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Do you want to fix your receding hairline, hair loss, alopecia, or bald spots? We can help you.

Tailored Micro Ink is the #1 follicle replication treatment provider in Pennsylvania. Located in the Trexler Medical Arts building in Allentown, PA, Tailored Micro is a destination for individuals in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware that want to restore their hairlines.

Follicle Replication Treatment (“FRT”), also known as Scalp Micropigmentation or SMP, is a method of depositing pigment into the dermal layer of the skin on the scalp, replicating the look of natural hair follicles.

The result of the treatment gives you the appearance of a full head of recently buzzed hair. From pale complexion to dark skin tones, hair follicles are perfectly color matched to your natural skin tone, hair density, and hair color to ensure your new head of hair looks natural whether viewed up close or far away.

Follicle Replication Treatment is a non-invasive, longlasting, and cost-effective alternative to other hair loss solutions like Rogaine, Propecia, or hair transplants. Results last from 5-8 years with limited to zero pain or recovery-time after treatment, so you can easily go back to work or school without hassle.

Tailored Micro’s clients can expect the highest level of care, detail, and respect during their treatment. We only use the highest-quality, organic pigments to ensure a lasting and natural result. We believe every man and woman should leave our office with a restored sense of confidence and happiness with their new head of hair, which is why we guarantee our work for 12 months after treatment.




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Workout Hair Care Solution: The Janelle Monae

Workout Hair Care Solution: The Janelle Monae

Looking for a stylish up do that stays intact during your workout? Check out our latest you tube tutorial on the Janelle Monae hairstyle.

Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Care -- The Ultimate Solution to Your Hair Repair and Growth
Tired of watching the incessant commercials of drugs for the hair and scalp therapy? Remember: shampoos are for cleaning, not for health. For hair care can be used only organic products. Watch how apple cider vinegar and health of the hair and scalp are inextricably linked.
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Discover our Hair Care Solution for Normal-Dry Hair

Kérastase Nutritive Gluco Active is the hair care solution for normal to dry hair. The 3-step routine provides optimal nutrition to the hair to restore moisture and shine. Cleanse with Bain Satin 1 shampoo for normal to slightly dry hair or Bain Satin 2 shampoo for extremely dry hair. Treat using Lait Vital daily conditioner. For a more intense nourishing treatment, use Masquintense 1-2 times per week. Prime hair with Nectar Thermique to protect from heat damage and leave style with high-shine.

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Hair care solution
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Thinning Hair Solution – Garlic & Onion Rub

Thinning Hair Solution - Garlic & Onion Rub

Thinning Hair Solution – Garlic & Onion Rub –

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Hair dandruff treatment at home in hindi home remedies hair care solution tips minakshi :-
In this video you will learn that how to get rid of how to remove dandruff very fast and with a natural ways. This Ayurveda home remedies does not have any side effect. Using given tips you will get long hair. It will make your hair silky. This home remedies is based on healthy effect of lemon and hina which is also known as Mehdi. these given hair solution tips to remove dandruff are given in Hindi language. Please consult with a doctor before apply a home remedies. We quite sure about good result of our ayurvedic nushkha.
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Hair fall solution for men and women in hindi naturally at home only treatment care growth

बाल झड़ना रोकने के घरेलू तरीके Hair fall solution for men and women in hindi naturally at home only treatment care growth : –
in this video you will learn about solutions of hair fall in Hindi language. This home remedies works for both men and women. at this time lost of person are suffering from hair fall or hair loss. There are many method of hair treatment. Information given in this video about falling hair solutions is just for educational purpose don’t try it at home. These hair falling tips are based on natural cure to get long and shining hair in few days or weeks and get rid of falling hair problem in Hindi.
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Best Solution for a Receding Hairline in Your 20s – Non-Surgical Treatment

A 22-year-old has a receding hairline. He wants to know if he is a candidate for hairline lowering surgery.

Dr. Amiya Prasad, a hair transplantation specialist, explains that one of the most common questions raised about hair transplantation is the number of grafts a surgeon can transplant. Technically, he says it is not difficult to address a small amount of hairline recession in a person who is young. Hair transplant is the selective use of genetically resistant hairs from the donor area or the area where the grafts are harvested. These hairs will always be there and are not affected by hormones. However, the donor area has a limited amount of hairs.

Dr. Prasad says it is important that he look at his family history such as the other male members in his family and see their hair loss patterns. Within a family, hair loss is not determined by any specific dominant or recessive pattern. Even within siblings, it can be variable: one brother can have a lot of hair, and another brother can have thinning hair or hair loss at a relatively young age.

In the United States, there are two drugs that are approved for hair loss: minoxidil which is a topical solution or foam, and finasteride which is an oral medication that blocks an enzyme called 5-alpha reductase. 5-alpha reductase blocks the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT). A specific subgroup of men with male pattern hair loss have androgen-sensitive hair follicles. Those androgen sensitive hair follicles will thin in response to circulating DHT. By taking finasteride DHT is reduced, thereby restoring the functionality of the hair follicle. However, a significant number of men do not respond to finasteride. In addition, there are long-term sexual side effects of men taking finasteride.

In Dr. Prasad’s practice, he developed an alternative called Hair Regeneration. This is the application of a material called extracellular matrix combined in a specific way with platelet-rich plasma. Over the past several years, he developed his own method of formulation and customization based on a large clinical pool of data. He does a onetime injection that appears to last up to five years. It has been a remarkable benefit for men who don’t want to take Propecia or finasteride, or men who are taking them and are still losing hair. It also has proven to be beneficial for female pattern hair loss.

When considering a solution for a receding hairline, one should think about the future and what could happen if they are 25 or 30-years-old. They should also think about medical options as opposed to surgery and then consider some of these newer treatments like called Hair Regeneration that uses extracellular matrix to help restore the functionality of the hair follicle. Dr. Prasad has been very fortunate that a material that was originally approved for wound healing has been able to help a lot of patients who have male and female pattern hair loss.

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