CURLY HAIR IS THE STUGGLE! But yeah, these are some problems that I have with my hair and I’ve just come to express how I feel!

DISCLAIMER*** I’m still currently going natural (transitioning) but still may texturize because I….. well…. because I want to lmao!

Let me know in the comments down below what your struggle of having curly hair are!
The Basics~
Name: Brena Green
Race: Half Black Half Puerto Rican
Birthday: March 27th
Camera: Sony A5000
Snapchat: brena-bear


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  1. When You freakin hate your curly hair I personally wish I had pin straight full hair

  2. The worst is when you go through the decision to try and grow your curls and someone tells you on wash day "did you cut your hair? it looks really short." cue crickets I can't NOT get offended at that.

  3. omg I hate when my mom says "took you long enough, go do your hair". I'm like "I spent 20 minutes on it, it is amazing".

  4. I have really curly hair and the top part NEVER curls ! And it's like straight all the time ..

  5. I used to have really curly hair too and I straightened everyday for about two years and my hair is so damaged now and so dry and my curl pattern was never the same. I'm really sad cause now I've learned to embrace my curls and it's a motha because it's only a little curly and it just goes poof

  6. My curly hair is so thick once I decided to let it out it was ok until like 2 mins after my hair was so big none of my friends recognized me

  7. I don't even brush my hair when it's wet I use a comb with conditioner

  8. I agree 100% especially with detangling your hair only when it's wet, and that it's hot having all that hair on your neck !😂

  9. me in the morning – it looks good wet
    looks in the mirror when I get home what happened ?

  10. THE STRAIGHTEN PROB. EVERYONE tells me to straighten my hair and im not stupid so im not doing that except 1 friend who kills me if i do 😂 but whyy people whyy straight isnt always better okay

  11. Omg…this little girl just said everything I have taken a lifetime to learn about my curly hair…..I wish 16 year old me could have seen this video.

    My Puerto Rican parents have different hair than me, so I had to learn how to treat and style my hair myself. How is it that my hair is not like my parents' hair? I don't know!

    Thank you for Dominican stylists, though. Dominicans are the only other people who understand curly Puerto Rican hair struggles.

  12. Your hair is gorgeous! I understand the struggle. My hair doesn't even go up in a ponytail! It stays for like, 2 seconds and then the tie breaks in half. Once a girl in my class asked me to put it up because its "too poofy" and I just.. no.

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