HPI Men’s Non-Surgical Hair Replacement System Fitting – Juan Carlos

HPI Men's Non-Surgical Hair Replacement System Fitting - Juan Carlos

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Juan Carlos’s incredible transformation! He is part of our hair replacement program, using a custom-fitted hair system made specifically for him.

Hair Loss is a confidence killer for both men and women. For many, surgery is not a feasible option. It can be both cost-prohibitive, as well as ineffective based on hair type. HPI Hair Partners offers numerous solutions outside of surgery, including the use of Hair Replacement via hair systems.

These are not your father’s toupees!

A custom fitted system is color matched to precisely match your hair color and texture. It is adhered via a liquid adhesive that will hold for roughly 2-5 weeks based on skin type and sweat. This does not mean that it will “come off” though. It will not move in the wind or water, and in fact, you will shower in it and shampoo it as you would your normal hair!

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