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Women and hair loss. Today more women than ever are experiencing female hair loss and thinning hair. Experts discuss what can be done about it, including hair loss treatments, hair replacement and hair integration systems, wigs and hair pieces.

http://www.markglenn.com — Caroline tells her story as the wizards at Mark Glenn Hair Enhancement in Mayfair, London work their magic to cosmetically restore her hair after surgical and radiotherapy damage.

The Kinsey System is a unique, semi-permanent hair integration technique and is a real alternative to wigs and hair-pieces. Clients can wash, brush and style their hair as normal, restoring femininity with a head of hair that looks, feels and behaves just like the real thing.

There’s no shaving of heads, no glues, no chemicals, no threads and no tapes used in the application. Instead, expert teams use intricate hair extension techniques in combination with a fine silk mesh, using a light, hand-made hair that’s half the weight of the real thing, that not only looks amazing but is also safe for the client’s existing hair.

Clients can swim, go out in the wind and rain, wear their hair up or down and all without fear of detection.

Mark Glenn is the UK’s leading specialist hair extension studio with clients worldwide – learn more at www.markglenn.com
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20 thoughts on “Female Hair Loss Solutions – Today Show”

  1. She looks beautiful, but what happens in a month when her hair is growing out, and the mesh gets loose? I'm sure it cost a pretty penny to have this done. Especially if it has to be done every month.

  2. siresa williams

    this is needed at an affordable rate in the United States, a woman's hair is her glory and is a sad issue alot of women are deling with cause I'm one. I deal with different ways to improve my own hair growth journey and it's been a up and down issue for me for the last ten years. HELP PLEASE ANYONE! !!!!!

  3. Why would ANYONE give a thumbs down on this? What a blessing this is for Caroline! Awesome! 133 thumbs up!!!

  4. Wow the result is really look natural and nice on her…but i guess the maintenance needs quite work especially when washing hair. Well, no pain no gain^^

  5. Гульнара Путин

    Amazing. Happiness has been brought back to this woman's life. Just so good to see her smile and shine in the end.

  6. Tatijana Tajci Kulas

    Hi I just watched this video and am so impressed… I have thinning hair and slight alopecia… My hair is extremely fine and I feel not happy with my hair that i have to resort to wigs or hairpieces… Do you have a company like yours in the UK here in Sydney Australia? I would love to be able to get a consultation etc … Thank you appreciate your feedback and answer to my question… Cheers :)

  7. sir pliz pliz help me …I m suffering frm hair fall rapily ….many of product I use for hairfall stop but my hair continue stop ..sir what I do now for stop hair fall …waiting for advice …

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