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  1. KeKe ReKonstructed

    I'm a loc newbie (16months). My locs were styled by a braid technician for the 1st six months. She moved away and I never searched for a credible loctician until now. Ive researched and understand what I want but need professional guidance to achieve that. I tried the AT HOME process and was somewhat successful until having weight loss surgery which drs added vitamins & supplements to my already 5pill per day regimen. I'm a lupus sufferer who HAS to take meds. I now have thin, curly hair (due to years of chemicals, sew in weaves & too tight braids). I've made the huge mistake of watching & following OTHER you tube stylists. I know, DUMB/STUPID. LMBO! I recently found your videos and haven't stopped watching. I'm now experiencing thin locs & breakage and am in desperate need of seriously a CREDIBLE, KNOWLEDGEABLE loctician here in Philadelphia, Pa. I So,

  2. Leintoya Williams

    Damien Walter is celebrity status to me. I'm learning about locs and how to properly maintain them. I even have a few customers so if I ever goto California I wanna meet you. I love u and God bless you

  3. Hey Damien I'm luvly I have mature Locs now that's a lil past my shoulders as my hair grow my locs are getting smaller only the middle of my head grows thick I want healthier hair

  4. hey I been seeing that retwisting with aloe vera gel is very good for locs and I wanted to try it dreads have been thining at the roots lately and I feel it's because of haven't been taking care of my hair like I'm suppose to. before I retwist with the aloe vera plant gel I wanted to strip my hair of all the oils and gunk I have in my locs what would you recommend I use to wash my hair?

  5. Do a google of this argan rain products ! Best product ever & I can't believe how quick it comes in the mail. My hair is so healthy, long and thick!

  6. I was ready to try something new & I am really picky…I have read a lot of good comments about the hair loss. I love this product Argan Rain ….

  7. i here what you saying about oils and gel but you change it around you also mentioned about this expensive ass product that you're advertising. when you make comments like that make sure you can back it up. natural oils work and I should know I game from family who have had looks way before everyone is making it a style and think they know what they talking about no thinning or falling here with me or my family. know your roots do more research and make sure you read. Dreadlocks originated from Africa! the real son of God had dreadlocks which is really not even called dreadlocks. dreadlocks is a racist word which was given to slaves by their slave masters the judges prosecutors and unequal system that was have now. the word is LOCKS NOT DREADLOCKS LOCKS. Do your research. STOP listening to and living lies who the duck is Christopher Columbus and what the he'll did he discover? Wake-up man. do your research.

  8. i had locks for 9years i cut them off 4 months ago i was thinning up front but now i c i thinning in the middle of my head i am so pissed what can be done i was told to try Rogaine and some other products.

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