is a phenomenon in which women sheds large amount of hairs everyday during shampooing, brushing or styling. This type of hair loss arises after pregnancy, some kind of major surgery or sudden weight loss.
4. Hypothyroidism: Too less amount of Thyroid hormone produces by the body is termed as Hypothyroidism. Thyroid hormone is responsible for metabolism, heart rate and mood i.e. the rate at which body uses Oxygen and energy to function- skin, nails & Hair growth.
5. Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS): This is caused by hormonal imbalance in which ovaries produces too many male hormones. This can be start as early as age 11 in girl. 01 out of 10 women have PCOS worldwide.
6. Lupus: It is a autoimmune disease in which body’s own immune system attacks healthy tissues. It will strike women during their childbearing years.
7. Skin Conditions Of The Scalp: An unhealthy scalp conditions, like dandruff, psoriasis, and fungal infections, creates inflammation that follows difficulties for hair to grow.
8. Excessive Styling: Styling, dyeing and too much shampooing, keratin, coloring, and blow-drying harms tresses. Chemicals and applying heat weaken the hair causing it to break and fall out.

Then How To Stop Hair Loss ?

The solution is “LIQUID GOLD”, a miracle oil which contains unsaturated fatty acids, omega 3,omega 9, vitamin E, vitamin F & phenols and pronounced in hair fall industries as “MOROCCAN OIL”.
Following Are The Benefits Of Moroccan Oil:
1. Improve Blood Circulation: Blood circulation to the scalp is one of the factor that is responsible for hair growth.
2. Reduce Dandruff: Dandruff clogs to the pores so that the hair doesn’t get the required nutrients also it adds an extra weight to the hair which can’t bear by the follicles and the itching causes hair loss.
MOROCCAN OIL can reduce or
completely eliminate your dandruff by
properly moisturizing the scalp.
3. Regenerate Hair Cells: Regeneration hair is very much necessary if someone try to prevent or cure hair loss. Damaged hairs are little cuts on the follicle and if there are so many cuts then the follicle will dry and ultimately fall out.
MOROCCAN OIL removes these little
cuts and regenerate your hair so that it
feels strong and smooth.
4. Growth Improvement: MOROCCAN OIL helps to hair growth improvement in two manners. (i). Presence of vitamin ‘E’ in the oil helps scalp to grow more hair and (ii). This oil helps hair to grow faster in short interval of time.
5. Balance Hormone Levels: It is a proven fact that MOROCCAN OIL have a very good effect on hormones. It balances the hormones in such a manner that the hairs doesn’t start falling out.
6. Reduce Color Fading: Regular operation of this oil helps keeping the color intact for a greater duration and also prevent dryness.

So, after going through the facts it is well understood that the “LIQUID GOLD” or “MOROCCAN OIL” is the best cure of “HAIR LOSS OR SCALP TREATMENT IN WOMEN.
So, click the link just below the video before its too late.
For male pattern baldness go to the link:
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Female Hair Loss  NYC | (212)- 644-6454 | New York, NY
Hair Loss: Female

The medical term for hair loss is alopecia. Hair loss is commonly considered a men’s health topic (two thirds of all males can expect some hair loss by age 60), but women make up 40 percent of all hair loss sufferers.

In the normal cycle of hair growth, it is natural to lose up to 100 hairs per day. If you are losing more than that, or if parts of your scalp are becoming prominent, it could be a sign of excessive hair loss

The most common type of hair loss is called androgenic alopecia, which is an inherited tendency to stop producing new hairs. In women, this is referred to as female pattern hair loss.

Each hair follicle produces a single hair that normally grows about a half inch per month for about 4 to 6 years. It then goes into a resting phase and loses the hair before growing a new one. The number of hair follicles entering the resting phase is equal to the number of hair follicles starting the growth phase, so the number of hairs on the head remain the same.

With androgenic alopecia, an increasing number of hair follicles never recover from the resting phase, resulting in a scalp with less hair. This loss of active hair follicles may take place over months or years before it is noticeable.

Although androgenic alopecia occurs in both men and women, the pattern of hair loss is different. Instead of the receding hairline of male pattern baldness, in women the hair becomes thinner over the whole scalp, and the frontal hairline is usually spared.

Other causes of hair loss in women include:

Alopecia areata, an autoimmune disorder that attacks the hair follicles, shrinking them and inhibiting hair growth
Hormonal changes, such as pregnancy, menopause, or low thyroid hormone (hypothyroidism). Many women notice hair loss about 3 months after they’ve had a baby. This is due to high levels of pregnancy hormones that keep the hair follicles from entering the resting phase. When the hormones return to pre-pregnancy levels, a large number of hair follicles enter the resting phase all at once. This results in a significant numbers of hair falling out at one time. After a few months, the normal cycle of growth and loss starts again.
Constant pulling from hair that is tightly pulled back in a cap or in cornrows or ponytails (traction alopecia)
Stressful events, such as major surgery
Medications that can damage hair follicles, such as chemotherapy or blood thinners
Fungal infections (tinea capitis)
Chronic illnesses, such as diabetes or lupus
What Are Some Treatments for Female Hair Loss?

Although the vast majority of hair loss isn’t life-threatening, the emotional effects of a changing appearance are enough to make most women seek treatment.

Your doctor will determine the best treatment for your hair loss by diagnosing the cause.

If your hair loss is caused by a medication or underlying disease, your doctor may switch your medication or recommend treatment of the underlying problem.

Hair loss that cannot be corrected using those methods, such as androgenic alopecia, may be treated with a medication to stimulate the hair follicles.

One such medication is topical minoxidil (Rogaine), which is available over the counter in formulations for men and women. Minoxidil can stimulate hair growth and slow down hair loss, but it cannot “cure” baldness. It may take up to 6 months to see any results.

Hair transplants are also an option.

If adequate treatment is not available for your type of hair loss, you may consider trying different hairstyles or wigs, hairpieces, hair weaves, or artificial hair replacement.

Is Hair Loss Preventable?

In general, androgenic alopecia (female pattern hair loss) cannot be avoided. However, you can prevent additional hair loss by not wearing your hair in ways that can pull on it (ponytails, cornrows, or tight rollers) and avoiding hot oil treatments or perms, which can scar the hair follicle.

This information is for general educational uses only. It may not apply to you and your specific medical needs. This information should not be used in place of a visit, call, consultation with or the advice of your physician or health care professional. Communicate promptly with your physician or other health care professional with any health-related questions or concerns.

Be sure to follow specific instructions given to you by your physician or health care professional.
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Hair Regrowth in 2 Months

Hair Regrowth in 2 Months

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I am seeing progress in such a short amount of time!
I’m using Lipogaine. You can get it at Amazon.
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Stophair and Matt Miller Hair Regrowth Serum – Natural Solutions to Hair Loss and Unwanted Hair

Hairy Hairless Harry was sad all the time. Since he had reached his forties he seemed able to prolifically grow hair on his back without any effort, and with the same amount of effort increasingly lost the hair on his head…

Whenever he stripped off…the ladies would run a mile!

If only his hair growth issues were reversed he’d be a veritable lady-magnet!

Then, one day a few months ago, Hairy Hairless Harry discovered Not the Norm Ltd, an English company which specialises in sourcing natural solutions from around the world to everyday problems like Hairy Hairless Harry’s.

Not the Norm ONLY promotes products which are effective, permanent solutions and which only use safe, natural ingredients.

Not the Norm has two perfect products for Hairy Hairless Harry’s two most confidence-destroying problems…
STOPHAIR Hair Reducing Spray for his furry back and chest and HAIR Regrowth Serum for his shiny cue-ball head!

Since using these two great products for a few months, Hairy Hairless Harry has been confident enough in the results to change his name by Deed Poll.

Extraordinarily Sexy Over Forties Lady Magnet Mitch and he’s smiling all the time!

7cm in 2month HAIR GROWTH, काले लम्बे घने बालों के लिए, Stop HAIR LOSS – Baldness Hair Mask


Hair Mask for Frizzy Dry and Damage Hair and Hair Growth – Single Solution for Baldness , Dandruff & Thin Hair

Fenugreek ( methi ) – Popularly known as methi in Hindi, fenugreek is a rich source of proteins that are really beneficial for hair growth. The compound lecithin found in fenugreek is especially effective in strengthening and moisturizing hair. Topical application of fenugreek paste is the best natural way to treat dandruff.
it prevents hair.Regular application of fenugreek seeds on the hair stimulates new hair growth.Fenugreek seeds condition the hair really well, if applied to hair ends prevents split ends very effectively.

Nigella sativa seeds ( Kalonji ) – it is good to prevent hair loss,The condition of baldness fears everybody, especially the youth. Kalonji plays an important role in the treatment of baldness and also helps in recovering of damaged hair.

CLOVE- it is to thicken hair or to prevent hair loss. & prevent for cough and cold.

Hibiscus . Hibiscus conditions the hair so well and is excellent for both dry and oily hair. Another thing that I like about hibiscus flower is it serves multiple uses: It treats dandruff, conditions the hair, arrests hair fall and it is a very safe to use on the hair. Try to use freshly plucked, pesticide free, red hibiscus flowers for the mask.

Curry Leaves- Remedies for hair growth are incomplete without the inclusion of curry leaves into it. Curry leaves are widely used in Indian cuisine for tampering the dishes, but it is also one of the most effective herbs for grey hair that also aids in promoting hair growth. You might have heard your grandmothers say that curry leaves are good for hair. Curry leaves work well, not just by applying its paste to the hair, but also by eating it. Whenever you cook something with curry leaves in it, eat up the leaves!

Onion -onions are also a powerful natural remedy for hair growth. Although the strong smell of onion makes it repulsive to many people, but you have to come to terms with it if you want to have long and gorgeous tresses. The sulphur present in onions boosts the formation of collagen tissues that promotes hair growth.

Lemon – Lemon is a time tested solution for all hair and scalp problems and one of the powerful homemade remedies for oily hair. Being a rich source of various nutrients like vitamin C, B vitamins like B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, antioxidants and folic acid – it is a power packed natural remedy for hair growth. In addition, it also aids in fighting dandruff and providing smooth and shiny hair. Lemon stimulates blood circulation in the scalp and prevents hair loss.

If you have tried everything possible, but failed to keep your hair long, healthy and shiny, you need to try these natural home remedies for hair growth. Natural treatments are the best for hair growth. Chemicals may damage your scalp and skin terribly. They may also cause different allergies. So avoid the extra effort and cut down on the expenses by choosing this great, effective remedy

1) Mix all fresh ingredient to form a paste as shown in the video.
2) Add olive oil and mix it properly.


Apply this mask all over ur hair n pores leave for minimum half an hour. Then rinse with Luke warm water.
Note : Don’t use shampoo and conditioner.
Use this treatment 2 to 3 times a week for a minimum of 1 month to see visible results

Please try this at home,
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Disclaimer : These videos are only intended for informational purpose.Any information associated with these videos should not be considered as a substitute for prescription suggested by LOCAL beauty, diet and health care professionals.Viewers are subjected to use these information on their own risk.This channel doesn’t take any responsibility for any harm, side-effects, illness or any health or skin care problems caused due to the use of our content or anything related to this.
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DIY- Damaged Hair Hot Coconut Oil Treatment | Hair Regrowth & Restoration

DIY- Damaged Hair Hot Coconut Oil Treatment | Hair Regrowth & Restoration

My Hair Growth WEBSITE:

My Vlog Channel:
Facebook: Me:

To see what my hair looked like Before My Big Chop:
To see what my hair looked like After my Big Chop:

I use my homemade coconut oil treatment once a month.

********* Coconut Oil Info **********

I use organic cold pressed coconut oil

Coconut oil keeps my hair shiny, strong and healthy as well and moisturized. My hair has been getting longer and thicker and it is not falling out.

1) Reduces Hair loss and shedding

The shea butter helped to stimulate my hair follicles and it made my hair grow back, but this coconut hot oil treatment has been keeping my hair from falling back out and it helps to strengthens the hair strains it keeps it from being brittle and from having split ends

2) Coconut oil stimulates hair growth by getting deep into the follicles and improving blood circulation on our scalp.

The improved blood circulation boosts nutrient and oxygen to our scalp

3) Coconut oil is full of nutrients. I just stated that coconut oil boosts nutrition, well on that note coconut oil has antioxidants and is full of bit E, K and iron

Interesting fact, but not sure how true it is but coconut oil can prevent grey hairs. But hey if it doesn’t do that it does everything else I just listed.

For More About Coconut Oil Check Out The Video….

Watch My Big Chop Video Here:

I Did My Final Big Chop- March 26 2013
Why Did I Big Chop?- Due To shedding/hair loss/alopecia/damaged hair
Hair Goals?- I would like to grow my hair for 3 years without cutting it off again

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Acupuncture for Hair regrowth in hereditary baldness

Acupuncture for Hair regrowth in hereditary baldness

My Guru Prof dr sir anton Jayasuriya was the greatest Acupuncture expert in the world. He was also most qualified Allopathy Doctor in Sri Lanka. He mercifully blessed me and taught me the methods of doing research.
Hereditary is an adjective that means occurring among people descended from a common ancestor. Things that are hereditary are inherited — passed down through the DNA of your biological parents.
The hereditary Male Pattern Baldness is easy to reverse, as we know the cause. Acupuncture points are stimulated by any Means Will give results. Thus points can be treated with pressure (Acupresssure), with needles (Acupuncture), with laser (Laserpuncture), With Moxa (Moxibustion), with water injections (Aquapuncture), with Gems, with Rudraksh, with thorns, with fish bones, with stones, minerals, crystals, irritating Chemicals, lights, vibrations, cold, liquid gases and many more. Local applications of chilly, chandan, saffron, sandle wood , etc also gives different effects.
Sap of this particular plant will stimulate the classical acupuncture points as well as special points according to my Guru’s teaching and definitely regrow hair on bald head.
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Head Hair Regrowth! – Subliminals Frequencies Rife Hypnosis Biokinesis

Head Hair Regrowth! – Subliminals Frequencies Rife Hypnosis Biokinesis Theta — Subliminal Warlock

This Subliminal Audio Potion was created to produce Pure Head / Scalp Hair Regrowing Frequencies Subliminals Rife Frequencies Biokinesis Hypnosis and much more.

Listen daily and consecutively to allow the momentum of the potion to build up and produce significant results.
You may listen will multitasking or doing other things such as watching TV, studying, doing chores or anything else as long as you listen.

Headphones usage is optional.

Race, Gender, Language Spoken, karma, religious background nor current residence have nothing to do with generating results.

Remember, We are connected to everything around us. The things you focus on will appear for you. All you need is an open mind, a willing heart and a sincere desire to bring amazing things into your life. And always remember that positive thinking is essential to the success of your magical practice.

I am now accepting requests that will cater to your needs.
You must be very specific and clear when requesting your potion or I will not be able to create it for you.

Head Hair Regrowth! – Subliminals Frequencies Rife Hypnosis Biokinesis Theta — Subliminal Warlock

➳Are headphones/Ear phones required?
No, Although you may not realize it, each headphone is actually sending slightly different frequencies to each ear. This generates the “Audio Potion” inside your mind, the essential frequency required to alter your brainwaves. If you listen to a binaural beat recording without headphones, it will still produce results.

➳How do I get quick results?
Simply get yourself into a comfortable position and listen. That’s all there is to it! You don’t need to do anything special. Just let the recording take you on a journey. It’s as simple as that. You can listen to the audio while multi-tasking and performing various tasks all you have to do is listen. Listen in a comfortable low volume.
Results will vary from instant results to 6 months of consistent listening and will be worth it (trust me).

Please note that we don’t advise use of the recordings while operating machinery. You should also ensure that any special audio features on your player are disabled, such as Dolby Surround.

➳How often should I use binaural beats?
Use them as often as you feel like. .

Using these audios should should be a fun and exciting experience. If you’re really not in the mood for them, skip a day. Keep in mind that the more you listen the quicker the results will appear. Listen until you achieve your desired results.


Subliminal Warlock utilizes Ancient world tools consisting of Alchemy, Astrology, Astronomy, Mediation, Ancient Symbolism, Amulets, Sigils, Mediumism, Isochronic Tones, Monaural Beats, Extrasensory techniques, Enchanted Herbs, Potions (Personally Created), Hypnosis, Universal Subliminals, Shamanism, High Quality Frequencies, Ceremonial magic, Binaural Beats, Divination, Programmed Energy, Rife Frequencies, Biokinesis, Ritual work and many more precious techniques to powerfully produce amazing physical, mental, Intellectual and spiritual transformation results into your life.

Head Hair Regrowth! – Subliminals Frequencies Rife Hypnosis Biokinesis Theta — Subliminal Warlock
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Which Hair Regrowth Product is the best?

In a today’s society which increasingly values people’s appearance over and above any other qualities, hair loss can be a traumatic and mentally stressful experience to deal with. It can affect men and to a lesser extent women and is more widespread than people think.

There is no shortage of hair regrowth products that re vying for your business but before you run out and buy everything available online and in your pharmacy, its firstly best to inform yourself on which types of hair regrowth treatments work in what types of situations. Its of significant importance to identify the cause of your hair loss problem because by knowing that you can choose the most effective hair regrowth product for you. This will be more effective than simply trying random products and treatments until you find the right one.

You may be losing your hair for a long period of time now, and if that’s the case you will find it more difficult to find a treatment that will stop your hair loss – but not impossible. On the other hand, if your hair loss has commenced suddenly, it could be linked to stress in your life, your lifestyle or some sort of an underlying medical problem. Its important to identify and address this issue in conjunction with the right hair regrowth product in order to have results. There are products out there that can safely help you deal with the long term hair loss and the one that’s caused by stress, anxiety and short-term medical problems.

Hair regrowth products can be:

* Prescription medication treatments are one of the types of hair regrowth products. They are very effective, with one of their main drawbacks being the potential of some nasty side effects on top of the fact that you must visit a doctor to obtain a prescription for them. Products that work on the basis of DHT blocking seem to be the most effective ones although they can have the most undesirable and far-reaching side-effects in the form of reduced sex drive and lethargy and in some instances even more severe hair loss upon discontinuation of their use. Because of these factors it is not an easy decision to start with this type of treatment especially since there are natural alternatives out there that are much easier on your body and require no more than modification of your lifestyle, hair washing techniques and habits and usage of herbal supplements.

* Purpose specific shampoos, hair washes, foams and ointments are another type of hair regrowth product available. These work on the principle of directly treating and rejuvenating your hair at the follicle level. These products couple their chemical active ingredients with scalp massage to stimulate positive blood-flow and improve their effectiveness. Careful attention to the application advice needs to be taken since the introduction of any chemicals to your hair regrowth treatment can contribute to the problem rather than remedying it.

* Then there’s the surgical route – via various transplant and laser treatments but these are awfully expensive and not necessarily accessible to everyone, everywhere.

* Natural products have shown good results in many cases and its usually those that contain nettle root or saw palmetto extracts are the most effective ones. Some of the most popular natural treatments involve increase in Vitamin B intake which has the effect of providing required nutrition to the hair follicles and the scalp.

Naturally, your safest option is to go for the least expensive and most accessible hair regrowth products which you will be able to use immediately, and by following their instructions to a letter, you should start to see some good results. Like with everything, due to variations in causes of hair loss, treatments that work for you will differ from the ones that worked for your friend.

Some natural ways of alleviating hair loss problems include:

* Arjuvedic hair oil use

* Use of herbal shampoos and conditioners (placenta shampoo for damaged hair)

* Use of dietary supplements to balance your diet and eat healthy foods

* Removal of any split ends regularly

If the least invasive, natural hair regrowth treatment is the option your feel is for you, there is a very effective natural method that combines natural hair regrowth products and techniques to help you regrow hair and is very affordable, which can be accessed through the below link.

You have nothing to lose – in fact, chances are that you’ll stop losing for good what you’ve been losing thus far – YOUR HAIR.

Learn more about Hair Regrowth Products . Stop by Lanko Dixon’s site where you can find out all about Hair Regrowth Products and what they can do for you.

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