Laser Treatments for Hair Loss

Laser Treatments for Hair Loss

Laser Treatments for Hair Loss

Laser light in the right frequency applied correctly can enhance Hair Loss Treatments. What is commonly misunderstood is that the Laser Treatments for Hair Loss on its own can fix the symptoms and causes of Hair Loss and Hair Thinning.

Laser light injects biostimulative light energy directly to the body’s cells. Light energy converts into chemical energy and natural healing is promoted. This infrared Laser light which cannot be seen with the human eye, applied at the right wave-length is transmitted through the skins layers where it stimulates cell metabolism and mico-circulation.

Laser Treatments for Hair Loss:

• Laser light therapy on its own will not correct cellular function
• Will not address or remove DHT (Dihydrotestosterne)
• Will not stop hair loss or re-grow hair
• Laser Treatments for Hair Loss used in the correct combination therapy after accurate diagnosis will deliver the ultimate successful Hair Loss Treatments
• It should be understood that it is only from a healthy hair root that a health hair can actually grow

A word of caution: If you can see the lights in any hair laser devise then it is of no use whatsoever. HairBeam’s medical grade infrared lasers are pulsed at the 700 – 1000nm spectrum which is invisible to the naked eye. The bright lights found in other so-called therapeutic laser devises are only for trees and not your hair.

All world-wide research on laser therapy shows laser treatment works best when the light application is closest to the skin. Hair reflects light, ‘traditional’ laser devises don’t sufficiently deliver the light to where it is needed due to divergent beams caused by existing hair getting in the way. HairBeam uses scientifically engineered infrared lasers with unique dispersion lenses that bypass existing hair allowing the full power of light energy to penetrate the scalp conducting the beneficial infared energy directly to the hair roots.

HairBeam home laser is available from Absolique Hair Health Clinic for 0 and comes with a complimentary program induction to show you exactly how to use laser for the best results with your combination therapy hair loss treatments and also includes a 3 year care free guarantee.
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2 thoughts on “Laser Treatments for Hair Loss”

  1. Odd. The actual use for a laser hair device is 3x a week. A day apart as well. So you would do it 1 day and the next you wouldn't use it then the following day you would use it again and so forth.

    15 minutes but instead of combing your hair you move the comb every 4 seconds. The device should have a beep or vibration indicator to tell you when to move the comb.

    Also combing from front to back of head and down to up (ear to top of head) is also important instead of just combing front to back. This insures you get it everywhere.

    Laser combs are much cheaper now ranging from $180 – $400


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