What Effect Does Shaving and Plucking Have On Hair Regrowth? Myths Debunked

Us Samuel The Eagle lookalikes are used to people telling us “Don’t shave your mono brow or it will grow back thicker”. But is this even true?! Let’s take a look at the evidence.
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20 thoughts on “What Effect Does Shaving and Plucking Have On Hair Regrowth? Myths Debunked”

  1. I have less follicles on my cheeks so when they grow out it looks patchy and people tell me to shave more to get more "growth"… Because shaving alot magically creates new hair follicles. People are dumb.

  2. Aeryon Animates

    I'm 19 going on 20 and I have a pencil stache that's beginning to become a full mustache and chin hair sprouting more and more! Just because you don't see any progress in your early adolescence doesn't mean you won't get the hair you want later.

  3. I actually has shaved of my leg cause it looked disgusting, my mom used to say it will grow more , but guess what it both looked same after it grew back

  4. Markus Petersen

    I have a question.
    Since you said that after shaving there is no information sent from the point of the cut, to the follicle, How is it possible for the follicle to know when to stop the hair production? (fx: Leg hair, Arm hair etc)

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