My iGrow laser hair restoration review | Affordable hair regrowth under $1,000.00 w/ LLLT

I was told that my hairline was receding by people on YouTube so I did something about it. Here’s my 6 month result after using the iGrow in-home laser hair growth and restoration system. Let’s see if this LLLT is all it’s cracked up to be, by that I mean LED low level laser therapy. I also talk about the cause of hair loss and what supplements to take, what nutrients are important and even answer the question “Does smoking cause hair loss?”

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20 thoughts on “My iGrow laser hair restoration review | Affordable hair regrowth under $1,000.00 w/ LLLT”

  1. I'd like to know @ 43 am I old? Do you think I forget all those vitamins I have to take? I get my vitamins from the foods I eat, except vitamin D we don't get enough sun around here to have high levels of D, no need for biotin, DHT, or the others you mentioned. Both my parents are 20 yrs older then me and act younger then most 35 yr olds but more experienced I would say. it's not the age you are ok it's how you feel.

  2. Also very important drinking 8 glasses of water a day! This is more important make it WARM water put some lemon in and enjoy. Warm water will help your hair grow as well check it out, but it does so much more!

  3. Its damn amazing… the FDA actually approved this crap? We can't get them to approve life saving drugs normally found in other countries, yet they approve of this snake oil product. It just goes to show that the fda is in cahoots with these manufacturers… which is why companies in the United States are permitted to charge thousands of dollars for life saving medications that cost only a couple bucks to produce. ITS DAMN TIME WE TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK AND ARREST THESE CROOKS WHO PUT A DOLLAR VALUE ON OUR LIVES.

  4. Masterbation must be like manscaping…but with a smile! Hell, its a damn miracle my nose hairs haven't fallen out by now!!!

  5. Any product that states that you need a clean scalp in order to work doesn't have near enough power to pass through the outer layer of your skin, never mind have to work it's way through what hair you still have on the scalp. This crap is a scam, and like all scams, was jumped on by every company involved in hair regrowth that's trying to make a quick buck. All they need are enough suckers to fall for their testimonials hook, line, and sinker. But if you still believe in this crap, look at the names of those posting these damn videos. Damn near every single one has a vested interest in making a fast buck off this snake oil product. And in nearly every case, those trying it did so while using a combination of other items…usually Biotin, which in itself will slow done hair loss and even cause hair growth in some individuals. That's because Biotin is the suppliment that's the most important when trying to grow healthy hair (keep in mind, when I say healthy hair, I'm only referring to the hair's root, as there's no such thing as healthy hair…ITS DEAD AFTERALL) and nails. Loosing hair in males is genetic… its caused by your body producing an over abundance of Testosterone. Too much Testosterone is detrimental to your hair follicles and will cause your (scalp) hair to fall out. But its great for growing your facial and chest hair. That's why bald men always seem to be able to grow the best, thickest beards. Taking Testosterone suppliments when they're not medically needed can have the same result…and far worse. That's because synthetic Testosterone also can cause blood clots to form in your legs, which, should they break loose, can be fatal. So unless you actually need additional Testosterone (as per a qualified medical expert that actually checked the amount your body produces and maintains), please, STAY AWAY FROM IT. Sure, it makes you also build stronger muscles, bt when your dead, they won't be doing you much good.

    No stupid laser is going to penatrate your scalp enough to have any bearing on hair growth. Especially when at the ridiculously low power levels these devices put out. Think about it this way…these products tell you that they're only effective on a clean scalp. If they can't penatrate the body's natural oils on your scalp, how in the world do you think that they're going to penatrate the hair that's still on your head and the layers of dead skin cells that make up the outermost layer of your skin? SIMPLE ANSWER…THEY'RE NOT…BUT YOU'LL BE OUT $700+ while waiting for some miracle to happen. And if and when one does, I assure you, its not because of this ridiculous gadget. Its because of all the other healthy choices you started making in conjunction with it. I've yet to see a single test where just one of these retarded looking gadgets are used solely by itself. Nope, they're all in conjunction with other items. So go ahead, do the other items…and take that $700+ plus you save and take yourself a stress free vacation… because excessive stress is also a factor in hair loss.

  6. bellevernon15012

    why would you spend $1,000 because of a bunch of losers on YouTube making bad comments about your hair? I hate to see what they look like

  7. Its still shock me just how a lot of people have no clue about Xohairbon Secrets (look on google search engine) although a lot of people cure their hair loss and regrow it naturally with it. Thanks to my personal buddy who told me about this. I have liminated my hair loss embarrassment for good by using healthy ways.

  8. I think the fact that there is no photo update almost 3 years after the initial video tells us all we need to know. Regrowing a head of hair seems more of a dream than any reality at this stage in history

  9. helo evryone…can anyone plz suggest me shall i go for hair transplant or no…I am just 21 years of age and i am losing my hairs as anythng…i hv been taking the DHT tablets for 2 months but i hardly see any diffrence…Plz suggest me wat shall i do

  10. Hello there… Thanks for sharing this info. You promised us an update of your hair regrowth progress since Sept 2013. Would you please share the link, I could not find it on your channel. Would you say you continued to see regrowth? I would appreciate an update. THANKS!

  11. Siclmn Cyclerider

    I did have the transplant procedure 15 years ago. I had the typical horseshoe chrome dome look at the time and I hated it. The only maintenance that I do is take 1/4 of a tiny pill called finasteride a day. I have no side effects from the pill. I have a full head of hair with a better then natural hairline for a 67 year old man. I will not need another surgery ever.
    You are doing way too many things to try to keep from loosing your hair and you still look like a bald guy. My one thing that I did worked.
    And you are wearing that laser thing how many hours a day? That must be fun.

  12. really it really worked for you because I have my niece and she's 18 and she's having extreme hair loss is there anyway I could talk to you or call you or you can call me God bless you

  13. Siclmn Cyclerider

    Dude, you are sitting here telling us how all this crap that you have done works. YOU ARE STILL BALD. You have no hairline. Stop lying! I am watching the QVC channel as we speak and their results are pitiful.
    If you want a new head of hair you march your ass over to a hair transplant doctor and you get it done properly. You will have a head of new hair that will stay with you for the rest of your life. The procedure takes a day and you drive yourself home that night with a bandage on your head. None of the things that you are doing can produce a new hairline. I have never seen a picture of someone getting a new lower hairline from taking a pill of any kind. Hair transplants work, they have been perfecting the procedure for over thirty years now.

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