Hair Transplant Surgery

Hair Transplant Surgery
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Non Surgical Hair Replacement Specialists.

Tel: 0207 998 65 65 / 07530054874 ( closed THURSDAYS and SUNDAYS)


All clients are REAL MH2GO Clients.

**Existing Hair Replacement wearers who may be unable to visit us can buy their replacement system online. New wearers will need to come in for a consultation

4 Old Montague Street
E1 5NG

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  1. Hey Dr, great work. I was wondering did you use saline (.9% Sodium Chloride) to puff up the skin before placement in the hairline? If so how much did you use? Thank you!

  2. why does it look so oily? and whats that yellow stuff? fat?

  3. Woah… He went from balding middle-aged dad to sexy soap opera doctor.. o-o;

  4. ممكن زراعة الشعر في التقسيط . انا في المانيا

  5. sir I'm from India is that a permanent cure for baldness or temporary? I'm suffering from diffuse hairloss with no hairline recession can I head towards surgery?

  6. what the price range? How much would it cost? Over $1000

  7. When looking at the slices of meat I was thinking in a fry pan lol

  8. It looks pretty freaking good! Dude must me psyched out of his mind.

  9. I did this for 3 years, what a nightmare. The itching, and sweating. Made my head stink. The hair changes color from fading.
    The cost was on going. The hair piece will make you loose hair a 100 percent faster.I finally did hair transplant . I was very happy.Its been many years now, and no one knows the other wise.

  10. quiero una… yo no tengo calvicie, pero tengo unas entradas grandes y eso es lo que quiero cubrir.

  11. hahahaha you know most are here just for the lulz, right?

  12. can you plz tell me how long it will lasts ??

  13. you want your hair to grow back give me a call at 205 760-1519 guarantee it will work for you and anybody else have a hair falling off first sample will be for free just give me a text or

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