Hairstyles Causing Hair loss In Women (Edges & Nape) | Traction Alopecia – Alopeciafreewithjass

Hairstyles including Braids, Wigs, Perms, etc. are causing Hair Loss or Traction Alopecia in us ladies (mainly along our hairline and our nape area) & in this video I explain how you may be causing damage and why your hair won’t grow. (Part 1)
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I Did My Final Big Chop- March 26 2013
Why Did I Big Chop?- Due To shedding/hair loss/alopecia/damaged hair
Hair Goals?- I would like to grow my hair for 3 years without cutting it off again

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  1. great info I literally just shaved my hair today but now when it starts growing I don't know what hairstyles to use to help it grow because it'll be too short to put into natural twists and combing your hair everyday is bad. I thought wigs would be a great protective style.
    May I please have some suggestions?

  2. Hey girl!! did you clip your hair ends when you started your hair journey? I heard its a very good way to start, I'm planning on going natural soon.

  3. hello , let me say that your video really open my eyes and is very informative. I'm actually going through a crisis with my hair and I'm so confused on what going on . its actually been going on for years now . I got 1 perm in my whole entire life and that was over 7 years ago ,but through out that time I was going to the Dominican hair salon faithfully getting blow outs and I had a decent length of hair and it was thick. I started to notice throughout the years my hair started thinning badly but what's been giving me the most issues is my nape area . I have cut the back of my hair 3 times and every grow back process has been the same. it grows back patchy , stops growing after a certain point , and bald spot are very noticeable .I was also wearing weave faithfully because my hair looks so bad and damaged. I have tried everything and I know your not a doctor but your story sounds so relate able to what I'm experiencing . I just wondering what my next step needs to be . I'm so sorry for this long story . lol. Thank you !

  4. are you from Philly? You remind me of the singing group"Floetry" from Philly

  5. Well for me, it was the lace front wigs, wearing tight fitting wigs, but you just confirmed my thoughts on why I still have this problem…it's the wig caps (which are supposed to protect us). After today…no more for me!

  6. I've learned so much from this! I never wore weaves, braids or wigs but I wrapped my hair everyday in turbans, African wraps and etc for the past 40yrs! Now I get it. I want protecting. I was killing my edges!

  7. can high puff cause damage edges and do you have any other styles from twist

  8. So how do I hide this while treating it because nobody literally know I have traction alopecia. I always wear stocking caps and wigs to cover this. I'm truly hoping that your page help me its my last hope at this.

  9. Your hair looks really beautiful. I love to see natural healthy hair. Like your channel tfs xoxo

  10. How do you tell if your hair is balding? ( I don't think that's a real word) or if your hair is just that thin

  11. your natural hair should be in a wrap or very soft twist under a wig cap and the wig should be removed every night

  12. I think I'm experiencing alopecia right above my ears due to wigs and my edges on one side. Every time I decide not to wear I end up doing so. I need to just stop and let my hair grow. This is my 3rd big chop. I need the motivation to just go without wigs for a while.

  13. I don't usually watch videos more than 5 min but there's something about you that kept me watching..thank you for making us see our mistakes🙈 ..

    one question for you.. I let my hair be natural for like 3 months without cornrows and all.. how do you suggest I tie my short hair because I usually tie it to make a bun which pulls my hair..any hairstyles I can do that do not pull my hair?

  14. I'm 15 and I'm 5 months post relaxer. I always do braids and I keep them for one months and a few weeks before I take them off, shampoo and deep condition my hair and put them back in. I Moisturize my hair every 2 days (not everyday cause I noticed my hair was becoming over Moisturized) with all these stuff going on is my braids still likely to cause damage to my hair and if so how can I take care of my hair when its braided

  15. I'm 13 and I'm seeing hair loss at the sides of my head. I'm soo scared# I really don't want a reciding hairline. please help

  16. Gurl you just described my hair struggles 100 percent… Looking forward to your videos and hopefully improve my hair regime

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