Grow Hair on Receding Hairline Naturally! (dermaroller and essential oils)

Grow Hair on Receding Hairline! You can visit my website page for article with more info about hair growth. Visit my blog:
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20 thoughts on “Grow Hair on Receding Hairline Naturally! (dermaroller and essential oils)”

  1. Mehrab Hossain

    Can i use sunny esle Jamaican lavender castor oil?? Now foods lavender oil is not available in my country. So what can I do?

  2. I have a huge problem… I ha e been continuously ha ing hair fall now it looks I would free t blad soon…. But my dad still has dense hair don't know why it happens to me so… Is it possible to regrow my lost hair… B cs that's not genetical problem. Do me reply ok sir nice to get your video…

  3. Suresh Kumar Oblesh

    hi sir I'm impressed ur video
    I'm using minoxidel
    my qsn: before minoxidel I should use dermo roller r after
    I want know how long I have to use dermo roller for massage and hw many months kindly

  4. The Weighted Tooth (Akshay)

    can we use one for both hair and face !! after cleaning it with surgical spirit after one use?

  5. Nikhil Raghuwanshi

    if we use only derma roller and not the oil u r recommending if we use anothing oil like peanuts oil? is it work?

  6. so what size needle is best to use for the receding hairline? i was thinking im going to try this 3 days a week and then apply onion juice directly afterwards, as ive already been using onion juice on my scalp 3 days a week, so im just gonna add in the dermaroller treatment. Is this a good routine to do? or do you think it would be better to do 5 days a week? your hair looks great, nice and thick

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